Polyfibre Black Venom 16L/1.25 String Reel Customer feedback

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Comments: I have been told by coaches at my local tennis courts that some of their students are very enthusiastic about these Black Venom Strings, which is good to hear because more players at the recreational and club level would appreciate the playability and moreover, the comfort of these strings. This is my second review here and once again one of the best strings if you can hit the sweetspot regularily. A great feel and sound there -- almost gun-like with a silencer attached. Strung in the Donnay Pro One 97.
From: Joe, 9/15

Comments: Using these strings on my Pure Drive GT 2009 at 55lbs. In comparing the Black Venom with other co- poly strings I have used I would give the Black Venom strings the edge, reason being it has all the good qualities you expect in a good co-poly such as a Volkl Cyclone or an RPM Blast i.e good ball bite, ball control and spin. The Black Venom Poly-fibre possesses superior feel and power. I have hit some of my fastest backhands with these strings. The feeling is great when you hit the sweet spot. Anyone seeking a high power string that does not sacrifice too much control should test these strings. They are in a different class to a Prince Beast XP.
From: Joe, 2/13

Comments: This was a great string. When I put in a fresh set, the spin was great, crisp feeling, all the things people want in a good co-poly. Unfortunately, after about 15 hours of play it died (it lost at least 10 pounds of tension), so I cut it out. For less cost, Kirschbaum Pro Line Evolution is a much better string.
From: Blake, 7/12

Comments: I've experimented with many different soft polys in the past, and this is the best one. Probably the softest poly in the market and it holds tension pretty well. Absolutely love the feel and control!
From: Ray, 6/12

Comments: This string was amazing! At first I didn't like it much but after about two hours of playing it was incredible. Power was great with excellent control. No doubt this is a string to try out.
From: Andres, 4/12

Comments: This is an excellent string. I found it far better than Babolat RPM Blast or Signum Pro Tornado. It has great feel and is soft on the elbow. I was able to generate a lot of spin and still hit out with this string. What a find!
From: Rig, 8/11

Comments: My favorite string so far. I have it in a Wilson BLX Pro Open at 55 lbs. It is very comfortable after playing Babolat RPM Blast. The string moves very little, if at all and has great bite and control. If you are looking for an arm friendly Poly, give this a try.
From: James, 7/11

Comments: Probably the softest poly out there, great pocketing that allows the ball to sit a tad longer and creates more spin. The feel is pretty good as its soft and should not take long to adapt, but you will need to increase the tension by 2 lbs as it will be more powerful than you are used to. Tension holds well and the durability are comparable with other popular strings. This lively string scores high in my list and if you like soft poly, give this a try.
From: Bryan. 6/11

Comments: Great string out of the box! I have it strung in the KProstaff 88 @ 45lbs. Very soft, and spin friendly. I definitely will be coming back to this string! On par with RPM for playability at a more affordable price, and a lot easier on the arm! No word on durability yet, but I will leave more once I get some more playtime with it.
From: Fuji, Edmonton, AB, Canada, 03/11

Comments: Pretty nice playing co-poly with excellent spin potential and plays very soft. Holds tension pretty well.
From: Andrew, Las Vegas, NV, USA, 02/11

Comments: The string is not bad at all. It felt soft even though my previous set-up was a hybrid with natural gut on my crosses. I would say black venom is a soft co poly with good amount of power and control with a soft feel. I am still testing the durability but so far it's been good. With spin I didn't feel either an upgrade or a downgrade. Overall if you're looking for a soft black string black venom is it.
From: Jose, 12/10

Comments: I strung this in my triple threat warrior at 58 lbs and it felt really comforting on my arm right off the bat. At first I thought it was gonna be TCS just a different color; I came to find out that it had the softness of TCS but didn't lose tension as fast and gave me a little more on my shots. I noticed that if I didn't hit the ball right every time the string itself would give off some power and do a little of the work which was very good when your running side to side on defense. Durability on this string was very good I had it in my racquet for about a month and cut the strings out to try something different. This is a good overall poly for someone trying to find a nice soft poly with some kick to it. I would definitely recommend this string.
From: Mike, 12/10

Comments: Outstanding string with lively spin. Provides good power, but still has control. Tension is still maintained after 10 hours of hitting. Better value than Babolat RPM Blast or Signum Pro Tornado.
From: John, San Jose, CA, USA, 12/10
USTA 4.0

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