Prince Hybrid Power EXP 17/16 String Yel/Nat Customer feedback

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Comments: Best hybrid on the market, hands down! I love this string! I have tested over a dozen hybrid combinations from all of the major manufacturers and this combination is by far the best! The comfort, power, feel and spin production are excellent! I wish it lasted a little longer, but I get plenty of durability to make it worth while. All in all, this is an excellent string and recommend it to anyone.
From: Tim, 7/13

Comments: This is the first hybrid I've tried. I use Prince Rebel 95 strung at 59 lbs in poly/multi. Long fast swing speed, mainly baseline. Stiff at first until I broke it in - was probably due to the tension, I should've lowered the poly. Excellent spin and control, could pocket the ball anywhere flat hit or top spin, from baseline or net. After the multi started to fray, serves went down and power went down-but it still did good with spin and control.
From: Teng, 9/11

Comments: I used to play with Pro Blend which I liked a lot but then wanted to try something different. I strung these strings at 59 tension and they gave me a good pop on serve but my backhand is flying. At the baseline is sweet, but no feel at the net and placement is not as easy. Also, my wrist started to hurt after the first session. This might work for a baseliner but not too much feel or touch.
From: Farid, 7/11

Comments: I tried 60/58 and it is broken 1h after. I don't know why it is so fragile cause I use prince O3 white (100). Great power, spin and control. But it doesn't last. Won't recommend only if you don't care the cost.
From: Jingbo, Montreal, Canada, 03/11

Comments: This is by far the best strings I have used in my 25-year competitive tennis career. I am using a 100- inch frame and string it at 59 main and 57 cross. The feel is in the class of it's own and it is relatively kind to the arm. The only downside is the multifilament portion of the strings do not last. It also begins peeling after about a week of playing but the poly portion is fine and unaffected. The other thing is the strings gets dead after a week. I would strongly suggest stringing it before the start of any tournament in order for one to get the best possible results from these awesome strings. Go try out it you will be amazed.
From: Drewer, Germany, 04/10

Comments: This is by far the best hybrid string I have ever used. I have also tried sensation duo and this one is at least 5 times better. I have to admit the prince exp string does have more power than your usual polyester but it also offers enough control but also offers enough power for my shots with my extreme western grip, to go deep into the court. The feel is amazing.
From: Alejandro, Miami, Florida 4.5 03/10

Comments: A stringer strung my racquet with these strings at 58 lbs. Which is 2 lbs. below my original stringing. These strings provide lots of spin and great control. When it comes to the serve, power, control, and spin are at your advantage. Though this hybrid string is a 17/16 thickness, it wears out fast for those players with fast and long swings. I got these strings a week ago and have been playing with them on the tennis team for an hour and a half and I am already wearing them out to the point that in a few shots the strings will break, so I wouldn't advise those tennis players to buy these strings if you're a hard hitter. Overall, it's a great string for any player looking for spin and power.
From: Josh, Hood River, OR, USA. 03/10

Comments: I love this string! I have a prince 03 speedport black team and I string these at 67lbs. it is awesome and has the right sound/feel when I hit hard. I LOVE IT!
From: Natalie 01/10

Comments: Strung poly on main @ -3 midpoint and multi on cross @ +1 midpoint on a Prince Speedport Tour. I was able to hit hard and with a lot of spin (esp. topspin) than before. However, the multi started to fray after a few sessions (much quicker than multi/multi setup). The outer surface of the multi seem to be cracking and peeling where they cross with the main string (experienced similar problems with NXT as well). Since I really like how the poly felt, I will be looking for a different cross string (soft but a bit more durable).
From: Jae, Plano, TX, USA, 11/09

Comments: Strung multi @ 50 .lbs mains / poly 45 .lbs crosses (no problems with string breakage). Lots of spin and power if you can produce higher swing speed. Definitely a firmer stringbed than my usual full multi-setup. Experimented with this hybrid set-up, hoping it would be still arm-friendly. Will probably go back to TNT Rx.
From: Joe, Ellicott City, MD, USA. 8/09

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