Prince Dura Rib+ Replacement Grip Black Customer feedback

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Comments: First of all, I used this grip for awhile and loved it, but I had to play with putting it on/off until I got it just right. It is a thicker grip so I pulled it tight to give me a firmer feel. The ribs/grooves will allow your fingers to "fall" right into the grip, but IF AND ONLY IF you put the grip on correctly for your grip. Here's what I mean - you'll need to "test drive" and "trial" where you start the grip on the racket butt cap. I noticed that when I put my fingers and palm on the grip, it naturally falls into groove perfectly on one side of the racket handle. If I put my hand on the other side of the handle, my grip feels a little too high up the handle or a little too low on the handle (if I move down a groove/rib). The good thing is that the grip feels almost custom to me and my hand, but I cannot freely rotate the racket in my hands between hits or waiting to receive serve. Be aware of this. Because rib/grooved grips do offer exceptional hold and an almost customized feel for your fingers, the grip is basically a spiral groove, so you MUST trial-n-error this spiral from where you start the grip on the buttcap so that it eventually (and perfectly) matches your hand and your type of grip (eastern, western, semi, etc.). Once you get it dialed in just right, it is an amazing feel where your fingers fall right into place perfectly every time you grip the handle.
From: Michael. 7/11

Comments: This grip is great for anyone who has problems holding on to a slick grip. I tend to sweat a lot and this grip helps a lot because of the grooves. Your fingers seem to contour perfectly in each groove. I don't know how well an overgrip would work with this type of grip, though.
From: Justin, Blacksburg, VA. 10/08

Comments: This grip great, and the the grip is long lasting which I liked. The grip is not too tacky. I recommend this to anybody who wants traction on there grip and very absorbent.
From: Danny, mountain view, ca, california. 7/08

Comments: I personally cannot use this grip anymore. First it makes my grip feel 1 grip size bigger my friend whose hands are a couple grip sizes bigger think it fits his hand now, and the contours really hurt my hands. I overall prefer Wilson K Grip. Hope it has helped.
From: Jamie, Great Falls, VA. 7/08

Comments: My hands/fingers felt restricted if they didn't go perfectly into the grooves. I was too busy second guessing my grip and making sure my fingers were in the right place than focusing on the match. It didn't feel natural, but this was the first time using this kind of grip. Moisture absorption was average.
From: JP, LA, CA. 5/08

Comments: I left a previous comment on this grip and, at the time, was very pleased. Unfortunately, the last several I have purchased have been completely different from the the first few I used and have not been up to par. The newer ones are thicker, with less pronounced contours. They have less feel, seemingly lower quality. Disappointing.
From: Steve, Minnesota. 1/08

Comments: This is the best contour on the market: very good build quality, very pronounced ridges, not too thick. It's superior in quality and feel to Wilson's contour. I love these with my POG LBs. It's great for massive top, especially off the backhand. It's not for everyone, but if you like contoured grip, these have to be among the best. Wicked looking as well.
From: Steve, Minnesota. 11/07

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