Kirschbaum Pro Line Evolution 17 (1.25) String Customer feedback

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Comments: The hype in this forum about this string piqued my curiosity so I decided to try it out on 2 of my frames (Babolat Pure Strike 18x20). I am not impressed by it. I strung at 53 lbs. It's a pretty comfortable string with access to power and reasonable spin. If you want to combine both power and spin then look for something like Cyclone Tour by Volkl. You will not be disappointed even at its cost.
From: Gino, 6/16

Comments: I have tested around 50 strings and this is the best string I've played with. Strung it up at 54 lbs in my VCORE 310. Wow!
From: Enzo, 10/15

Comments: Strung it up at 49/47 lbs as a full bed in my Prince Tour 95. More or less, it's good string but nothing more than good. I like the crispy feel. Good level of control and durability. I see a lot of opinions that this string has impressive spin-potential. Maybe in racquets with more open string pattern but for this "flat" and absolutely control-oriented Prince, it is nothing more than average spin. So I still prefer gear-shaped, thin (17/18) strings like Kirschbaum Spiky Shark or Volkl V- Torque.
From: Przemys, 11/14

Comments: Strung it up at 57 lbs full bed on my BLX 6.1 95 and was impressed straight away by its ball pocketing qualities. It is a softer feeling poly with a nice blend of power and control. Access to spin is good thanks to its rather slippery surface. Two things which could improve though is durability and tension maintenance. Got around 1.5 months of hard hitting until it broke. I have never broken polys until I started using Kirschbaum strings (last 3 Kirschbaums all broke) but maybe because I'm also hitting harder.
From: Sean, 4/14

Comments: This is a great string. It plays pretty soft and has very nice power for a poly. I'm on my second reel right now and will likely get another when I run out.
From: Anon, 12/13

Comments: This is my go to poly right now and I love it. Tried a few sets and soon after bought a reel. Right now I'm using it as a cross with VS gut mains but have strung it in a full bed as well. This is a fairly soft string with great power and very good spin potential for a smooth poly. This string lasts longer than most polys for me which is also a bonus. I would highly recommend people giving this a try.
From: Anon, 8/13

Comments: I bought a few sets of this string and really liked it. I'm now thinking about ordering a reel! It feels nice, is very soft, has above average power for a poly and it offers great access to spin. I used it both in a full bed and with gut mains and Pro-Line Evolution as a cross. It really felt fantastic with both setups. It's nice and smooth for gut and allows the gut mains to move freely for good snap back. I would recommend this string to anyone! Both baseliners and all-court players would benefit from this string.
From: Anon, 4/13

Comments: Once I strung the mains on my racket with this string, I knew I would love it. It is a very soft Poly. For me the string felt the best on my serve. I strung it at 58lbs, normally I string a multi on the cross, but a full set of this feels the best for me! Definitely recommend this string to all players!
From: Kevin, 2/13

Comments: I'm a 4.0 level player that likes the control and spin of a poly, but needs a little more power. I love this string! I string a full bed of this at 50/48 lbs in my Head Youtek Prestige MP and I've found it to provide great ball pocketing, touch and control. It plays very much like Pro Line II, but with a little extra pop. Like other reviewers have mentioned, it is great at the net and for touch shots. It's also pretty easy on the arm. I have shoulder problems and this string feels plush compared to the shaped and stiffer polys I've played with in the past. I highly recommend this to fans of PL2 (or any other soft poly), who are looking to add a little extra bit of power to their game.
From: Josh, 1/13

Comments: This string is very good at net. It is soft and holds the ball long enough time for the net player to place the ball. It's not very good for baseliners. You should use a hybrid with Luxilon if you play doubles.
From: David, 12/12

Comments: At first these strings felt great! But after a while, the strings felt not as good. My friend uses a Youtek Prestige Pro (at 57lbs) and I use a Youtek Prestige Mid (at 55lbs) and the strings felt great. Good amount of spin and power and control. But after a few weeks with the small tension loss, the strings just felt ehh. It didn't feel special at all at that point. We both agreed that Kirschbaum Pro Line II Black 18 gauge is one of the best strings out there. Honestly, Pro Line Evolution feels closer to a 16 gauge. I prefer thinner strings.
From: Duy, 6/12

