Kirschbaum Pro Line II 17 (1.25) String Red Customer feedback

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Comments: Love these strings. I play on the pro tour and I am more of a feel player, but I do hit the ball hard if I need to. These strings are easy on the arm, long-lasting and allow me to play any shot on the court.
From: Natalie, 1/17

Comments: I am an avid "tinkerer" of strings constantly trying different hybrid combinations and tensions. I also have a tendency to try different racquets. But you know what, I'm done with all that. Here's why: the combination of this string in the mains at 57 lbs with Forten Sweet 17 in the crosses at 55 lbs in my Yonex Ezone Xi100 (16x18) is just about the perfect combination for my heavy topspin game. The blend of control, power, and spin is perfect. I'm done experimenting because frankly, there's no need. The only comment I would have is that the black does carry more pop off the stringed than the red In my opinion so take that into consideration with the tension.
From: Chris, 11/15

Comments: I have used this string for a year now and love it, but I break it every week. The longest it lasted me was 2 weeks. I strung it on a Wilson Pro Staff 95S (16x15) at 54/55 lbs. Somehow, this string makes my game a lot better. I just wish they would make it more durable.
From: Anon, 4/15

Comments: Good string but way too expensive for what it provides, I go with cheaper alternatives these days.
From: Mike, 8/14

Comments: Love this string! It lasted 18 months on a flexy players racquet without losing control, no other string did that for me. Simply amazing. Hope they put the special 4 for 2 offer back on, because the price is the only factor preventing me from buying again when so many generic alternatives are on the market.
From: John, 5/14

Comments: I was disappointed for the first 30-40 minutes after I put this string in my Yonex Vcore Tour 97 (52 lbs mains and 54 lbs crosses). It had no power and a strange feel. But after a short time this string had it all: control, feel, arm friendly, consistency in shots, and holds tension very well. This is the best polyester string I have ever played with providing great ball bite, great spin, control and comfort. It does not have as much power as other poly strings I tried before. This string is the best suited for control-oriented players. If you can create your own power you will not be disappointed!
From: Sergei, 2/14

Comments: After trying basically every poly string possible, Pro Line II Red is the best string by far! The spin and power from this string is amazing but what really got me hooked was the feel. It's so unique and crisp that I just had to go all out and buy a reel. But a mistake that many people do is they string way too high. The only way to have all these great things is to string low, like in the mid 40s. I will admit this string is horrible in higher tensions. It feels like playing with a coat hanger! Stringing these lower will give you exceptional feel (ball pocketing), power and even control. Yes even control! People think that if they string low your control goes out the window but that's absolutely not true! You will still be just as consistent if not even more. So try this string in the 17 guage and you wont be sorry.
From: Trenton, 12/13

Comments: I've had these strings for 12 months playing competitively and they still play fine. Not sure how a poly can achieve this. Better suited to low powered players racquets (high flex, low power racquets) where you need some power from the strings. String them up at mid tension.
From: Michael, 7/13

Comments: It's really not worth it. The power was not exceptionally good as they were saying. The control was amazing though.
From: John, 12/12

Comments: This string has it all: control, arm friendly, durability, consistency in shots, and holds tension very well. I use 17 gauge and got very good ball bite. The quality and feel is just like natural gut, at a very good price. I string for a group of friends and they all agree that this string is the best discovery for control-oriented players. Get yourself the whole reel of 660ft. You will not be disappointed!
From: Don, 10/12

Comments: I have two Prince Rebels. One with these strings and one had RPM Blast and now Pro Hurricane Tours and the Kirschbaum has lasted longer and played better than both Babolat strings. I am able to hit with more topspin and confidence with the Kirschbaum strings, and I am able to go for more on serves and overheads because I know they won't go out or stray too far. The touch is great and control is perfect. I love these strings and the price is awesome.
From: Nes, 9/12

