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Comments: The Babolat Pure Drive Team is a solid and maneuverable racquet that gives me loads of power from all areas of the court. I used this racquet for 2 years and found that I would over-hit because of the power but if I strung it tighter with a topspin string I would be fine. I would recomend this racquet to juniors because of its light weight. I would give this racket a 10 out of 10.
From: Cillian, 11/16

Comments: Let's take care of first order of business -- I am the owner of two Babolat Team racquets with Solinco strings, 16 gauge strung at 57 pounds (strung by a friend who does Rafael Nadal's, Roger Federer's racquets along with other professionals) and it is a thing of beauty. Execution: When the ball strikes Babolat Team's sweat spot the racquet itself generates propulsion -- a thrust feel. Topsin is manageable but you have to gauge it, regulate it a little. Serves -- no problem. I also enjoy how it disperses the force of impact and when I return with a cross court backhand. Adding more torque gives more power with precision. Construction: Vibrations are dispersed; I hardly feel anything. The Feel: Provides a excellent feel -- "bite" on the ball allowing me to redirect without over compensating. Cosmetics are great. In a nutshell: I give it an A+.
From: Stephen, 2/16

Comments: I am a 4.5 USTA rated 55 year old and was looking to replace my Babolat Pure Storm Team, so I demoed the suggested replacements: Babolat Pure Control; Babolat Pure Control Tour Demo and I ordered the Babolat Pure Drive Team, and the Babolat Pure Drive Team Lite (for comparison). While the Pure Controls had more control, I found them too heavy for my aging arm, especially after long games. I have short backswing and a fast swing and I couldn't get the racquet back in time while returning serves. The Pure Control models were solid but too heavy, and with the tighter string pattern, I couldn't get over the ball as much and it was more difficult to hit my kick serve. By contrast, the Babolat Pure Drive Team was easy to whip through the air, was easy on my arm and elbow, and had incredible pop from all areas of the court, especially on the serve and overheads, plus it was very maneuverable at the net during volleys, while allowing for incredible drop shots, and top spin lobs. The slice was also very effective. Overall, this is a very solid racquet. Both the Babolat Pure Drive Team and Babolat Pure Drive Team Lite are 2 points head heavy, but the Babolat Pure Drive Team has a slightly higher swing weight which helped me on the serve. So in the end, I am going to order the Babolat Pure Drive Team as a replacement for my Babolat Pure StormTeam. If I need more weight, I can add some leaded strips, but out of the box, it a just a great racquet.
From: Angus, 4/15

Comments: Bought a pair of these and oh boy, just, wow! I thought the Pure Drive was great, but this one brought something extra -- all the explosive power and spin of the Pure Drive, but in a very maneuverable package. You can really whip through all your shots, and the spin is off the charts. Control? In spades! It is a good alternative, there is very little trade off compared to the standard Pure Drive. The trade off is you can keep your foot on the pedal on the offense with the standard Pure Drive with its additional weight, but the angles you can get with this lighter version are insane! Love it, love it!
From: Mark, 3/15

Comments: I've bought and sold Pure Drives for the past 10 years. They always hurt my shoulder, elbow and forearm. For me, personally, this racquet only seemed good on serving, flat shots and volleys but lacked everywhere else. I was excited about the Pure Drive Team because side by side the specs seemed like my current 2013 Aeropro Drive: 69 flex, 3 compared to 4 points headlight, 312 compared to 316 swing weight. With pretty much all the 2015 Drive reviews I can totally tell a difference with the FSI (and hope they do this to the Aeropro) I got the power of a Pure Drive, a lot more control and way more spin, which is what I always wanted. To me, the Team feels like having a lighter version (10.9 ounces to 11.4 ounces) of my Aeropro but in a Pure Drive body. It's a very solid hit because my contact is in the upper part where the sweet spot is now. My one-handed backhand is better because of this and also I can swing through the stroke faster. My forehands are sailing a little long right now, but when struck perfectly I'm getting more behind than before. The flex is what I was really after and it's been comfortable so far. I'm sore but it's not unbearable like it was in the past and hitting with it a few times a week -- my arm is slowly adjusting. I'm definitely staying away from anything with a 72/73 stiffness. It's awesome to finally have a Pure Drive I enjoy and I'll probably make this my primary racquet for a while.
From: David, 1/15

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