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Comments: Excellent racquet: Good power, spin, and easy depth. Despite the similar specs, this EXO3 Red feels NOTHING like the Volkl Powerbridge 4. The PB4 has much less power and much more feel and control, whereas the EXO3 Red is heavier, less headlight, and seems to be more beginner-oriented. However, strung at high tension, the EXO3 Red has superior feel and control. All in all, the EXO3 Red is a good, power-oriented 'tweener. Strung at high tension, the power remains, but the feel and control increase. This is clearly demonstrated by its professional usage (Shahar Peer used this EXO3 Red up until a few months ago).
From: Patrick, 03/11
String type and tension: Prince Synthetic Gut with Duraflex @ High Tension
Headsize: 105
NTRP Rating: 5.5

Comments: Good racket, but the swing makes loud sound due to aerodynamic frame design. The metal in the head of the frame makes noise.
From: Jim, Poksie, NY, USA, 01/11
NTRP Rating: 4.0

Comments: Overall, a great racket. I'm petite and like to take a full swing at the ball. Originally thought the weight of the racket might be too much, but found it easy to swing and generate pace. I don't have a power game usually, and this racket gave me the extra punch and depth when hitting the ball well and even during defensive blocking shots. It definitely has a lively stringbed, as they say, with a large sweet spot. It was also easy to generate spin from the baseline, and my hitting partner was caught off-guard by the spin shots. Serves definitely had good power, but the short game - approach shots and volleys - suffered from a lack of control. If I got this racket, I would probably string it at a higher tension to resolve that issue. In terms of "feel", this racket is like most good Prince rackets - with just enough "ping" - not too dampened so you can't feel the ball, but not too much feedback to cause any discomfort.
From: Anon, CA, USA, 01/11
String type and tension: Demo strings, strung at 58lbs
Headsize: 105
NTRP Rating: 3.5 on a good day

Comments: This Racquet is great. I have a Speedport O3 red. There is definitely a difference in terms of weight. EXO3 is heavier, provides more pop on serve. I have to admit the price is a bit steep. Otherwise I will buy a couple more.
From: Jim, VA, USA, 12/10

Comments: I bought my first racquet 11/09, really liked it and bought another in spring 2010. First racquet cracked at 4 or 5 o'clock in 9/10 so purchased another and while I am not a racquet thrower I thought it made it about a year and was not too upset. (I am not a big hitter mostly a counter puncher, but will play against big hitters at times and the break occurred on a framed return of serve off a very hard flat serve). But, then my second racquet that I purchased broke in the same spot a few weeks later so I am down to the one racquet and have subsequently returned the two broken ones and am waiting for the evaluation from Prince. I imagine they might go to a six month warranty ? Love the racquet, but not if it is prone to breakage.
From: cw, Charlotte, NC. 10/10 String type and tension: Prince Premier LT 16 NTRP Rating: 4.5

Comments: A great racquet overall for all strokes. Had demoed other racquets including the Prince EXO3 Black but none compared to the overall performance of this racquet. Great for spin and control.
From: Jason, Aiken, SC, USA, 10/10
String type and tension: Luxilon Big banger @ 53 lbs
Headsize: 105
NTRP Rating: 4.0

Comments: When I read about this racquet, I was intrigued that virtually all of the comments are glowing in positive, so I decided to demo it (and subsequently buy it). Before this racquet, I used the Hybrid Shark OS and Hybrid Hornet OS. There was marginal improvement with serving and netplay; where it really shines is at the baseline in terms of generating pace and spin. This is the best racquet I've played with -- without a doubt.
From: Neil, Winnipeg, MB, Canada, 08/10
NTRP Rating: 3.5

Comments: I switched from the Prince O3 Speedport Black Team to the EXO3 Red two months ago. The racquet is just superb in all aspects of play. Best of all, it has gotten rid of my tennis elbow in my right arm and my golfer's elbow in my left arm within two weeks of first using it. I now own two of these great racquets, which didn't require any adjustments in my game.
From: Gail, New Bern, NC, USA. 06/10
String type and tension: Prince Premier LT 16, 60 lbs.
Headsize: 110
NTRP Rating: 4.0

