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Comments: This bat has now replaced my Ki5 320 as my go to. Customized of course to 356 grams, 5 points HL and probably around a 339 swingweight. It is very comfortable, stable and precise with the weight I have added in the head. Other notable racquets that I have used include BLX Blade 98, Pure Drive Roddick, Ai 98, O3 White, Maxply McEnroe, Q5, Slazenger Pro Braided, Pro 7g (great but too long for me), Fischer MPro No. 1 98, and Gamma Tour 320X. I have a Duel G 330 that is great but harder to use than my QTour. For anyone that likes to add a little swingweight to the QTour, I suggest adding it to the tip and sides of the hoop. It takes very well to customization. Fantastic frame.
From: Jordan, 11/16

Comments: I have one of these frames strung with Pacific Bull Gut 1.3 at 50 lbs and the most stand out feature of this racquet is comfort. Anyone looking for a traditional players racquet but needs to put comfort as the highest priority because of some arm issue than this racquet is one of the best. One thing you need to do though is to make sure you don't bump the racquet anywhere as the pain can chip off easily.
From: Tom, 6/16

Comments: Been playing tennis for 36 years and this is by far the best, most balanced racquet which allows for great consistency in my game. Not to mention that there is zero vibration, which means I don't need to wear my arm brace anymore.
From: Udo, 5/16

Comments: Due to elbow issues, I've played with nothing but ProKennex for the last 15 years. First the original 5g, which worked for me in college (when I strung it with poly mains at 65 pounds -- what was I thinking?), but then when I became less than a weekly warrior, it didn't seem to have the power or spin or plow that I remembered. Fell in love with the 5g PSE after a little transition period but the sheer weight did a number on my elbow, biceps and wrist. Just wasn't playing enough to handle the heft. Loved the spin, plow, power with that one. Switched to a Redondo for comfort, which let my arm get back in shape, but again found I was coming up short in power and spin. Added some lead to get the weight of the redondo up near PSE specs and found it started straining my arm again (there is such thing as too much weight). I bought the QTour on accident, I meant to get a 2nd QTour 295 to lead it up while maintaining Redondo softness but with an open string pattern. long story short, even though it spec'd the same, it just felt weird and didn't work. So I accidentally got the QTour 325. Wow. It's not my perfect racquet, I could use a touch more power and spin, but it basically feels exactly like the Redondo (ultimate comfort), and the specs are pretty much the same, but even with an 18x20 string pattern it hits a much meatier ball than the Redondo, and serves are not even in the same ballpark as Redondo. It doesn't quite get me to the level of the PSE, and I definitely notice that it isn't as unphaseable on serve returns as the PSE, but it has some of those big boy chops while still playing like the ultimate undisputed most comfortable racquet ever, the Redondo. As someone else mentioned, it can be a little tinny out of the sweet spot, and I think the power is a little less predictable than the Redondo, but I'm quite happy with it right out of the box. Hoping I can add a touch of lead maybe at 3 and 9 and counter it a bit to keep the balance the same to get just a bit more stability and little more pop when I hit groundies in the distal part of the hoop (like we all do). In short 9.5/10, but out of the box without mods the best blend of comfort, control, power, and spin I've ever played.
From: JD, 6/15

Comments: I haven't hit with the Wilson RF97 yet (as others have compared this to), but I've now spent quite a bit of time demoing this QTour. First of all, it looks awesome. It really has a nice feel in your hand from the start. This is definitely not for kids -- it's an adult tool and best for more accomplished, stronger players. Solid from the baseline. I liked it best with dampener. Very stable, good power and spin. I did feel a bit of instability outside of the sweet spot -- a bit "tinny." Trying to think of another way to say that, it's just didn't quite feel solid and made a bit different noise on the edges. Volleys were good. Again, not as sweet outside the center. Serving was controlled and good power once used to the weight. Comfortable racquet as far as I could tell. Nothing that really stood out to me as "the one." Having not tried ProKennex before, I have a new appreciation for what they're doing and making. I really liked the Kinetic Pro 7G over the QTour as it was a bit more maneuverable. I'm mid 40's, top 150 in the country in my age group, a USPTA pro, one handed backhand, aggressive hitter.
From: Jester, 11/14

