Kirschbaum Pro Line II 18 (1.15) String Black Customer feedback

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Comments: Update to my post from a couple of days ago. After a couple more sessions on the court with a full bed of these strings at 52 lbs in a Dunlop Biomimetic 200. Plus I started feeling some serious pain in my elbow. The string plays great but my arm can't take a full bed. I could definitely use some suggestions of other strings to hybrid with this, preferably something that has decent feel, tension maintenance and some durability.
From: Omid, 6/14

Comments: I recently tried Weiss Cannon Mosquito Bite 18 and almost immediately felt pain in my arm and shoulder. I cut out the Mosquito Bite and strung up the same racquet with Kirschbaum Pro Line 2 and it felt great, decent power, spin, no pain so far and it gives a nice cracking sound when you hit the ball. I highly recommend. Hopefully the tension maintains as well as others said. NTRP rating: 4.5 all court player.
From: Omid, 6/14

Comments: I have 2 rackets that are identical and wanted to compare the Kirchbaum Pro Line II 18 with the Kirchbaum Super Smash Spikey 18. Both were strung at the same time. I didn't think I'd notice a difference, but there was. The Pro Line II has amazing power and pocketing. I kept hitting the ball long and didn't have as much control as I did with the Super Spikey. With the Super Spikey I was able to get great topspin and didn't have to compromise on power. Overall, the Proline II was excellent with pocketing and power and the Super Spikey had great maneuverability and topspin. I love the power of the Pro Line II, but always went back to the Super Spikey for more control. Service was excellent on both.
From: Natalie, 2/12

Comments: This string plays incredible in all facets and does not break or lose tension easily like the Tecnifibre Black Code I tried. I have always used one of the Tecnifibre's in the past but I am now changing. This is the first full poly setup I was able to use without any issues of any kind. Price is great too. I use a Yonex RQiS 10 and strung it about 10% less than mid weight than normal string.
From: Mike, 12/11

Comments: This string is OK. I definitely had to string 11 lbs. lower than normal (52 instead of 63 lbs.) to get decent feel and enough power, and with that setup, groundies and volleys were pretty good with excellent control. But I just couldn't get enough spin on my serve with this setup (not a powerful server, so I rely on my kick serve which had no bite with this string, plus if I went full out, I couldn't keep the serve in). For me, nothing so far compares to Tecnifibre Black Code 18 for that nearly perfect blend of power, spin, and feel. This string seems almost identical to WeissCannon Mosquito Bite 18, by the way.
From: Ron. 10/11

Comments: Absolutely love this string. Awesome bite and durability. It's just a really solid control with a good balance for power. I'm going to continue using this string for as long as they keep it around and would recommend to anyone to at least give it a shot and see for yourself.
From: Ian, MI, United States, 7/11

Comments: I've had shoulder problems in the past but found this string very comfy for a poly, even as a full poly setup. It doesn't move, and it provides some nice ball bite.
From: Mike, Long Island City, NY, USA, 03/11

Comments: Great string for touch & spin. It's easy to paint the lines with this string as well as change up pace. Smooth when adding extra kick to serves as you can feel the ball well with nice response. The only negative is that you only get about 10 solid hours of match play before this string pops. If the cost is not a worry though you'll enjoy this string. I'm a 5.0 lefty teaching pro playing a YOUTEK Speed 18x20 strung at 62 lbs.
From: Harald, Phoenix, AZ, USA, 01/11

Comments: I am a tennis coach and top ranked player. The proline 2 holds tension, is very soft on the arm, and is very lively with plenty of power. I believe it's the best string on the market.
From: Robin, Australia. 07/10

Comments: Not a bad string by any means. Good feel and good power. Overall, I liked it but it's a bit out of my price range. Would recommend for players who want a soft feel for a poly.
From: Sal, Las Vegas, NV, USA. 7/10

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