Comments: Got a demo and hit with it 5 times. The racquet felt awesome. I've been using a Wilson n tour two and wanted something with a bigger sweetspot and more power. I felt real good control on my groundies. Volleys felt firm and controllable. Serve was the only thing I couldn't find but it wasn't bad. The racquet plays great with the suggested Prince Premier. I broke the demo strings so I had to put some synthetic in. The racquet doesn't play nearly as well. The Premier has a great ball pocketing effect, which enhances the red. I ordered one today!
From: tom, oakland, maine, usa. 5/10
String type and tension:58
(We ask that customers do not re-string demos. If a string breaks on your demo racquet, contact us and we will send another demo to you. Thank you. -- TW Staff)

Comments: This is the best racquet I have ever used (after hitting with Wilson, Volkl, and Babolat); it has power, control, great for volley, and very easy on the arm. But Prince is the worst company I had ever dealt with. I emailed them 3 times and called customer service and left a message trying to get info regarding the stringing tool for this racquet; I never heard back from them!
From: Said, Tallahassee, Florida, USA. 05/10
String type and tension: Tecnifiber, 85
NTRP Rating: 3.5

Comments: Adding to my comments below, I like the racquet even more with 18 grams added to the shaft. More mass, balance largely as before, much improved volleys and return of serve.
From: Paul, Reading, Pa. 5/10

Comments: A terrific racquet, it's actually reignited my failing interest tennis. I had never used a stick less than 11.5 ounces but had been playing miserably lately and losing my fire for the game. I decided maybe I'm at an age where I need to look at lighter racquets. I hit on this one finally and suddenly was playing good tennis again. It really combines power with control in a remarkable way and for some reason has none of the depth unpredictability of the other Exo frames -- control is excellent. Stability is remarkable for such a light stick; I think this is the best aspect of the Speedport and EXO3 frames, either due to the weight at the sides of the frame or less racquet deflection because of the more mobile strings. Whatever, it works. Brilliant racquet.
From: Paul, Reading. 5/10

Comments: I've tried many racquets and the EXO3 Red has one of the best slices out of fall the racquets I've tried. There is good control even though it does have some extra pop in it. The EXO3 Red is easy on the arm which can be an plus. The paint does chip if you accidentally hit the ball with frame 2 times at the same spot. Other than that, it's a great racquet.
From: Check, Texas, USA. 4/10
String type and tension: Prince Recoil, 57 Pounds
NTRP Rating: 4.0

Comments: Wow what a racquet it does everything well for my 4.0 game. It is just so easy to play with that I wouldn't consider another racquet. Very easy to swing good control as well as power. All around great stick for the game I play, a lot more stable than previous Reds!
From: Barry, San Jose, Ca. 4/10
String type and tension: Bab addiction and revenge 58lbs
NTRP Rating: 4.0

Comments: After reading all the positive reviews, I decided to get one with a high expectation. After the first few tries, I didn't feel strongly about it, but after I got used to it, I found this racquet to be exceptional and exceeds all my expectations. It strikes the ball very solidly and is very forgiving on off-center shots. I think this has something to do with the EXO3 technology since the previous Red versions or other similar racquets don't have these characteristics. The control is superb which really encourages you to play more aggressively. The power is good, but not great unless you have a good swing. Nonetheless, I think this is an outstanding racquet and the best I have ever played with.
From: John, Morgantown, WV, USA. 03/10
String type and tension: Luxilon 17, 58 lb
Headsize: 105
NTRP Rating: 4.0

Comments: Great racquet! Feels good with lots of maneuverability and touch for volleys.
From: Cyndi, Austin TX USA 03/10
String type and tension: hybrid; not sure
NTRP Rating: 3.0

Comments: I have been playing for 8 years and omg I love this racquet it is the best I have ever played with! My tennis partner had it so I got it and I got great pop on my serve and I have great control!! I liked it so much I got 2 more! But the paint does chip a bit. Other than that it THE BEST RACQUET!
From: Robin, Bainbridge Island, WA, USA, 01/10
NTRP Rating: 6.0

Comments: I am a tennis coach and this is the best racquet I have ever had for teaching tennis!!! Great mixture of power and control.
From: David, Slovenia, Europe 01/10
String type and tension: 58 lbs, 26 kilos
Headsize: 105

Comments: I honestly didn't like this racquet very much. I felt too twangy with its large headsize. It also didn't have as much control as I expected. It felt like a cheap racquet in my hands and when I read about it, it had way too many gimmicks and it sounded like they were exaggerating way to much. But, it would be good for a player who has short swings but want a little more power in their shots. I also don't like the design. I am going to stick with my Wilson k factor ktour. Great all round racquet for someone who likes control, power (if you swing through), and a little bit more of a stiff racquet.
From: Olivia, Alabama. 11/09

