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Comments: I first borrowed this dampener from my friend and I loved it!!! I'm ordering my own right now!
From: Jordan, Manteca, California, USA 09/09

Comments: Used it on my Prince O3 Hybrid Shark Midplus and totally offered much COMFORT and made my racquet give that nice POP sound that sounds pro lol. Totally recommend this dampener
From: Erick, Pasadena, TX, USA, 08/09

Comments: Chris, this is not "the silencer" this is "nxg silencer" search google for pictures of "prince the silencer" you'll see why that one is banned. this one is fine for use.
From: Gaurav, Lake Forest, CA, USA 08/09

Comments: According to the ITF, The Silencer does not conform to the tennis rules and can not be used in matches that conform to official rules. At least this is the rule for North East Ohio USTA league.
From: Chris, Cleveland, OH, USA. 07/09

Comments: Best dampener available. Almost as much dampening as the Gamma Worm or Shockbuster, but doesn't EXPLODE on a mis-hit covering you in gel like the Gamma!!! These go on easy, stay on, kill the ping and the string vibration. I have 3 racquets, all 3 have this device. It's the best, period.
From: Doug, Long Island, NY USA 06/09

Comments: Awesome dampener. I have hit it many, many times and it has never broken or fallen off, like many other dampeners i have used. Also it does an amazing job of giving a soft feel.
From: jimmy, nj, usa. 2/09

Comments: Really awesome silencer/dampener, severely reduces the vibrations, only thing is that the dampener just pushes the strings on the bottom of my Head Radical apart very slightly, however, that does not interfere with my game at all. Will not fly out during intense play, unlike the tiny logo dampeners which have a high tendency to do that.
From: Bryan, Penn Yan, NY, USA. 1/09

Comments: It actually stays in your racquet and doesn't break when the ball hits it like the Gamma Shockbuster or other similar products. I ordered one and will order a couple backups since it's the only one I found that works, stays in your stringbed, and won't break.
From: D.J., Englewood, CO, USA. 7/08

Comments: I have just ordered the Prince NXG Silencer, and I'm a bit confused. Is a silencer a shock absorber? and do they actually work? Thanks.
From: Jakey, England. 6/08
(The Silencer is a vibration dampener and reduces the vibration of the strings. -- TW)

Comments: I just ordered one today after borrowing my friend's, and I loved playing with it. It gave that nice pop sound that everyone loves, and had good comfort, plus I found it cool that it is the NXG dampener, and I have the Prince NXG Pro Tour midplus racquet, which is coincidence.
From: Anon. 4/08

Comments: This is the best dampener that I have had the pleasure of using. It comes highly recommended, and is also easy on the wallet. Those stretchy Head Smartsorb dampeners are more expensive, and I broke one of them in a week! Go with Prince!!
From: Evan, Hamilton, MT, USA, 06/07

Comments: Best dampener ever. Switched to this dampener last week and immediately noticed the comfort and remarkable feel it gave. I used the gamma no-shock vibration dampener before but that one made shots feel thick and instead of a "pop" sound it has a "thok" sound. It was very annoying. Would recommend this dampener to everyone (including those who don't use dampeners because it kind of improves the racquet feel and comfort. If you're looking for a dampener buy this one. *It's kinda hard to put though if you have tight strings but not impossible.
From: Joe, Philippines, 02/07

Comments: I have never used a damper till now and the Babolat damper works like a charm! Having a Babolat Defiance, which is exclusive to Curnow Tennis Australia, having that extra vibration off my elbow is so much as well as improves my strokes. Great nifty idea!
From: Ashley, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, 02/07

Comments:It is a dampener...its does its job well.
From: Eveete Dumas 10/1
Egypt, Africa

Comments: I really like this dampener. It feels much better than the Prince Silencer. I feel like I get much better pop off it during every stroke. Even though I don't really like the way it is held in the strings, it hasn't slipped off yet.
From: Shaun, Virginia Beach, VA, USA. 01/05

Comments: It didn't help at all on my Prince shark attack. I gave it to my friend, who uses it on Wilson pro classic and loves it.
From: Leon, CT, USA. 01/05

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