Kirschbaum Pro Line II 16 (1.30) String Black Customer feedback

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Comments: This is not a knock on this string, but more of an observation. I ordered this by accident instead of the 17g but kept it because how different could it possibly be? Well, to me the difference is night and day. Oddly, this string plays softer and notches more than the 17g. It also doesn't have the "snap back" like it's thinner brother. Don't expect this string to help create topspin. Still love the brand and still love the string, just not real crazy with this version of it. Want more action? Go with the 17g!
From: Chris, 1/17

Comments: Nice and soft with good spin for a round poly. I'd recommend this to someone who's looking to start using polys or someone who wants less stress on their arm but still wants some good pop. I'm a 3.0 junior player.
From: Shintaro, 1/15

Comments: Super durable string that plays and feels like a multi-filament string. Had Wilson NXT strings previously, and this Pro Line string is similar. Have used this one set for almost 40 hours and it's showing no signs of losing tension yet. I'm hooked on these.
From: K, 4/13

Comments: Love this string. A multi-feel and control w/poly spin. If that sounds good, give it a try.
From: Syd, 6/12

Comments: This is a durable string in a hybrid set- up using a synthetic gut in the crosses. I used a Wilson BLX Pro Tour at 58 lbs at first, which is my normal tension, then lowered it to 54 lbs to get more spin and a softer stringbed. Now using a Babolat Aero Pro Drive and originally strung at 59, but lowered it to 56 and it was much better. I have never had a problem with arm pain with any string, including this one. For polys I do prefer Luxilon ALU Power above this and any string I have tried. It excels in every category except maybe comfort.
From: Jon. 1/12

Comments: This string is great! The only aspect that is lacking is spin production, however, that could be solved by going to the 17g or 18g. The good aspects of this string are the perfect mix of power and control. It has amazing feel (even better at thinner gauge), and durability. Tension maintenance is outstanding. Volleys are also a dream. Serving, the string has ample pop and spin for second serves. Overall, I give it 9.5/10 but the thinner gauge will make it a perfect 10. Also, I usually break strings every week but with this I've had 3 long sets and they still are great. Strung @ 58lbs on a [K] 95 16x18
From: Willie. 05/11
NTRP Rating: 5.5-6.0

Comments: I play with the AeropPro Drive Cortex (not GT). Previously I always used Pro Hurricane, then switched to Luxilon ALU. After I broke those at a tournament, I decided on a whim to try these out. The results are great, except for one problem. I use a semi-western forehand, an I don't feel like I'm getting much pop off of this because I string them at 60 lbs? If so, what is a good tension for these to be strung at without hitting everything long, yet still get a good feel? Thanks!
From: Nolan E., Early, Tx, USA. 4/11
(Nolan, stringing at a lower tension might help with power. Try dropping by a couple of pounds first to see how that works for you. Another option is to try a thinner gauge. -- TW Staff)

Comments: Kirschbaum Pro Line II is definitely a good choice. I've tried quite a few different polyester strings this season, and plan to stick with these. I prefer Wilson Sensation 16 in the crosses for added control and comfort. This setup is durable and comfortable. I average hitting 40 hrs with (minimal string movement) before needing new strings. I play with the Head Extreme MP @ 54 pounds. A great product, 4 stars out of 5.
From: JB, Ventura, CA, USA. 4/11

Comments: For many years, I was seeking a string that had good feel, easy on the elbow, maintains good tension, and durable. I believe Pro Line 2 meets all my expectations. In fact, Pro Line 2 was way above my expectations. I used to use Luxilon Big Banger Original but it was too stiff and lost tension too quickly. Pro Line 2 is definitely worth a try.
From: Luke C. 12/10

Comments:To all players out there.... I am a 5.0+ playing level and have been playing for over 10yrs of tennis, and I've never have come across stings like this. These strings are seriously amazing and have an awesome feel when hitting the sweet spot with tremendous power response. My one handed backhand has improved just from playing one day of tennis; I played for 12 hrs testing them out and couldn't find one thing wrong with them. The tension is at 55 crosses and 57 mains, they wouldn't even budge from its place and before I thought it was normal for strings to move, so this was very new to me. It definitely gives some serious bite and major spin that I've never gotten before from other strings. The control is so good just because of how well it hangs on the sweet spot. I love this string so much so trust me; any player will like these strings. Previous strings were Luxilon BB and Babolat (hurricane, adrenaline, and Nvy) and I will probably never go back.
From: Benjamin, Vancouver, BC, Canada, 09/10

Comments: I have never played with a more responsive string. I strung my Dunlop 700 Aero Gel with Pro Line 2 at 62 lbs. I had so much more control over my former strings. Good product. I am about to order more.
From: Jim, Oak Ridge North, TX, USA, 09/10

