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Comments: I played the last three years with Prince Tour Team. Decided to switch looking for a 98 square inch head. I tried: Blade 98, Blade 98 S, Radicals 18x20 and 16x19, Babolat Pure Storm GT, Babolat Pure Control (love it but gave me elbow pain), Yonex Ai 98 lite, Donnay x-silver (excellent but at 11.4 ounces, too heavy for me); I even tried pro stock racquets. In the process of trying all of these, I devoloped the worst tennis elbow of my life. So the winner? Pro kennex Q Tour 295! First, Kinetic technology is something else. It is the only racquet that does not give me elbow pain. This PK QT 295 has similar specs as the Babolat Pure Control but does not give elbow pain. It has power, great plow through, easy acces to spin, good control, precision and feel. It is what I was looking for, an 11 ounce racquet (with damper and over grip) but it performs as a 12 ounce racquet. The 57 flexible spec is accurate. it is a soft and arm's friendly racquet. It is unfortunate that the "major" brands get the credit while there are out there better racquets with better technologies such as ProKennex and Donnay. If you are looking for a racquet at 11 ounces that performs as a player's racquet with power, precision, control, and most of all really arm friendly this is the racquet. Also, the grip is not rounded and the pallet cannot be replaced, so just know it has a square grip.
From: Jose, 5/14

Comments: I string my two QTour 295s with Head Edge 17 at 48 lbs. I've tried stiffer polys and higher tensions and the power and stability suffered. The soft flex coupled with the Head Edge at 48 lbs pockets even hard hit balls perfectly for me. The moving mass hits the ball like a 12 ounce racquet -- no lead needed, if you do not hit late. Hit on time, and this frame powers the ball like it has an afterburner built in compared to most 98 inch frames. I am a 4+ OHBH, semi-western FH with full fast strokes.
From: Fred, 1/14

Comments: Great stick. Just feels like a 12 ounce stick. Quality and build wise I mean. It does everything well. Just lacks a little power, due to the flex rating of 57. Groundies are solid on both sides. Serves lack pop but are so precise. This stick just feels right. The very rectangle grip is really nice too. They run a tad large. But this grip really makes me, hit a flat ball which is good for my game. I tend to loop too much. My only comment to ProKennex, is make this same stick with a 67 flex rating -- it could be the grail. I also tried the Q5 295, and it didnt have the specialness of this stick. This passes the goldilocks test. I just bought one -- and how cool is it to have a stick that no one else you know has? Loving it.
From: Dan, 1/14

Comments: It would be a great racquet if it was 10 grams heavier towards the head. It is too light and unstable against hard hitters, great spin production, but control is not there.
From: Pete, 1/14

Comments: I played with the Pro 7G for the past six year without getting elbow pain. I was looking for a lighter racquet when I bought the QTour 295 but found this one too light and short of the vibration absorption of my old racquet. It plays better with about 3 grams of lead weight at 9:00 and 3:00 but the dampening on mishits is still short of the 7G.
From: Jaime, 12/13

Comments: After a couple of sets of doubles, I have to say that I'm pleasantly surprised. Control and power are available on demand. Spin is not automatic but easily generated through technique, and it plows through well when hitting the ball squarely. Off center hits are not forgiving at all, but that's not entirely unexpected. You better generate some snap on the serve because a basic swing won't have enough mass to deliver any pace at all. Overall, I like it very much (like a lighter version of my KBlade 98s) and will give it one more go with a bit of weight added before ordering a couple
From: Matt, 11/13

Comments: I did not expect a solid "old school" feeling raquet, but that is exactly how it feels like, without the weight. A very impressive stick that does everything well. ProKennex does not have the marketing or the tennis stars as other brands, but they know how to make solid rackets. A must try, specially for 4.0 and above.
From: Rene, 11/13

Comments: A very nice racquet. Swings fast but has good plow though for a racquet of its weight. Soft, Volkl-like feel but with more power. Did not use elbow brace for the first time in years. Brought 2, but may be buying another as my 13 year daughter likes to use it in practice.
From: Chuck, 8/13

Comments: This racquet was one hell of a surprise. I threw this in as a '4th demo' and was hitting against the wall with it and the others. Dismissed the Q-295 immediately. Decided to bring it back out, and my Division II buddy broke strings in his last frame (BPD), so he grabbed it. So I tried it, again and I am really glad I did. A very impressive frame as it turns out. Hits way heavier than it's weight, drops atomic serves, tons of control. You can just swack the ball. Only odd response, my miss hits had a slightly odd wobble -- as the 'perimeter weighting system' stiffens the hoop at 10/2, 4/8, so the 3 and 9 o'clock spots got an odd wobble-flex, perhaps a touch of lead there would steady that. Overall, a lot of wow factor. I cannot say how it would be for 4.0 and down, but if you can hit, this is one not to miss.
From: SurfBoy, 7/13

Comments: And now I have two in my bag. Thank you PK for getting me excited about this unique offering.
From: Anon, 7/13

Comments: This is an awesome stick. Plays fine as is, but I leaded it up to 350g. Awesome power and comfort. Soft and plush feel. Tons of spin.
From: Anon, 7/13

Comments: Curious specs -- high flex, 10.9+ oz., 98 square inch head, 5 pts. head light -- a mistake or on purpose? Ordered a demo along with the 27.5" Nadal APD which has the highest review numbers ever at TW. Surprise? It wasn't even close. The PK 295 QTour served harder, delivered more spin, and was more accurate than the Babolat offering, better than the original QTour, or for that matter, superior to any other stick in my experience. It is that good. I ordered two, and in the last week, decisively beat my regular hitting partners, both USTA 4.5s, both of whom used to beat me up regularly. Spend the $20 buck for a demo -- you won't be sorry, you'll be amazed.
From: Fred, 7/13

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