Comments: I used this string in the mains and Gosen Micro Sheep 17 in the crosses. I play with a Head Isospeed 16x19. I am not impressed with this string. It did not fit my playing style. I lowered tension in the mains and crosses to 50lbs expecting to gain some power. I didn't get what I expected. That doesn't mean the string is no good. Simply, the marriage didn't happen between player and string with this new stick. I am curious though to try this string (full job) on one of my Microgel Extreme Pros I have in the trunk of my car.
From: Gino, Long Beach, CA, USA. 4/11

Comments: I use this string on my kblade 98 (18x20), 52x50 lb, very special feel, good for hitting hard, spin, power, control, touch, everything. After an hour or so you seems like the tension drops a bit and then stabilizes. Good durability as well. I have one of the racquets strung with Luxilon alu power at 50x48 lb - and this one gives me some discomfort in the shoulder and elbow area. Compared to the lux, the proline2 is more common sense - you have to work hard with the Luxilon when the kirsch delivers without the hassle (and the discomfort). It is lighter too - a good few grams than the Luxilon.
From: Nick, Canada, 12/10

Comments: Strung at 62lbs on a Wilson K Factor KSix-One Team. Groundstrokes just as good as Luxilon Big Banger (possibly better), however you have to work the slice more with your arm. Overall nice feel, control and power.
From: Tai, Melbourne, Vic, Aus. 6/10

Comments: Good string, however, it is too soft for me and it has no power at all. If you don't put a dampener on this string will drive you crazy!
From: Adam, Hartford, CT, USA. 3/10

Comments: This is the best string. Both me and my mom love this string. We tried others, like Zo Sweet, but this is the best. At first we hated the red colour, but I have grown to love it. She still hates it but sacrifices looks for performance. Best string. Will never use another.
From: Lulu Riley, Hamilton, NY, USA. 12/09

Comments: Used as main at 53lbs on AeroStorm with PSGO16 in cross at 58 lbs. Played very stiff for the first couple of hours. I have not had arm problems in a while but this string gave me arm and shoulder pain. It seemed to play a lot better after two hours probably due to a little loss of tension. The string bed still felt very firm after 4 hours of play. The control is good, spin production is pretty good and decent power. Not much in the way of feel or ball pocketing at this tension but volleys were very crisp and solid. I will try it again at lower tension and with perhaps a softer cross string. So far I'm neutral on the string over all. I'm looking for something with more feel. This string reminds me of Luxilon Alu Power but looks better in red, which is why I bought it.
From: Lance 4.0, New York, NY, USA. 9/09

Comments: I have been looking for a replacement for my Alu Power crosses(with NXT mains)for my arm and I have finally got around to trying the Pro Line II after reading about how good it was. Well I could not believe how this string played - all the great things people had said about it and after the first hour of play I was utterly disappointed by the way it played. It was dull, boring, out of control - almost the opposite of what I was used to. Price is very good but you get what you pay for.. I like value and I felt like I was getting what I paid for, but there was no reel satisfaction. Before you get a reel of this stuff, consider a reel of Lux while it is on special, will be well worth it.
From: Shaz, Australia 09/09
NTRP Rating: 6.0

Comments: What the other people say is TRUE. This is the Best Poly out there. I have my Prestige strung with a full bed of Pro Line II and my game is better than ever. I agree, this string is magic. Bye bye Big Banger.
From: Palmer, Huntsville, AL USA 09/09

Comments: Best Co-Poly on the market. I have tried them all and ProLine II kills the rest. As for tension maintenance, the guy below me did not have his racquet strung properly. For a high quality co-poly the tension maintenance is fantastic. Serious players will never have their racquets strung for more than 4 weeks with the same set. This string is absolute magic!
From: Terry, Greensboro, NC, USA. 09/09

