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Comments: I have tried literally every overgrip that the manufacturer claims to be tacky (as opposed to being more sweat-absorbant). The Grip-A-Round is too short, even when pulled very tightly while being applied (which stretches the overgrip and makes it thinner). But the worst issue is that it came out of the package already crumbling. Most tacky overgrips simply wear out. Not so with the Pacific Grip-A-Round. It's a dry overgrip (nothing tacky about it) that started to peel (i.e., fall apart into little balls) as soon as I put in on my racquet. I didn't even play with it because little crumbs of black overgrip were falling everywhere. Similar to the Pacific Grip-A-Round, the Wilson Pro-Soft overgrip is cloth-like and not tacky, but the Wilson Pro-Soft didn't fall apart like this. While I didn't like the Pacific Grip-A-Round, the Pacific Xtack Pro is truly excellent.
From: Dan, 10/12

Comments: Just finished playing with this grip and was surprised. I was looking for a grip that was thin amd would not bulk up my handle like other overgrips tend to. This grip is thin and played ok but did have to sacrifice that shock absorption feel you get from other high end overgrips. This grip is for those who like to use overgrips but don't like the bulk up feel you get from most. If you prefer a grip that has that added shock stop feel, this is not the grip for you.
From: Mike P. 4.5, Fresno, CA 10/09

From: Anon. Salt Lake City, Utah, USA. 08/09

Comments: Similar feel to the Volkl and Klip overgrips but thinner. I've played with it for about 3 hours and there is some wear, but it is still tacky. Not bad, but I prefer the Tourna II overgrip, Wilson Pro, and the Klip overgrip.
From: John, New York, NY, USA, 08/07

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