Comments: Disclaimer: I have no affiliation with Wilson or ProKennex companies. I accomplished the goal of playtesting both the ProKennex Ki QTour and Wilson RF97 Autograph. While both racquets are 27 inches long and heavier (QT 12.2 ounces vs. RF 12.6 ounces) and therefore, provide you with a stick that is stable for all shots (and with good plow through: QT 327 vs. RF 335), the QTour gives you greater free power on all shots, is 0.4 ounces lighter, equally if not more maneuverable (QT 8HL vs. RF 9HL), more flexible (63 vs. 68), has a thinner beam for a slightly greater spin window, puts more strings on the ball for greater control (18x20 vs. 16x19) at a higher tension range (55-68 lbs vs. 50-60), and although the QT head size is only 1 inch larger at 98 inches, it feels and hits bigger than the RF97. This is due to the Kenetic System Technology that is only available on ProKennex racquets. Tennis, like any ball and stick game, is at its most fundamental level about physics, and specifically energy transfer. The less energy that is lost during racquet and ball contact, or the more that is imparted to a ball, the faster and harder will be your shots. I don't need to repeat all the information that can be found on the ProKennex website, check it out yourself. The RF97 is an excellent racquet (one I could happily play with), but the QTour brings more to the court, for $60 less, which is why I just order a matched set of them from Tennis Warehouse. How is the QTour on each of the specific standard measures of a play-test: Power -- so much free power that it will surprise you. Groundstrokes -- solid, and when you need that extra, it's a lethal weapon. Control -- surgical. Returns -- hits big and deep or chip and charge. Maneuverability -- easily positioned for all shots. Slice -- whether defensively or offensively struck, balls slide through the air with purpose. Stability -- rock sold -- this and plow through are most easily increased with extra weight (all sticks). Topspin -- narrow beam/larger spin window, the QTour can hit explosive shots that drop in. Comfort -- only ProKennex rackets (like QTour) have been proven (MIT, etc.) to be arm friendly. Volleys -- whether touch or punch, the QTour easily directs an opponent's ball to the open court. Touch/Feel -- deep ball pocketing for a great sense of connection with every ball struck. Serves -- excellent racquet head speed and acceleration yielding power and spin. It took me about 4 months and more than 30 rackets to find the QTour. I hope the above can shorten someone else's search for their right racquet.
From: KS< 10/14

Comments: I just kept all the lead at 2 and 10 o'clock on the racquet. Somewhere between 8 and 16 grams depending on the person.
From: Selles, 8/13

Comments: True to it's exterior, this one is a dark horse. It will not be rushed, it will not tolerate abrupt commands and poor technique, but if you learn to smoothly command it's momentum it will seamlessly plow the ball into the depths of your opponent's court. Feels like there is some heft in the midsection, so there is tons of stability here, but this racquet will not be ideal for heavy spinners. Those should look to lighter, more polarized setups (295 with some lead?). Personally, I like to mix it up and did add a bit of lead at 12, so the tip carries through better on loopy shots. Strung with Signum Pro Hyperion 17 at 53 lbs and it feels perfect for this racquet.
From: Anton, 8/13

Comments: Keeping 12 grams at 2 and 10 O'clock and also using 4 grams of lead at 3 and 9 O'Clock. Dialed in.
From: Selles, 7/13

Comments: Hopefully my last update. Keeping the Babolat Pro Hurricane 18 gauge string at 65 pounds but going back to the 12 grams at 2 and 10 O'clock. I am going to try 16 grams at 2 and 10 O'Clock also. Find what works for you. I play at a 5.0 level.
From: Selles, 7/13

Comments: Update to my previous comment. I switched my lead tape placement to 3 and 9 O'Clock and will be using 8 grams of lead tape there. I also switched the string to Babolat Pro Hurricane 18 gauge string at 65 pounds. Still use two overgrips on a 4 1/2 inch grip. This racquet has surgical precision. I play at the 5.0 level.
From: Selles, 7/13

