Poly Star Energy 16L String Customer feedback

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Comments: This is an incredible string and it's very unique, unlike just about every other poly string on the market. It's ridiculously comfortable and soft, but powerful with control. It is one of the few strings that you can absolutely rip winners with from the baseline, yet still have enough feel and touch to hit dropshots and touch volleys. I've used this string in the 17 gauge too. The 16L has a bit less power and a bit less feel. I think overall I prefer the 17 gauge, but the 16L may lose a little less tension. But in either case, both of them lose so much tension that you have to restring every 4-6 hours anyway, so it really doesn't matter. I think if I had to choose, I would pick the 17 gauge because of the increased feel and power.
From: Tony, 10/12

Comments: Amazing! Incredible power, soft and playable. Previously played with Hurricaine Tour mains with Luxilon rough as the crosses. Tried these and never looked back at the Hurricane. It does have minimal tension loss, very much like the Hurricane, so that didn't bother me. Overall, my new main string!
From: Fernando, 7/12

Comments: Playtest day 1 I strung it at 51.5 lbs on a Head Youtek Speed MP mains and crosses. I did moderate pre-stretch. This allowed huge spin. It had much more pop than most of the polys I have tried. I played at 40 degrees so it was cold. After 3 hours of testing minimal tension loss and minimal breakdown on the star pattern of the string. Kick serves were wonderful. feel at the net was not great, the string has to much pop. A little tighter tension might have helped with that. I did not notice any difference in elbow or shoulder pain. Would use for league and tournaments but probably hybrid with synthetic to soften it up a bit for net play in doubles. All in all suits my long topspin strokes.
From: Rich, 12/11

Comments: Poor tension maintenance. Maybe prestretching helps.
From: John, Portland, OR, USA, 11/10

Comments: This is a great string in terms of playability. Soft and really arm friendly. Great feel for a poly. Great power. The only negative aspect is the tension maintenance that is really really poor.
From: GC - NTRP 4.5, San Mateo, CA USA. 10/10

Comments: One of the best polyester-based strings on the market. Excellent power, feel and control. Would highly recommend for others to try.
From: Richard, Seattle, WA, USA, 09/10

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