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Polyfibre Poly Hightec 18/1.10 String Customer feedback

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Comments: Excellent string. Very soft, playable string. Great tension retention. Absolutely no arm issues after hard hitting sessions. Great bite on the ball allowing excellent top spin. Perfect for my 18x20 Dunlop
From: Dave, 11/14

Comments: Abolutely amazing in comfort, power and control. Stung my Becker Melbourne (18x20) at 56 lbs, full bed of this string and the response on a fairly heavy racquet was excellent. Great bite on the ball and the 18x20 gave me surgical precision. Highly recommend it on any 18x20.
From: Joe, 2/14

Comments: I use this string exclusively as a cross string in a poly hybrid. I love the bite on the ball and comfort on contact and so do my customers. It can saw into the mains more than a thicker string. It plays like heaven for the first 3-4 hours, then fades to just very nice. I only wish I could still find reels of this string.
From: John, 8/13

Comments: Highly recommended for any racquet with a tight string pattern. Also great for a hybrid job with 17 or 16 g crosses. Plays great in both of my racquets: 200 M fil and Head prestige. The strings needs a pre-stretch or set your machine to a pre-stretch if so equipped. Congratulations to the polyfibre for a fantastic Hightec 18. Fantastic feel, great power
From: Henry, New York City, NY, USA, 06/07

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