Kirschbaum Pro Line II 18 (1.15) String Red Customer feedback

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Comments: I was using RPM blast 17g. Lately, I was offered to try Pro Line 18g. What a difference it makes. I am struggling to put balls deep in the court for the whole week. My AeroPro Drive is strung at 48 lbs. The string feels like a piece of wood. Cannot feel the ball at all. Much less power and control compared to what I had with RPM blast. Especially when I play outside.
From: Alex, 6/15

Comments: I would recommend this string at a lower tension in most racquets. I would consider stringing it at least mid -2 lbs for most racquets. It is stiff and it does take a little longer than I thought it would to soften up, even as a hybrid with syn gut in the crosses.
From: CF, 2/15

Comments: I am a former circuit player and played division 1 tennis in college. From one of my close friends, I have used the Pro Line II 18 for the last 6 years. I chose this string as a thinner poly gives me more spin and feel than thicker versions. I put this string in numerous racquets. Babolat Pure Storm to begin with then, Prince Black, Yonex Vcore 100, Wilson Pro Staff 100 LS. With wide string pattern on Wilson ProStaff LS, the string lasted about 20 minutes. A few weeks ago, I was playing in an open tournament and went through 4 strings in 1 singles match. Not recommended for wide string pattern racquets as they can't last. It was excellent on the Pure Storm but they do not make that racquet anymore. I am still looking for the ultimate racquet for me. It is difficult to utilize the full advantage of thin poly strings and I am still in my quest to find the best stick for me. Recently switched to Babolat Pure Drive as I was given a few sticks to try. I love the soft feel of Pro Line II (changed from red color to black -- not sure it made the difference), touch that was hard to find with poly strings and plan to use it for now. I broke one after playing 2 sets of doubles. It is a lot better than the spin effect Wilson racquet but I'm not completely satisfied. I will try 17 gauge (1.20) to see the difference and will let you know. When using Wilson Pro Staff 100 LS, I tried Gamma,Volkl, Solinco and Technifibre strings to find the maximum performance, feel and durability but came back to Pro Line II. I do not know why but I guess so far gives me the best performance.
From: Brian, 9/14

Comments: I have 2 rackets that are identical and wanted to compare the Kirchbaum Pro Line II 18 with the Kirchbaum Super Smash Spikey 18. Both were strung at the same time. I didn't think I'd notice a difference, but there was. The Pro Line II has amazing power and pocketing. I kept hitting the ball long and didn't have as much control as I did with the Super Spikey. With the Super Spikey I was able to get great topspin and didn't have to compromise on power. Overall, the Proline II was excellent with pocketing and power and the Super Spikey had great maneuverability and topspin. I love the power of the Pro Line II, but always went back to the Super Spikey for more control. Service was excellent on both.
From: Natalie, 2/12

Comments: Absolutely love this string. Awesome bite and durability. It's just a really solid control with a good balance for power. I'm going to continue using this string for as long as they keep it around and would recommend to anyone to at least give it a shot and see for yourself.
From: Ian, MI, United States, 7/11

Comments: I've had shoulder problems in the past but found this string very comfy for a poly, even as a full poly setup. It doesn't move, and it provides some nice ball bite.
From: Mike, Long Island City, NY, USA, 03/11

Comments: Great string for touch & spin. It's easy to paint the lines with this string as well as change up pace. Smooth when adding extra kick to serves as you can feel the ball well with nice response. The only negative is that you only get about 10 solid hours of match play before this string pops. If the cost is not a worry though you'll enjoy this string. I'm a 5.0 lefty teaching pro playing a YOUTEK Speed 18x20 strung at 62 lbs.
From: Harald, Phoenix, AZ, USA, 01/11

Comments: I am a tennis coach and top ranked player. The pro line 2 holds tension, is very soft on the arm, and is very lively with plenty of power. I believe it's the best string on the market.
From: Robin, Australia. 07/10

Comments: I didn't have a chance to review because it broke within 20 minutes of playing but they bite the ball a lot. Power and control was amazing.
From: Carlos, Palmdale, CA. 02/09

Comments: This is a quality string. I'm a 4.0 player who hits with heavy topspin. I strung my Turbo Shark DB Oversize @ 65 lbs. These strings offer incredible spin, solid control and superior feel. I would recommend using this string in both the crosses and the mains. I did break this set after about 20 hours playing time - if it continues to happen, I may switch to the 17Ls in the mains. Give this string a try - you wont be disappointed!!
From: TJ, Norcross, GA, USA. 4/08

Comments: Best poly! It plays great at 42 lbs (yes 42 lbs). Frame: Wilson K Factor 95 (16/19). It produces tremendous spin and slice on clay courts. The balls feel great on the racquet. I use string savers for more bite.
From: Pedro, Hernando, Florida, USA. 4/08

Comments: I have to say this is one of the best poly strings on the market. I have access to a good amount of spin and great control. Also, I love the color of the strings.
From: Jeremy, Locust Grove, Georgia, United States of America. 3/08

Comments: I found this string to offer great control and good comfort. I really missed the spin and pop I get from the Tecnifibre Pro Red Code 18 I have on my other racquet. I liked it but not enough to switch away from Pro Red Code.
From: Bill, Houston, TX. 2/08

Comments: Wow! This is a surprising string. I've tried a lot of polys, and this is by far the best one so far. The first thing you'll notice about this string is that it really grabs the ball and pockets it -- and it feels like it holds it on your strings more than most other strings. It's also very durable. The tension is also very stable throughout the string's life. I'm waiting for this string to break, but it keeps hanging in there. Very good in all areas. Arm friendly as well, of course. Highly recommended.
From: Ken, Daegu, South Korea. 10/07

Comments: Strung this (Pro Line II 18L) in a Head MG MP in the mains at 53lbs (usually string non-polys at 60- 62lbs) and used Forten Sweet 17 in the crosses at 57lbs. This hybrid is awesome. Great spin, control, power, and feel. The string doesn't move much at all and doesn't show any signs of wearing. I can feel the ball pocketing at contact, makes for great placement. And the most amazing thing...NO arm/shoulder pain! As a hybrid, and at these tensions, it really is soft. I think Pro Line II on its own would probably be as comfortable. I've tried other polys from Luxilon and Wilson, always using Forten as the crosses, and this string has much greater feel and spin potential in the Head MG's dense 18X20 pattern. The other polys also made my arm feel so sore the next day. Highly recommend this string for a test drive. I'm a 4.5 player who hits both flat/heavy spin on both wings and on serve.
From: Ed, Boston, MA, USA, 09/07

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