Comments: These strings are by far the best co-polys I've tried, shaped or not (and I've tried A LOT)! These really do seem to retain tension better than other co-polys, so I guess the factory pre-stretching really does yield benefit! The key here is to string these at low (I really mean LOW) tension. Do not make the mistake of stringing these at only 1-2 lbs lower than (or same as) multi, thinking it'll take a huge dip in tension, because it will NOT, and you end up with a stringbed that's basically a flat plastic board that's unplayable. But if you string it at--or close to-- the minimum tension range for your racquet, HELLO SPIN CITY! Also, these strings hardly move at all, even when I hit the balls HARD for a full hour with gobs of topspin (and I hit with the sole purpose of killing the fuzz off the ball!). An absolute German tech wonder!!!
From: Dan, 6/12
NTRP Rating: 4.0

Comments: I really wanted to like it as I am a fan of Kirschbaum, but my control, spin production and accuracy went out the window with this. I played (and lost) one competitive match that I would have won handily any other day but my shots were flying over the baseline and I couldn't get any "dip" generation to land them in. Going back to the ultimate string which is Pro Line II. I never write reviews so mark my words on this one, I felt compelled to get the word out.
From: Anon, 5/12

Comments: Worst string I've ever put in a tennis racket. Put this in my Head IG Prestige Pro at 54 lbs. I had Solinco Tour Bite 17 in it before this, and it was like playing with two different rackets. Got no spin and absolutely no control whatsoever. I'm a 4.0, borderline 4.5 player whose main strength is consistency, and I was spraying routine forehands and backhands 5,6,7 feet long. Completely lost my serve due to the of the lack of spin. Not only do they not play well, they don't even feel good. I saw the reviews that this string would break in and play and feel better, but I've played 5 competitive matches with these strings and I haven't enjoyed one point with them, and the feel hasn't gotten any better. There is a weird vibration, which I think led to shoulder pain. I'm 20 years old and I've been playing for 8 years, and I've never once had shoulder pain before.
From: Geoff, 5/12

Comments: A step back. Not as good as previous releases. This edition does not hold characteristics as older versions used to.
From: Bedrock, 5/12

Comments: String is very, very nice but maybe a month of play and they already broke I'm happy I got the triple pack version. Well beside from that I believe this is a good string and people reading my feedback should test this string out.
From: Frank, 2/12

Comments: In response to Michael, after about a month of play these strings are too lively when fresh. After they really settle in (5 or so hours) you have more of the pocketing and control. I find this to be the same case with Pro Line 2. This coincides with Michael's test report. They are really very similar only this string will retain more performance because its lighter and is the latest Pro Line co-poly tech from Kirschbaum. Really impressed. It is like a cool blue color. It rocks.
From: Matt, 12/11

Comments: I put these bad boys in my Volkl Power Bridge 10 Mid at 45 lbs and all I can say is wow. There is nice power, nice spin, and nice control.
From: Bob, 12/11

Comments: I have been playing with Pro Line 17 (red) and liked it. Began to demo racquets so at the same time tried new strings as was suggested by Tennis Warehouse. As usual they knew best. The Evolution 17(blue) was just as advertised. It added power and additional spin without losing control. It added a little MPH and action on the serve and still gave me the feel for lobs and touch volleys. From the first hit it was great! I will now use the Evolution 17 and not buy a new racquet until spring. I don't break strings so the 17 should perform just fine. I am looking forward to see how it performs in the heat of the Texas summer! I will admit the blue strings do help to focus between points!
From: Andrew 12/11

Comments: This string is just great. Great spin without the hard and harsh feeling of most textured polys. Holds up and performs just like Pro Line 2 only a little more explosive in the power department. It is pre-stretched for better tension holding (like all Kirschbaum strings) and it is a co-poly which makes it more comfortable. It represents the latest technology. For a players racquet (I use a Tecnifibre TFight 325), the tension is best around 50 to 53 lbs. Also I think the blue color is rad.
From: Matt, 11/11

Comments: I've been playing with Proline II 1.25 strings for roughly 8 months. I love the control you get off of the bed and that I can swing out fully and keep the ball in. So I tried the Evolution version of the string and they are similar in some ways. They are a little more lively with a touch more spin. The extra power was welcome on my forehand and serve, but I felt that I had to hold back on my forehand to keep the ball in. I might be able to adjust to the string, I'll give it a few more tries. But side by side against the Proline II (black 1.25), I was striking the ball much better. I should also point out that while both racquets were strung the same, the Evolution racquet was fresh, while the Pro Line II black was going on 12 hours of play (still had more control and I could swing out more). Proline II black is still my favorite!
From: Michael, 11/11

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