Prince Hybrid Spin 3D 16L Black/Natural String Customer feedback

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Comments: I tried the Hybrid Spin 3D for the first time on my Aeropro and I love it! The amount of spin and bite on the ball is great. I also put it my son's Drive Z Lite last week and he really loves hitting slice and drop shots with it, as well as top spin of course. The price is nice at $10.00. I haven't noticed the other complaints that people have had, such as loss of tension. I really recommend it!
From: Jae, 10/12

Comments: I think the string is excellent! My first hybrid string was a Gamma string and I liked it, but I string my racquet tight at 68 lbs. The Gamma was very stiff and no give, it hurt my elbow. The Prince Hybrid Spin 3D delivered as promised nice ball pocketing equals no elbow pain, even when newly strung when the stings have yet to lose any tension. To me the Prince Hybrid Spin 3D has very good power spin feel & control. This string needs little break in. It impressed me from first ball struck till it frayed and broke. I am a 4.5 all court player. In the past, I have been on a 4.5 National Michelob Light tennis team and #8 in TX 4.5 doubles.
From: Raymond, 10/11

Comments: I strung this Prince Hybrid Spin 3D on my Prince Graphite EXO3 93 at 56/58lbs. It's good for the 1st few hours as it bites the ball (as claimed by manufacturer). However, this effect doesn't last long and it hurts my arm after a few games. Probably I have to lower the main string tension. This string doesn't last long as the multifilament string (crosses) started to peel off within 2 weeks (I play 2 times a week, 2 hours/session). Not a preferred string of mine.
From: Derrick, 8/11

Comments: Played about 8 hours with this setup and love it! Thought I had found my hybrid with Solinco Tour Bite/Vanquish but this has given me better spin and feels a bit easier on the arm. Using this in a brand new Yonex RDiS 100 Mid Plus at 65 lbs. I am a 4.0 doubles specialist and the serve and volley off these is nice.
From: Andy, Falls Church, VA, USA, 02/11

Comments: This set of hybrid does play well for the first 3-5 hours. Then after that it just dies away. Really felt awful. I strung them on my PDRGT at 57/55 (mains, cross). While the string is fairly nice in producing spin, pass the point of the 8th hour I really started to hate this string. It started to hurt my wrist (NOT arm). So yea... this string, I don't like it.
From: Ben, KL, Malaysia, 10/10

Comments: Absolutely wonderful string, and it is my favorite setup I have tried. It feels nice and crisp and has no trampoline affect. The ball bite is amazing and the strings do not move too much. It has sufficient power along with good ball pocketing. I stayed away from this when I bought my new racquets, but that was a mistake. I went to Volkl Cyclone in my main strings with Tecnifibre X-One Biphase in the crosses at 57 and 55 pounds in my Babolat Aero 112. I strung this the same way and the difference is huge. The Hybrid Spin 3D has less trampoline affect and far more ball bite. Overall the best poly-multifilament combination I have used.
From: Taylor, Farmington, NM, USA. 07/10

Comments: Good string, nice control, and pop off the racquet. However, the strings lose tension about 6 hours of play. The multifilament strings also peel off after a couple of weeks. It's not good for durability.
From: madTennisGuy, Boston, MA, USA. 07/10

Comments: Just put it in and added a whole dimension of spin and control plus good feel. Excellent at a great price. Wondering why it's so cheap in comparison. I will find out as I use it, but first time out was perfect. I am a 4.0 and had been playing with Gamma Live Wire, which felt good at start but then ball would fly no control. I have 2 head micro-gel monster racs, so when I strung in one of them the prince 3D I compared them. First ball I hit with the gamma flew 10 feet beyond the baseline. This was after about 1 hour hitting with prince 3D. The next 3 shots everywhere but where I wanted them and all were out of the court.
From: Al, mpls, mn, usa. 7/10

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