Comments:I have been a long-time ProKennex fan, playing with the 7G and more recently the Ki15 PSE. The kinetic technology is truly arm-saving, and the 7G and Ki15 PSE offer stability and a great control to power ratio. The one thing I think could be better is maneuverability. I found the Red to be very comfortable and surprisingly stable given its sub-11oz weight. The EXO3 system is another technology that works, increasing the size of the sweetspot and making the Red very forgiving on off-center hits. I like the little bit of extra reach from the 27.25" length. Even though it is slightly longer than standard, the racquet still feels quite maneuverable. I'd rate the power level at medium, which is just right for me. Very easy to produce spin to harness the power. I've enthusiastically switched to the Red, a great overall racquet.
From: Mike, Long Island City, NY, USA, 10/09
String type and tension: Prince Recoil at 54lbs
Headsize: 105"
NTRP Rating: 4.0

Comments: Got this racquet yesterday, so far so good. It feels much more solid and forgiving than my Yonex RQIS 50. Ground shots feel easy and effortless, accuracy is incredible it is as if balls are guided missile they go where you want them to go. Only possible weakness is the volleys I kept overhitting them I guess it will take time to adjust. All in all an extremely comfortable and forgiving racquet with plenty of power, well recommended.
From: Boris, UK. 9/09
String type and tension: Prince Premier LT
NTRP Rating: 3.0

Comments: This racquet has as large a sweetspot as I've encountered with any racquet, maybe a bit too sweet though as touch volleys have a bit too much juice on them. Plenty of power, lots of spin, as comfortable as you could possibly wish for. Serves and returns well, can hit penetrating slice despite relatively low weight. A really nice racquet, maybe a bit light for those with long and fast swings.
From: Mike, Montclair, NJ 09/09
String type and tension: Prince SG
Headsize: 105
NTRP Rating: 4.5

Comments: I am a beginner and bought the Exo3 Red after playing with a big Prince Yellow racquet and I really love the Exo3 Red. I took it out for a spin and bought it that same day. I feel that it has helped me to gain control of most of my shots and has also helped me to learn serves. I am going to buy another Exo3 Red so that I have two racquets on hand. I suggest this racquets for all Prince users.
From: Jollean, Beaverton Oregon 09/09

Comments: The first shots of this frame were amazing. This frame is so smooth and has a nice feel to your shots. A must buy.
From: Ben, Ottawa, Canada. 08/09
String type and tension: Prince med-low
NTRP Rating: 3.5 - 4.0

Comments: I upgraded from Speedsport red to this EXO3 and I have to say it's a great all around racquet. Great control and spin on both wings and plenty of pace on serves. Solid on the net. The downside is the neck cracked after returning a heavy serve. The racquet is under warranty and the warranty states that the racquet can be replaced. I bought the racquet through online from Tennis-Warehouse last June '09. I am currently working in Kuwait. Now my question is, am I entitled for a refund. Please contact to inquire about the manufacturers warranty return process. -TW admin
From: Lomboy, State of Kuwait 07/09
String type and tension: Prince Tour Silver 16 ND 62 LBS
NTRP Rating: 5.0

Comments: Great racquet! I love the feel of the racquet and the huge sweetspot! The only problem with the racquet is the dampener that comes with it! When you hit, it made this horrible sound and gave off a lot of vibration. If you replace it with the Prince NXG Tour Damp Vibration Dampener, the whole racquet feels amazing! Perfect amount of control and power.
From: Rachel, CA, USA, 07/09
String type and tension: Prince Premier 16 60 lbs
NTRP Rating: 3.5

Comments: I used to be exclusively a Wilson man. But, once I demoed this one...WOW! Virtually no racquet torque even with off center hits, exceptional pop on serves, and smooth penetrating groundstrokes with minimal effort. It has noticeably elevated all phases of my game! It's a little heavier than advertised but well worth the investment.
From: Lester, Georgetown, TX, USA, 06/09
String type and tension: Babolat Addiction 17g @ 55#
Headsize: 105
NTRP Rating: 4.0

Comments: I've never felt anything as smooth and easy as this racquet. Currently playing with a Wilson K Zen and usually like the feel of the Wilson racquets best. The Prince is the first I've played with that seems to offer a softer and super controlled feel while also delivering a feeling of power, lightness and maneuverability. Better than any racquet I've felt and feels like something totally new and re-engineered. It must have something to do with the holes! I believe. And the sound when you take a full swing is like the whoosh of a metal roller coaster. Very nice!
From: Stephen, Los Angeles, CA. 6/09
String type and tension: Demo
NTRP Rating: 4.5