Comments: Got these strings because I went to a professional tennis shop near my house and the guy stringing the racquets asked why I wanted to put Big Banger Rough in my strings because it is bad for the arm and is out dated technology... He didn't force it on me it was my choice.. and I am glad I chose the string because I can feel how much grab the strings have on the ball. I used to use a N Blade 98 with 18x20 string pattern with NXT strung at 50lbs and got no pop or spin on the ball especially on serves... now I have a Ksixone 95 16x18 and with these strung at 53lbs and can kill the serve and get that awesome spin I have been missing for awhile now. If you are thinking between this and ALU Rough, go this - newer technology/cheaper/better on arm.
From: Alex S., Plantation, Florida, U.S. 7/09

Comments: NO MORE BIG BANGER! This string has the same benefits as alu string....except it is easy on the arm and has a soft touch. It may lack just a bit on the control side....but when weighing all the benefits...feel, control, power, PRICE.... this string wins out with me. I play this string in the Wilson k 6.1 as my mains...Wilson Nxt Tour crosses
From: Stephen, 4.5, Willow Springs, MO. 2/09

Comments: The best string I ever used! Easily beats Luxilon ALU Power in terms of feel, control, power, durability, tension hold, and value. Best of all it's much softer and easier on the arm and wrist.
From: Anon. 1/09

Comments:After many years, I had pretty much given up on finding a polyester string that offered both feel and kindness to my longtime, tender playing arm. This string has successfully addressed all of these issues, along with offering some extra pop and spin. I read some reviews that suggested that it doesn't even need to be used in a hybrid setup, so I tried both ways. It does play great when put in both mains and crosses, though I have gone to the 17L for maximum feel. Durability is good, too. Thanks, Kirschbaum!!
From: FP, Charlotte, NC. 12/08
NTRP Rating: 5.0

Comments: I'm absolutely DUMBFOUNDED right now! I had my new Head MicroGEL Radical Mid+ strung with these strings PURELY because of all the positive comments about them, and everyone is ABSOLUTELY correct-- these strings are WORLDS better than Pro Hurricane Tour, Big Banger Rough, and K Gut Pro COMBINED!!! They feel soft and firm at the same time, with HUGE spin potential. The thing that frustrated me with the Pro Hurricane Tour & Big Banger Rough is when you strung the entire frame with it, you had control and spin, but the frame felt DEAD and KILLED my arm. I've played with these strings for over 10 hours now on my dense 18x20 string pattern frame at 55lbs and it's the BEST combination of control, spin, and "gentle" stiffness I've ever felt. I think this is the last stringing setup I'll ever use again. It's perfect. Try it out for yourself, and don't bother with hybrid use in my opinion. The feeling is amazing with it in the whole string bed. This was my first try using Kirschbaum strings, and I'm SO glad I did!!!
From: Jared, Moscow, ID, USA, 09/08

Comments: This string is soft and has some nice power, but it has no control whatsoever. Next time I get my racquet strung it's going to be with Babolat Pro Hurricane Tour 17g.
From: Anon. 6/08

Comments: Finally a soft poly that holds tension well and has lots of power. I use it in a hybrid with Gosen Micro Sheep as the crosses. The fairly stiff characteristics of the GMS complement the Pro Line II. I don't like mushy crosses as there's less spin. The Pro Line II has a much nicer feel than the Luxilon Big Banger, since the Big Banger has to be strung at a much higher tension. With the Pro Line II, I've never had any arm problems, with the Big Banger I have problems within minutes. I string the Pro Line II at 51.5 pounds, and the other crosses at 54. It feels like a synthetic gut at 59 pounds. o string movement and plenty of pop. Works well on my Wilson nCode nSurge and Dunlop 500 Tour racquets. Would be nice to have a mini-reel since the 149 reel is too much. Besides once you string your racquet like I did, it will last for months and months. I've been cutting out my strings every other week until I found this combination. Nothing else comes close, and trust me, I've been through just about everything out there.
From: David, Jupiter, FL, USA. 6/08