Comments: This is a great racquet for heavy topspin forehands and great slice backhands. I added 12 grams of lead at 2 and 10 O'Clock. I like the lead there because it helps my kick serve and my heavy topspin forehand. I usually have to sacrifice some directional control with my slice backhand because of this lead tape placement but not with this racket, perhaps because of the weight placement in the frame at 4 and 8 O'Clock. Whatever the reason this is a true breakthrough for me. They list it at 63 stiffness and I'm sure that is how it tested since Tennis Warehouse is always spot on, but when you swing it it feels more flexible, a different kind of fles which I like. My racquets with the extra lead and two overgrips are up to 12.9 ounces, not for the faint of heart. I use a little tape on the fingers like Borg and Nadal which helps. I hope they make this racquet for a long time. Well done Pro Kennex. If you like the Head Pro Tour 280 or the Head Prestige Mid Plus, this is well worth a try. I string it with Gamma Infinity 15L kevlar main and Gamma marathon 16g cross string at a high tension.
From: Selles, 7/13

Comments: For the weight, I thought it was very maneuverable. So much so that I'm skeptical of the published swingweight. This frame also loves to slice, and perhaps almost too much. I had difficulty with chip returns of serve and slice backhand groundstrokes because it felt like the racquet just wants to knife those shots more than I want it to do. It possesses great maneuverability on volleys and a plush feel from the sweet spot. Slice and kick serves gave great results with less effort than normal for me. Flatter serves felt like they lacked punch and plowthrough. The flex from the frame was noticeable and friendly for my elbow. Not as plush as the Ki5, but slightly heavier and more flexy. The dense stringbed felt a little boardy compared to the Ki5. I thought the racquet had a rather neutral setup in which all playstyles could probably make this racquet work for them, unless you encounter the slice issue I mentioned above.
From: Aaron, 9/12

Comments: I agree with Fred below, who said that this might be the best racquet he's ever swung. My sentiments are perhaps not quite that strong, but they are in that general range. I have been playing with Pure Drives for a year, both the 300 gram ones and the 315 gram ones (Roddick), and I developed a preference for this racquet after one hour of play. I have 25 hours on it as I write. I get a better forehand with the Pure Drives (flat semi-Western), but I get a much better backhand with this one (one handed flat slice), and serve and return of serve are about equal. I am getting the best backhand I've had in years with this racquet (at age 67). I have Klip Legend Tour 17 gauge natural gut in mine, at a low tension, and I am getting the softest hit you can imagine. This racquet has a ton of feel, it gives not bad power, and it is super easy on the arm. I would say classical players with smooth strokes should give this one a try, for it may be the very best racquet made today for the classical style. On top of that it is super arm-friendly.
From: Kendra, 9/12

Comments: This feels like a slightly lighter Redondo, splitting the difference between it and the Black Ace 98 and also splitting the difference in flex. This racquet will appeal to those that like the feeling of player's racquets from the 90's, like the Prince Graphite, though with better stability, maneuverability, and feel. You need long fast strokes to supply your own power. It's a fantastic racquet, but I prefer something easier to whip and with a stiffer frame like the Ki 5 315. Hope this helps.
From: Sean, 8/12
String type and tension: Gosen OG Sheep @ 57 lbs

Comments: I bought two QTours three weeks ago without testing, hoping they will see me through some wrist and elbow issues. At the time I could barely hold a racket due to wrist pain and TE. Three weeks later, wrist pain is gone 100% and TE reduced to barely a twinge. Incredibly, in the early sessions with the QTour my arm felt better at the end of each hitting session than it felt at the beginning. I'm now back to my normal routine, playing 3-5 times a week from 1.5 to 3 hours at a time. I also did some physical therapy during this time but feel that the QTour was the main contributing factor in my recovery. Aside from being great on my arm, QTour is an outstanding player's racket. It is much more powerful than other racquets I've been using lately and this took some adjustment, but now I enjoy the extra power. There is noticeably more pop on my serves. I struggled with depth control on groundies and volleys at first but feel like I'm getting close to dialing that in now. Directional control was outstanding from the beginning. Unlike some other reviewers, I feel that QTour allows you to generate heavy spin. Well-hit topspin shots explode off the court, slices stay low and/or jump sideways, depending on the execution. No problem with paint quality so far, or with ProKennex QC: as bought, the two frames were within 2g/0.5 balance points difference from each other. It was easy to match them exactly at 353g 9pts HL (strung, with vibration dampener and overgrip). The swingweight measured by TW method is 335-340. Great frames. Tennis is fun again.
From: Ian, 7/12
Donnay X-Hybrid @ 60 lbs

