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Kirschbaum Pro Line X 17 (1.25) String Cherry/Orange Customer feedback

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Comments: Strung this in a hybrid in both a Head Graphene MP, then the 2011 Babolat PDRGT+, both at about 45 pounds in the mains and 48 pounds with a multi in the crosses. It was a great string, but in the Graphene it only lasted about 4 hours of play. It had a good amount of spin and good feel, until it broke. It felt even better in the Babolat and lasted a little longer (12 hours max), which still isn't long enough for me. When a poly breaks two separate times before the multifilaments, it is a bad sign. If you can afford to, and are willing to string constantly then this string will be great for you, but with my experience, I don't think I can give it another shot.
From: Chris, 2/13

Comments: After giving the Pro Line II a try (and liking it), I decided to give this string a try. Turns out that Pro Line X is relatively solid from all areas of the court. I strung my Wilson BLX Pro Staff 95 up with a full bed of this string at 52 lbs and boy, I made a pretty good choice! It's a bit firmer than the Pro Line II but has enough ball-pocketing to keep me satisfied. It's round shape along with the firm feel produces a predictable amount of spin and pace that helps me keep my shots within the lines 9 times out of 10, which definitely tells me that its performance is consistent when freshly strung. I'm a player that likes to mix pace, topspin, and slice, so I naturally rely on a predictable feeling string help me orchestrate points together. This string doesn't exactly play like its the greatest thing out there, however if you are looking for a solid co-poly with a very predictable feel, this string might just be up your alley (pun-intended). Plus, (like I've said in posts before), I'm a sucker for anything red!
From: Shane, 2/13

Comments: It's firm, with excellent control, a very predictable response and above average spin for a round poly. It has the good feel of a round poly (vs a shaped poly), as it's very solid feeling on impact, holds tension well, very durable/high resistance to wear for a poly, and it remains playable for a good amount of time. I've gotten about 8 hours out of it so far and still going. I'm finding better accuracy with this compared to other polys on groundstrokes, and it has added so much control on volleys that I am playing much more confidently and aggressively at net. Nothing really jumps out at you with this string other than the firm response and control, and there's nothing fancy about it, but it just works. I can't argue with the great results. I think this string matches up well with a powerful "tweener" racquet similar to the Pure Drive or AeroPro Drive. I highly recommend it for someone seeking more control from their frame.
From: Anon, 12/12

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