Comments: I tested this Prince EXO3 Red racquet along with Babolat Drive, and oh my what a difference. For some reason all serves go in with the Prince; it's probably because of the large sweetspot. But because the strings are flexing up to the outside rim of the frame, instead of the inside as with most other racquets, the sweetspot is large without having an oversized racquet. I believe that the most remarkable feature is its forgiveness, you don't have to hit it perfectly to get that "pop," so your hits will be easier to reproduce. The Babolat needs to be hit just right in order to play great shots. The Prince seems to always play great...
From: dj, amsterdam, netherlands. 4/09
String type and tension:factory string
NTRP Rating: 4

Comments: I am a teaching pro and a 5.0 player who plays with the Microgel Radical. I picked this up to teach with and found it shockingly good. Both the EX03 Red and Silver are solid racquets that I really like. Good balance between control and power. Great on the arm.
From: Sam, Bloomington, IN, USA. 05/09

Comments: Got my hands on one today for an hour of hitting and, I have to say, great all around. Groundies are confident and assured. Volleys are equally good, and are crisp and controlled. Feel is good once you replace the huge EXO3 logo shaped dampeners with something a bit more moderately button-sized. Can't believe the published weight because it feels heavier than 10.5 oz (Strung). And wow, it sounds as well as it hits.
From: Juan, Saigon, USA. 05/09
String type and tension: Luxilon 17
Headsize: 105
NTRP Rating: 3.0

Comments: Moved from the Speedport Red to this racquet. The EXO3 Red feels heavier and strikes the ball more solidly, particularly on volleys. The power ratings for the two racquets are similar, but the EXO3 feels a lot more powerful, and I've had to shorten my swing. I usually string at the midpoint of the tension range with the Speedport Red, but for this racquet I had to go near the high end of the range to maintain good control. More advanced players may want a less powerful racquet than this one.
From: Sam, New Hampshire. 4/09
String type and tension: Gamma 63
NTRP Rating: 4.0

Comments: After playing with all the RED series of Prince rackets and loving them ALL. Here's my take on Prince Red. Any of them would be the best racket you'll ever play with, but the EX03 Red is the best racket I have ever played with.The Speedport Red is almost as good if you don't want to spend the money. I've probably owned at least 50 tennis rackets over the years and this is the one to own and just stop looking forever.
String type and tension: Prince Premier 16 AND BIG BANGER ROUGH 16
NTRP Rating: 4.5

Comments: My tennis pro asked me to hit with this EXO3 demo during my lesson. I could not believe the versatility of the racquet from the ease of hitting deep penetrating groundstrokes with spin, added punch to my volleys and more power to my serve. I gave up my O3 White for this racquet.
From: Johnnie Kay, Birmingham, AL USA. 3/09
String type and tension: Prince Premier 16
NTRP Rating: 4.0

Comments: I demoed this racket and fell in love with it. I am 68 years old and do not have the power that I once had on court. This racket does the work for me. I strung it at 58lbs, and it work great. Serves are really strong. You should give this baby a try.
From: George, Rockwall, Tx. 3/09
String type and tension: Prince duraflex 16 g
NTRP Rating: 3.5 plus

Comments: I had the opportunity to hit with this racquet for a full hour today. Overall the racquet felt great - nice firm volleys and great feel on ground strokes from both sides. The frame felt a little heavier then the specs - 9.9oz unstrung and the grip the new felt thicker and a bit less rounded than my current Prince 3/8. The new Prince grip is very, very tacky leaving me with a sore hand all afternoon. However, even with the extra sticky grip I to intend to make the investment in this new EXO model.
From: Eric, Philadelphia, PA. 2/09
String type and tension: Premier 16 gauge - tensioned per specs.
NTRP Rating: 4.5

Comments: Best EXO3 in the line for normal 3.0 to 4.0 level. I find the weight to feel heavier than 10.5 but it doesn't bother me and feels solid in my hands. Great control and power when needed. From the first time I picked up this racquet I knew it was just right for me. First time I took it on court I noticed a significant improvement in power, control, and spin. I am not too hot on the Spiderman paint job, but I got over it once I started hitting with it.
From: Chris, Dallas, TX, USA. 2/09
String type and tension: Prince Premier 17
NTRP Rating: 3.5

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