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Comments: Ordered one, then a second one. Yea, it's so good. My setup of choice: Solinco Hyper G 18g at 48 lbs. Wonderful soft feel, durable, and arm friendly. I actually do not need to adjust to the length for some reason, seems very natural. Everything clicks with this racquet, and that is coming from a new Pure Aero user. The Babolat is a very fun racquet to hit with, but feels hollow and lacks confidence during matches if you stop banging the ball. The Prince on the other hand has great touch, amazing serving, and just plain solid and consistent to hit with. I now own 3 of those, along the POG 107, two ProStaff 90s and two Pure Aeros. I hit 90% of the time with the Prince. Why? It just flows. If I on the other hand want to play a more modern aggressive game with to a semi/full western grip, I use the PureAero with Solinco Tour Bite Soft 17g at 48 lbs. Otherwise, it is a eastern/semi-western grip with Prince or even Wilson. It depends on the day, opponent and mood.
From: Jack, 7/16

Comments: I have been playing with the APD+ for many, many years. Later played with Prince Tour 16x18, and lately with the Wilson Blade 98 Spin. I like them all for their strengths, but none of them felt complete to me. I have tested the Longbody now for a few weeks, and I have to say I think this is it for me. I get the huge first serve I had with the APD+. I get almost the same topspin as with the APD+ and the Blade. I get the volleys and the touch and feel of the Prince Tour. Normally there is always a trade off for me. The racquets which I hit big spin and big serves with (e.g. APD+) gives me a lack of feel which can be exploited by an advanced opponent. The 'feel racquets' with softer frames normally take edge off my weapons (serve, topspin). When I bought this Longbody, I was hoping for it to be the perfect compromise between a soft frame and the feel it provides, but that the extra inch length would still provide enough power and spin. And I was right. I love this racquet. I feel confident on every shot. Flat first serves, kick second serves, big topspin forehands, loopy heavy topspin cross backhands, flatter down the line backhands, backhand slices and volleys. See no weaknesses so far (well, none caused by the racquet at least!). Used to string my stiffer racquets with RPM Blast 17 at 58 pounds, but this one I've found better at 18 gauge and down to 54 pounds. Great stick!
From: Stefan, 5/16

Comments: This is a great racquet, but they quit making the grommets for it! So sad, I wish they would tell you before you purchase the racquet.
From: John, 3/16

Comments: What can I say, I am having so much fun with this racquet. Solid, solid solid! And very comfortable. Will it be my go-to in matches? Perhaps not. But I am giving it a full chance as the warm weather returns. Nice feel, and you can really hit out on this baby. A sweet cosmetic, and I really enjoy the extra length. Nice job Prince!
From: Kevin, 4/15

Comments: What a pleasure. The extra length provides the advantage every player should want when putting away volleys and getting to widely hit balls.
From: Helen, 11/14

Comments: Very consistent stick, a joy to use if you take a large cuts. Will not hit with anything else at this point. Current setup: Weiss TurboTwist 17g at 56 lbs, 1.5 ounces (total) of lead tape added in 1/2 ounce increments at 10, 12, and 2 o'clock. Totally different feel with the additional weight added.
From: ZekeZ, 11/14

Comments: I've always been a bit of an equipment junkie. I love to try new frames, but I always go back to my POG 107s that I've been playing with for the past 5 years or so. This one's different -- wow! I suspect this is something that not everyone will experience, but this is the most impressive racquet I've ever hit with. I'm feeling stability on serve returns that I have not felt before, and when I let loose with a big forehand, I can't believe it's mine! The extra inch has been a non-issue, and the extra power and stability on groundstrokes and serves are a ton of fun. I hesitate to say that this is a great racquet for everyone - - that's not likely, but, for me, I am in love. I'm a 4.5, 55+, former college player.
From: William, 9/14

Comments: This racquet is by far the best racquet ever made. The stability of the frame enables any aggressive player to improve his game if he is a serious player. Put in some VS gut, and you will be serving like the Djoker. Let's face it, equipment hasn't changed much, the players are no better now than 25 years ago. This racquet will make you better. Buy two, and reach out a bit wider from those lefty serves. I should know, I played 12 years on the tour and am an excellent coach.
From: Mark, 7/14

Comments: Let's get one thing out of the way, this is not the same stick as the old POG longbodies. I wouldn't even say they feel similar, more like, they feel 'related' in the same way the Mid, OS, and Longbody all feel completely different, but related. There is noticeably less feel and spin from these newer ones. The new LBs are stiffer and produce a much flatter, cleaner ball. That being said, I don't say all these things in a negative light, in fact, I've switched over to these new LBs. If you are looking for the old baseliners LBs that give you effortless spin and height on your balls, this is not what you will find in these new ones. But, if you want a racquet that produces a flatter, cleaner, more attack minded ball, the new LBs are perfect for that.
From: Ddark, 4/14

Comments: It feels too whippy, or headlight or whatever you call that. I tried different tensions and different strings, but I never felt like there was any kind of ball pocketing. I got real excited about it for a few days, then it wore off quickly. Hit with it for a few weeks before buying one. I think I got spoiled on the easy power of the new Roddicks.
From: Buster, 3/14