Comments: This is the best poly out on the market by far. I've compared this string to other poly's like Pacific Force 17 (lost it's tension to fast) and Tospin Cyber power 17 (elbow soreness). Pro Line II has excellent bite to all shots. I had no problem with my backhand slice, flat forehand, heavy topspin forehand, and over the top one handed backhand. I found this string to be very comfortable for my arm and offered great control to all my shots. I strung my Yonex RDS 500 at 52 lbs. full set no hybrids. I'd definitely recommend this string to all who like poly's and don't waste it by splitting it.
From: Anon, Chula, CA, USA, 05/08

Comments: I've tried many polyester strings brands, but this one is an absolutely amazing poly. I sting hybrid - Gamma Live Wire XP and Kirschbaum Pro Line 1.25. The best combo I ever have. Kirschbaum and WeissCannon is the best poly on the market today in every way!
From: Honza, MD, USA. 5/08

Comments: This is one of the best polyester strings I ever played with, great control, spin, speed and comfort. The only negative thing about this strings: If you play with heavy topspin, it will begin to move around after 4-6 hours. That's why I am gonna use it as a cross string in the future.
From: Kristian, Oslo, Norway. 5/08

Comments: This string has everything. You get great power, control and spin, and the durability is great. The strings outlasted my racket (my racket cracked when I served the ball). From all 8 hours I got out of this string I got an extremely consistent response from this string and they never moved no matter how much spin I put on the ball.
From: Ben, Cleveland, TN, USA. 3/08

Comments: Love this string, best poly ever, not the most powerful but has the best feel and control. I hybrid with RIP Control as a cross and it's just sublime. Try it, you won't be sorry.
From: Chris, Walnut Creek, CA, USA, 02/08

Comments: I've tried many polyester strings and Pro Line II is really the finest offering around - it is as comfortable and resilient as poly gets and also is incredibly durable! I hit big and break a lot of strings generally but have simply been unable to break these in my stiff, open string pattern frame! String only 1-2 lbs lower then synthetic gut.
From: Anton, New York City, NY, USA, 02/08

Comments: Exceptional performance and value. The best polyester string that I have tried. Great for tension maintenance, very easy on the arm, great for producing some vicious spin, and excellent compromise between power and control. Serving is a pleasure with this. The 3 pack price is great too. If you try just one polyester string, try this one.
From: SK, Mission Viejo, CA, USA. 10/07

Comments: Oh, PERFECTION! I'm used to companies letting me down with their promises, but these strings don't lie. Everything you are promised is delivered. My strings feel as tense as the day I strung them, and the bed itself doesn't move. While the strings are as soft as a pillow, they nonetheless deliver excellent power and control over the ball. I'm currently using these together with my HEAD FXP Prestige. Perfect match, if you ask me.
From: Anon. 7/07

Comments: Strung my aeropro drive with the kirschbaum pro line II 17 and all I can say is that this string ranks up there with the best out there. There is no string movement and I strung it at 54lbs. There is plenty of power, spin and control. This will be my string of choice from now on. The tension after 6hours has not changed from when I first hit with it. Amazing string. Worth a test drive.
From: Bob, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, 07/07

Comments:I have always loved Kirschbaum strings and this is no disappointment. My favorite string so far, it has great access to power and spin, with a satisfying feeling every time I hit the ball. Been playing with it for about 6-8 hours in the past week and it is still going strong, very little string movement. Just make sure you have no problems playing with a red string, I guess it is an interesting change of aesthetics for me. 5.0 all-courter with heavy spin.
From: Bill, USA, 07/07

Comments: Absolutely amazing! The feel of this string is unmatched. It has extreme control and power, while still managing to feel soft as a feather. The tension seems never to fail, and the strings just always seem... new. They're exquisite. Plus, it's helped me in my quest to become the reddest tennis player ever. I already had the red shirt, red racquet (HEAD Flexpoint Prestige), red bag, red hair and face, and red shoelaces. After all, red is statistically the most intimidating color... right?
From: Wesley, Suffern, NY, USA, 07/07

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