Polyfibre Black Venom Rough 16L/1.25 String Reel Customer feedback

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Comments: Don't string too high, or else this one goes dead; which it shouldn't based on the qualities this string definitely has. Had it in a Wilson Pro Staff 6.1. 25th Anniversary (95 square inches, 18x20, 357g) at 59 lbs (somewhat overdone, admitted, with such a stiff, 95 square inch, tight stringbed stick), and my elbow began to twitch the first couple of strokes. Went down to 48 lbs, and it was pure bliss! It has topspin, not the loopy ones, where the height of the shoot beats the length, but solid topspin to put the ball where you want it, clearing the net safely. And it gives you the option to go for precision shots. Forget that babble of snap back, if you don't pull at the bottom of your shorts every serve. String recommended for player's with a "modernised" precision game. For flat hitter/serve volleyers this is not responsive/feely enough, for Rafa's twins there are other options.
From: Andrew, 2/1/17

Comments: Great String. Switched to this from Babolat RPM and then before that Wilson ALU Rough. This is softer than those strings, yet I feel like I am still getting more spin and benefits other than just the softness. Spin and price is better on this string. It breaks about a week sooner than the other strings I've tried but it is well worth it.
From: Damien, 6/14

Comments: Great spin and very comfortable string. I can't imagine switching ever again. Tension loss happens but it is well worth it.
From: Roger, 6/13

Comments: A lot better than any other rough poly I have played with!
From: Ethan, 3/13

Comments: This is a great string. I think it is excellent in every category from spin to power to feel. I would give this string a 4/5.
From: Anon, 4/2

Comments: I've tried this string out because my regular stringer recommend it to me. I've previously used : babolat rpm blast, and kirschbaum pro line II for main@54Lbs and X@52Lbs. Compared to those two strings (which felt quite stiff for my liking), this string is amazing, lasts much longer and provides better ball bite. I do realize that the tension I do prefer is fairly low, but I just cannot resist that stiff feel& 'pinging' noise when strung tight. Therefore I always have to add quite a bit of spin to keep my balls in, but this string has tons of its own spin generation, which helped my game heaps. For my regular spin shots, there were even more spin, and the balls that would usually have flied out, were landing in. GREAT STRING. If you are hesitating to try this sting, do not, because this is such a good string that I do recommend to anyone.
From: Anon, 3/12

Comments: Not a bad string while it lasts. This string only lasts about three weeks on the outside, but while it lasts it's a great string with a lot of ball bite and power. A little hard feeling for a soft poly but overall it is a great string. It would be good in a hybrid.
From: Mark, 9/11

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