Prince Cobra NFS White/Silver Women's Shoes Customer feedback

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Comments: I've always worn New Balance because I need a wider shoe but have been disappointed in how quickly the shoe wears out. I chose these strictly on the promise of it being a wider shoe. I was pleasantly surprised that it was comfortable from the first wearing. I did not find it heavy even though they are a size 10. My feet stayed cool and I think the material will last much longer than the New Balance.
From: Carol, 8/11

Comments: I switched to these from K-Swiss due to plantar fascitis and toenail issues about a year ago. Love the shoes. No break-in time needed -- put on and play. I find that I wear thinner socks with these as the fit is good without being too snug. I usually put a third-party insert in the shoe just to give more support as I play a lot of singles. I use on clay and hard court, good traction without being too grippy. Shoelaces are sometimes too long but that's easily resolved.
From: Gillian. 6/11

Comments: The shoes are pretty heavy and clunky on the court. I haven't worn them very much but already the soles are separating. Do not recommend at all!
From: Allison. 4/11
(Allison, these shoes are durability guaranteed. If your shoes are less than 6 months old, please contact our customer service department for help. 1-800-883-6647. -- TW Staff)

Comments: Miserable experience with these shoes. Stiff, heavy and aggravated my ankle within a couple of times of using them. I did not feel they afforded me enough support in the arches or ankles and not enough cushioning to prevent shock to knees.
From: Sarah, Corvallis, OR, USA, 01/11
4.0 player

Comments: I love these shoes. They were comfortable right away. I feel they are solid but light and allow me to be quick on my feet. Other tennis shoes have felt too heavy. I have a wide foot w/a bunion - no pain w/these.
From: Kathy, Raleigh, NC, USA, 09/10

Comments: I do not recommend these shoes. I found these shoes to be relatively comfortable, and light, but the traction was extremely poor. I constantly slip in the shoes, and during a doubles game I slipped and fell to my knee. The skin was scratched from my knee the size of a quarter and left my knee swollen and injured for about three weeks. I believe these shoes to be a safety hazard and caution anyone who is considering purchasing them.
From: Joe Parks, Fresno, CA, USA. 07/10

Comments: I bought these shoes about five months ago and I looove them! I play a lot and the only problem was that I wore them out fairly quickly. These shoes are pretty, and comfortable even with my ankle braces. I've worn other shoes that have given me blisters or didn't feel right with the braces on my ankles, but these stayed comfortable.
From: Leah, AR 09/09

Comments: Thank you, PRINCE, for the return of the NFS. After unhappily trying the MC4 and a pair of New Balance, I'm grateful for the return of a shoe that fits my wide forefoot and narrow heel and is lightweight and comfortable from the first step. If you've always liked the NFS shoes from Prince you will not be disappointed.
From: Terri, Melbourne, FL. 1/09

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