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Polyfibre Hexablade 16L/1.25 String Reel Customer feedback

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Comments: Strung it in my Head Speed Pro at 55 cross and 57 main, very soft, comfort and good spin but no control.
From: Ardanihan Kohir, 3/12

Comments: I strung this at 56 lbs in my Prince Ozone Tour (16x19 pattern). It lasted no more than 3 hours hitting time. I'm a tournament player. I loved the string, loads of spin potential and the 1.25 offers sufficient feel. Just before it broke, the mains started sliding all over the place. People say it notches well which I'd agree with due to its extremely sharp profile. However, there comes a point when the string has ended its life span, this sliding which I mention is the cue for that to happen. I break strings frequently so this doesn't suit my budget. Having said that, my previous experience with Tecnifibre Black Code 1.32 was similar in terms of durability. Nonetheless, I'm still gonna stick with this string, there's no doubt it's high quality.
From: Tom, 8/11

Comments: Pretty good spin string that plays softer than RPM. Pretty impressive when you consider the great spin potential and its softness.
From: Jackson, Brandon, FL, USA, 01/11

Comments: Very nice string! Strung it in my Volkl Powerbridge 10 mid at 55 and was pleasantly surprised at the comfort, control, forgiveness and spin. It may sound strange but it feels like a stiff and soft string in one? A really impressive string that is definitely worth a try!
From: Aaron, London, England. 8/10

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