Comments: Wow! This is the best string I've played with yet, previously I had been using kirschbaum competition at 52 pounds in my head extreme pro, and this string is much more durable, gives you great spin potential and is very soft. I find that this string is also much more forgiving when you don't hit the ball out of the centre. Great string all in all.
From: Brad, Perth, Western Australia. 06/10

Comments: Nice String. Arm friendly, good pop and feel. Strung a full set @ 54lbs on a MG Extreme Pro 2009 and the mains moved a bit too much. Durability wasn't that great, they lasted 3 weeks playing 2-4X a week. If you're looking for a soft copoly I highly recommend MSV Focus Hex, the strings are the business and they come in red.
From: anon 4.0, So CAL 11/09

Comments: Richard, string it lower, I had the same issues but then I restrung it lower at 55 and it helped significantly in every aspect of the game. If you string at 60 make sure to drop it at least 4-6 pounds, and it will make a difference in you game. Also if you're playing on clay red clay in particular string it slightly lower like 53, but if you're playing on harder string it at 54 for added control.
From: Patrik, Dusseldorf, Germany. 8/09

Comments:After many years, I had pretty much given up on finding a polyester string that offered both feel and kindness to my longtime, tender playing arm. This string has successfully addressed all of these issues, along with offering some extra pop and spin. I read some reviews that suggested that it doesn't even need to be used in a hybrid setup, so I tried both ways. It does play great when put in both mains and crosses, though I have gone to the 17L for maximum feel. Durability is good, too. Thanks, Kirschbaum!!
From: FP, Charlotte, NC. 12/08
NTRP Rating: 5.0

Comments: I have tried dozens of strings over the past 20 years from Natural gut to Tecnifibre NRG to most of the Gamma strings before finally settling on TNT2 16 gauge. I play with a Pro Kennex Pro7G racket, which really helps my tennis elbow issues. Decided to try this string based on the reviews. The first 3 times playing with it I experienced fantastic feel and spin, but then all of a sudden the string went dead and had almost no feel or pop to it. I strung it 4 lbs lower than I usually string my TNT2 (58 lbs instead of 62 lbs). These strings definitely do not move and the red color is pretty cool looking, but given the high cost and very short "feel" life span I do not recommend them. After that 3rd session I grabbed my back up frame strung with TNT2 and was amazed at how much more feel these strings had than the KB after a short period of time.
From: Tim, Hauppauge NY (USA). 9/08
3.5 all court player (used to be solid 4.0 before some foot issues slowed me down)

Comments: Excellent string. I use a K-factor Tour 90 and string it about 57lbs., and the spin you get is amazing. Definitely a good buy!!
From: anrudh, delhi, India. 8/08

Comments: This string is made for players who need a softer stringbed. It takes a couple weeks to get used to. It is THE GREATEST STRING I HAVE USED. IT TOOK ME TO A NATIONAL FINAL. It is definitely the way to go.
From: 5.5 player. 8/08

Comments: This is the best string I have ever played with. It has the nicest feel and control of the all the strings.
From: Shaun, riverside, ca, usa. 6/08

Comments: I tried this on a couple of my racquets at 55 lbs tension even though I prefer 65+. This string is stiffer than most and doesn't lose tension easily. It's definitely an upgrade to the Luxilon Big Banger if that gives you tennis elbow. The Big Banger is very forgiving, and this one is less forgiving. I would say less bite too. The Luxilon ALU Power is rougher and can eat into ball, and this string doesn't do that for me. I am an extreme topspin player and like the bite. After 10 hours of play, there's no significant string movement of the main/cross biting each other. Not bad, but I prefer the ALU in a hybrid string pattern to eliminate tennis elbow issues. I also use 90 or smaller racquets that are heavier than average.
From: NL, Blacksburg, VA, USA. 3/08

Comments: This is by far the most complete performance string I have ever played with. I have been playing tennis for 20 years and have only played with the best racquets and strings money can buy. I no longer lose to inferior players due to the spin potential that allows me to play aggressive and win as efficiently as possible. There is no need for a hybrid my MicroGEL Prestige Pro is a perfect combination the Kirschbaum Pro Line 2 string.
From: 5.0 All court player from New York City. 2/08

Comments: Awesome feeling!!! After playing all my life with ALU Power I thought that I would never find something better. But I did.... It out turned in all: Very sensible, more power but spite comfortable. The best came after 8 hours of hard playing, amazingly I noticed less movement and no drop of tension at all. I'll switch and recommend it to my fellows. For the record I'm an 18 junior and playing futures. I tried it on my K factor Tour 95 with 56 Lbs.
From: Alex, Brandon, FL, USA. 8/07

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