Comments: I really really love this frame! Had elbow surgery in the past and this is first player frame I have used that a) has great feel, b) has great power, and c) feels great on my arm. I have been able to get really nice control and spin with the racquet too. Shocked that with such a thin frame it can produce such a combination of feel/control/power. Best ProKennex frame ever delivered I think and can't wait to get back out on the court again soon to use. Highly recommended for any player above 4.0
From: Michael, 7/12
String type: Gamma LiveWire

Comments: At 11.5oz, this racquet is still a bit light for me, but it's fine after I change the grip to leather. With this racquet I am hitting wicked spins and sharp angles in serves and groundstrokes. It's a wonderful stick for doubles as the stability of the QTour at the net was impressive. Volleys can be put away effectively with pinpoint accuracy. The racquet also provides greet feel and comfort. My overall impression so far...I like eveything about the QTour, as it did everything well above average.
From: Kevin, 6/12
String type and tension: MSV Co Focus 17 @ 35/36 lbs

Comments: This racket can use better quality control. After a few hard hitting sessions, the paint around the 11 o'clock is cracking. Luckily, the graphite is 100% ok. Plays like a dream though. Precision with 120% elbow and shoulder safety. This is probably the best players racket that is elbow friendly. Great for 1 handed backhand. If you play doubles or hit flat, it's a top 5 racket.
From: Jose, 6/12
String type: Wilson NXT 16

Comments: The Q puts the fun back in tennis. The racquet inspires confidence. During a match you hope for tiny openings to go for, just to see how things turn out! Great control on any shot. Now I'm a pretty flat hitter so I can't speak with any expertise about topspin, but for flat shots, drop shots and spin serves this racquet is hard to beat. Plus, it really feels good when hitting.
From: Charlie, 6/12

Comments: After more hitting with the Q Tour: I restrung the Q down to 48 (MSV Hex Co-Poly 17,) which suited me a bit better. Serving hard and flat - the Q hits like a nine pound hammer. If you can hit a kick serve, this is your stick. I was getting some 8 foot kicks, and have NEVER gotten that kind of action before with any previous racquet/string combination. That said, the Q requires full, accelerating strokes, at least with the poly set up I am using. Rushed slow swings outside of drop shots landed sitters, mid court. Full swings sent the ball deep with topspin that accelerated and lifted off the bounce. A little caution - head light or not, I felt the every ounce of the 12+ ounces until I got used to it.
From: Fred, 6/12
String type and tension: MSV Hex 17, 48lbs
Headsize: 100
NTRP Rating: 4+

Comments: I was waiting for TW to get this racquet in stock and bought one at the very same day it showed up on the website. I have had elbow problems for a few years now, had a surgery last year and the pain was not subsiding. It got to a point where I could not serve any longer, and that was extremely frustrating. I am happy to tell you that after playing 3 times with this racquet, I was able to serve with minimal discomfort and can feel that the arm is in a much better shape in such short period of time. The kinetic technology really works, making this frame the most arm friendly I have ever tried. Aside from that, the racquet plays and feels great. I agree with Fred, the frame is very soft and it pockets the ball very well. Accuracy is phenomenal and it provides a great deal of spin for a tight string pattern. I highly encourage anyone with elbow or shoulder problems to give this racquet a try. I know I am sticking to it and not looking back!
From: Fabio, 5/12
String type and tension: Gosen OGSM 17, 53lbs
NTRP Rating: 4.0

Comments: Bought the Q after watching Seppi win his first ATP Tournament in Mexico, and making the Quarters in Italy after switching from his previous racquet to the Q. Watching carefully, it was not a paintjob and his shots were markedly different. My first impression is that the Q Tour is a flexible racquet - softer feel than the Redondo. I had the sense of a very long dwell time. I don't know how else to describe it. The ball stays on the string (MSV 17 g hepta Twist @ 55 lbs - a softer co-poly,) much longer than I have experienced with any previous racquet. It felt to me like the ball took a short ride on the racquet. Took me 10-15 minutes to get dialed in. When I got used to it and let the ball ride the racquet, the spin imparted was Babolat like. and the power was at the upper range for a players racquet. Accuracy was excellent, but with the tight string pattern, that was expected...the heavy spin was a surprise. This racquet might be a real game changer - clearly different than any other racquet out there, including previous Kinetics. More later - the initial overall impression - this might be the best racquet I have ever swung.
From: Fred, 5/12

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