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Comments: This racquet is incredible -- solid groundstrokes with spin, power, control with good pop and no vibration. It just feels fluid. Overheads and serves could use a little more, but that is OK and probably due to my style. It is very maneuverable at the net as well. I'm a solid 4.0 player
From: Troy, 7/16

Comments: I love this racquet! I am a 4.0 all-court player who likes to use topspin groundstrokes to set up opportunities for flat approaches and put-away volleys. I have been playing with a ProStaff 90 that I weight up to 13 ounces, and while I love the plow through on groundstrokes, volleys and returns, the small head size makes shots that I am stretched for very difficult, and the serve was average at best. I wanted something fairly heavy and control-oriented like the PS90, but with an extended length (to give my serve a boost), and a slightly bigger head size to help me when I am forced onto the defensive. I bought both the PS Control 95 Plus and the PS Control Tour Plus, and after 2 months comparing each, I prefer the Tour+ (pretty much the opposite conclusion of the TW testers, I guess). I get the same great control, plow through and first serve power with both, but the Tour Plus adds a better kick serve action and some extra action on my slice approaches and volleys as well. I guess because I usually play at 13 ounces, the testers complained about sluggishness and that didn't apply to m -- I actually find it very fast for a heavy stick. I don't think I will bother weighting it up even more like my Pro Staffs, however, as it feels great with just an overgrip that has me right at 12 ounces. The racquet does everything well, except for serves, which it does really well. This is the first racquet that I have ever felt like I can't find some weakness in. Other ones I have used and liked: PS 90, Prestige Pro, Powerbridge 10 mid, AeroPro Drive Plus -- but this racquet takes the best qualities of each of those racquets and combines them into one. Just bought a second one for the new year!
From: Erik, 1/16

Comments: Was not happy with the racquet, as I had to add weight, very similar to the other players who have commented in this feedback blog. I am not a fan of lead weight, but that aside, the "snap" response is no where near my Pure Storm Tour Plus GT (unmodified and not weighted). The response is that feel of the racquet when the racquet "kicks" forward after hitting the ball. The plow through of the Pure Storm Tour Plus GT, I felt, was far superior than the Pure Control ever with the Pure Control weighted. I was unhappy with this racquet so I went out and bought another Pure Storm Tour Plus GT (very hard to find new ones).
From: Anthony, 10/15

Comments: I am a higher side 4.0 player who plays mainly doubles. I have used this racquet for about 2 months. I previously used the Wilson 6.1 BLX Tour (90 square inches) which I love. I have been looking to move to a bigger racquet which is more forgiving. I have done demos over 5 times but had not found anything that fits until this racquet. My volleys, forehand and overhead are accurate with more power. My serve had more spin and is more consistent. My backhand slice is better but I did have better control on my topspin backhand with the 6.1. But I am working on it. I use Babolat Pro Hurricane 16 strings at 55 pounds which was in the demo. One question that I ask myself is how much of a difference these strings make. I just got them put into my old 6.1 for curiosity. I also put on a leather grip and some weight at 3 and 9. I may need to add a little more weight at 3 and 9. It may help my backhand which was my best shot before. I can take losing a little on my backhand to make my forehand more of a weapon.
From: Nate, 7/14

Comments: Extraordinary racquet. But you have to modify it: Change the grip out -- to the Babolat's syntec grip or the TW leather grip. Over grip: yes. Counterbalance with twelve grams of weight divided evenly at the 9 o'clock 3 and at 12 o'clock. My string setup is the mains with 16 gauge tonic natty gut at 58 lbs and crosses with 18 gauge Solinco Tour Bite at 56 lbs. This setup has turned my Plus Control into a sharp scalpel. My only complaint to Babolat: Quality control! The paint peels right off with the lead tape. Shameful for such a wonderfully engineered racquet. But it hasn't stopped me from ordering a second one. Yeah, it's that good. My skill level: A-level player. Style: slice and dice, two-handed backhand, and with a solid kick serve.
From: Guido, 5/14

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