Comments: I own 5 POG 107s. But I am getting too old for those. Decided to try the longbody. The pros: 1. Faster swing for accurate serve returns. 2. Awesome for serves. 3. Great for volleys and groundstrokes. The cons: 1. The length is something you need to get used to. 2. It's more powerful than POG 107s but it's no Babolat. It's definitely a comfortable stick with players specs.
From: Simon, 3/14

Comments: As a long time user of the POG Mid 93, I decided after turning 40 that I needed to try some racquets that offered a slightly larger sweetspot in the 98-100 square inch category. As TW can attest, I dropped some coin this past year on different "modern" racquets -- none of which had the feel, control, comfort, or stability I was used to. Then came these POG 100s. The standard length frame is very capable, but a little quick through the hitting zone for my taste. The Longbody, however, is a stellar frame and the extra inch is not a hindrance as was feared initially. Serves, overheads, and high volleys improve immediately, and the spin generated off a one-handed BH allows for some amazing short angled shots. Same is true with the forehand. This frame will change the playing dimensions of the court -- both vertically over the net, and laterally -- for an experienced player. I'm a 5.0 - 5.5 and a former collegiate player and this extended frame returned the step that was lost to Father Time. Add a leather grip (for feel and weight), find the right tension and string, and you will enjoy your game at a higher level!
From: Robert, 12/13

Comments: After almost 30 years from the release of the venerable Graphite Classic OS which was somewhat big and clumsy at almost 12.5 oz., and the mid 93sq. inch which was actually a 90, and had a dime size sweet spot, Prince actually got it right. At 100 sq. inches and following a diet to get rid of some dead weight, this stick maneuvers and cuts through the ball with scalpel like accuracy and while still retains the original feel and comfort of the old Graphite classics, it has a distinct more modern feel of its own with improved spin and maneuverability surpassing the stability and performance of most if not all the new "revolutionary" sticks that hit the market lately. It's good to see that good old 100% graphite still beats nano technology, basalt, graphene, and all this spin technology string patterns that have been hitting the market lately.
From: Andre, 11/13

Comments: Demo'd this last week. Lighter feel than original 93-inch with good whip through the air. I'm able to hit my kick serve with ease.
From: Sunny, 11/13

Comments: You can play so relaxed with this racquet! Smooth, great torque, easy to find depth, and penetrating/heavy balls and serve. What else could you ask for? Oh, also soft and plush, yet stiff enough for great stability.
From: Zach, 11/13

Comments: Pretty cool looking racquet with incredible feel. Grounstrokes are very controlled with decent amount of spin. Serves are very good. Strung at 58lbs with Black Hitter, which is a real pleasure to hit tennis balls with. Very soft touch. Why do racquets have to be so stiff the days? Glad Prince is not following that trend. Keep it up please!
From: Max, 11/13

Comments: Glad I bought this stick. Very fluid ball striking, as long as you don't try to put too much wrist action into your shots. Groundstrokes come easy and with great feel.
From: Peter, 11/13

Comments: I didn't think there would be written feedbacks on this racquet already since it's new and I also I had no trouble getting the demo so I wasn't sure if people even had an interest on this longbody racquet. I have to say that this Prince racquet surprised me. I played with Prince as a junior into college which was a very long time ago, so I'm familiar with the Mid and OS version but having another inch to the handle made this racquet into a beast. Just like others have said before me, on the comments/feedback this Graphite 100 LB gave more power on the groundies and flat serve. Does it take a little time to adjust to the extra length? Yes, of course, but once you do it just rewards you more than holds you back. The cross court angles you can get along with whipping the head through the air is just amazing. I'm so glad I decided to throw this racquet on my demo order last minute because it's the one that I'm going to switch to. Classic feel with modern results is what I call it. Try it out yourself and keep an open mind to 28".
From: RS, 11/13

Comments: Amazing feel. I can literally place the ball anywhere on the court, effortless. Once you smooth out your strokes, you'll discover incredible precision and power. Serves are, like others said, easy to power through, still with good placement. Did not even need an adjustment period with the added length. Things just clicked. Overall, best racquet I have ever played with, and ahead of my favorite Wilson BLX ProStaff 95 racquets. Strung with Black Widow at 55lbs.
From: Jon, 11/13

Comments: Super plush, yet crisp feeling. Never stiff. Strung with Head FXP Tour 16 at 55 lbs, the smoothness of all the strokes are unmatched. Serves are effortless and powerful, yet precise. Slices are low and backhands are much easier. Coming from the new Blade 98 16x19, this Prince has all the assets I like but with the added feel and control. Truly an exceptional racquet.
From: Steven, 11/13

Comments: Classic feeling stick with excellent control and spin. Groundstrokes produce a fast and penetrating ball. Head light enough to whip around for short cross court angles. Shines on serves. You can hit the big flat bomb and wide kick serves. Took a little while to get timing on volleys. Added leather grip for a little more weight. There is a little silicone in the handle around the outside edges. Tried lead around the hoop but enjoyed stock form better. Strung with Sonic Pro Edge at 55 lbs. Liked it better than Original Graphite OS.
From: JS, 10/13

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