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Comments: I string with 4G at 54 pounds and I plan on adding lead soon, and this is about as good as it gets if all you want is control. My first racquet had too much power, and my second racquet had a microscopic head, but with this one I am finally able to get that consistency I have been searching for. Plenty of spin, plenty of available pace, even with my string set up. Probably one of the best racquets I have hit with on volleys. Slices drop like rocks. I plan on playing with it for a long time, and it is definitely worth a demo.
From: Adam, 3/15

Comments: Solid racquet! Very maneuverable for its weight. My only complaint is the stiffness. I felt it was much stiffer than an RA of 63. The value provided by Babolat, which is an RA of 69, I believe is more real.
From: Daniel, 1/15

Comments: I am a 45 year old ex-Division 1 tennis player, 4.5 now, who has been playing with the Ig Prestige Pro for the last 2 years. I love the racquet, but was looking for just a little more of a 'forgiving' racquet. I have demoed so many rackets, looking for control and precision over power and a racquet that is arm friendly as well. The original POG 107 was also a top contender for me. Anyway, strung with nat gut/lux at 53/51 lbs, and after hitting for a few hours I couldn't be more pleased. The racquet has touch and precision and plenty of power for those with good mechanics. I use the racquet in its stock form and am obviously pleased. I will be interested to see what string combinations and tensions others are findning preference with.
From: Mark, 1/15

Comments: I've used the Babolat Pure Control Team (non-swirly) frames for about 7 years and was looking for a 'more modern' frame. In recent years, I've also purchased and used the Pure Storm Tour. In Nov 2014, I demoed the Pure Control Tour, Pure Strike, the latest Pure Drive, and the latest AeroPro Drive. Of all the frames I demoed, the Pure Control Tour played closest to my Pure Control Team, while offering enhanced control and a more modern feel. I don't know how to characterize it, but my ball striking feels crisper and more controlled. That said, I do not get the same amount of plow through on my shots that my Pure Control Team gives me. The control that everyone talks about in the comments is very evident with this frame. My competitors comment on how much more accurate I am with the Pure Control Tour, but also mention that I do not hit as big of a ball as I do with my Pure Control Team. The Pure Control Tour allows me exceptional control with access to big topspin and nasty slices. I can also flatten out nicely with this frame (though as mentioned earlier, my ball does not drive through the court as much with pace). Serving with slightly less power, but enhanced placement -- I can routinely hit all corners and body serves with it. Net play has wonderful feel with this frame at the net; I'm not routinely hitting delicate touch shots (which have not been a staple of my game in the past). My string setup is a Babolat Hybrid: VS Gut 16 in the crosses/Hurricane Pro 16 in the mains. Strung at 62 lbs.
From: CalvertMD, 1/15

Comments: I'm a 40 years 5.0 aggresive baseliner and come from the pure storm tour. When I first tried the Pure Control, I felt instantly comfortable and no need to adjust my game to the racquet, it just felt so similar to the Pure Storm and has also improved the model -- more powerful and more comfortable. However, I prefer the paint job of the Storm model, I find the Pure Control a bit austere, but this is a very subjective opinion. The racquet is really great, I have tried almost all of high range models -- Head Prestige, Wilson Six.One/Blade, Yonex VCore and this is by far my favorite just before the Blade 98 18x20. The flex carbon technology is really effective, you can feel how the ball stay longer in the string, the contact is sweet and it improves a lot the control. You can hit the ball hard with a large swing without fear, the ball stays long without flying, the control is always there. I'm not used to be a great fan of Babolat racquets because of their stiffness but the pure control is so different and shines in almost all compartments of the game. It is well balanced, for me no need of weight addition and I love the square grip shape of Babolat. In conclusion, a serious and well done racquet that I highly recommend to strong baseliners.
From: Raphael, 12/14

Comments: If you're an aggressive baseliner (4.0 or greater) that loves banging the ball from anywhere on the court, this is your stick. I've been playing with this racquet for the last 90+ days and I am sold. I was skeptical at first because I have a more spin heavy game and this racquet stock just does not want to roll the ball over (with a full western forehand grip). After playing around with lead tape pretty much all over the hoop, throat, and grip I have finally found the perfect set up for my game. I really liked the feel after adding weight at the 9 and 3 as well as a loop around the grip. The weight additions really changed the dynamic and gave me the feel that took my game to the next level. My only dislike is the paint job. The look is boring and the quality of the paint is poor. Chips easy all around the hoop and rails.
From: Derek, 12/14

Comments: So, if you're looking for a big sweet spot, maneuverability and solid, comfy response -- this is a contender. Can easily be built up to 12.0+ ounces, or keep it stock and sweet. Mine came in right on spec, removed all the unnecessary weight, ie: rubber grip logo thingy and backing tape under the grip, then added some weight at the tip. Still 11.8 ounces strung but beefed up swing weight. Feels great and plays great.
From: Klem, 11/14

Comments: Had to add some weight at 10 and 2. After having done that, the racquet feels solid. You can give your full swing on your shots without really worrying about overhits. Started to prefer heavier sticks now after getting this racquet.
From: Aditya, 10/14

Comments: I played with this racquet for the first time yesterday in a match. Compared to my Wilson nCode n Six.One 95 (18x20), the Pure Control Tour felt much softer. The different balance required adjustments to my serve motion. I was able to pound the ball repeatedly and keep it in the court. I did notice that if I failed to hit the ball hard, the shot often fell into the net. Looking forward to playing some more with this racquet.
From: Jimmy, 10/14

Comments: Great racquet! Brings great control along with decent topspin, I have Luxilon ALU at a tension I have no clue about, but it feels great. I bought this stick from my local tennis store and they put my favorite string with whatever tension they chose. You can hit hard and deep and it won't fly far from the baseline. Pretty good maneuverability at net, when I'm in trouble I have no problem moving it. On serves its great especially with a flat and kick, with the flat serve I always feel the sweet spot and doesn't hurt my arm a bit.
From: Nathan, 9/14

Comments: I love this racquet! I hit heavy deep top spin balls normal so once I felt the added topspin without me having to generate it, I was in love. Had to adjust my serve speed due to this being a little bit lighter of a racquet. But on my kick serve I had no problem hitting, but my first serve took a little bit due to lightness. I have a one hand back hand so almost every time I hit it I found the sweet spot. I will never choose another racquet brand ever.
From: Justin, 9/14

Comments: Switched to this from the APD. Really enjoying the control, spin, manuevarability, precision and feel that I'm getting from it. This racquet gave me the confidence to swing big because I knew my balls wouldn't be flying behind the baseline. It's really easy to generate spin with this racket. My slices were really nice and low. Feels great to flatten out my shots when going for a winner. Despite it's high static weight, it swings really easily through the air due to the headlight balance. Also, despite having such a low swingweight, it's stability is impressive. This racquet has a really nice soft, buttery feel. Kick serves were easy to generate. This racquet is precise -- I found it to be precise from all areas of the court. Also, I'm in love with the racquet's cosmetics! One downside for me, is that its low power makes it difficult to get good pace on my first serves. Other than that, this is an awesome racquet. Glad I made the switch from the APD!
From: Tim, 9/14

Comments: This is an incredible racquet. Prior to demo'ing, I thought that the low swing weight would hinder the racquet's ability to plow through hard shots, but I was completely wrong. The Pure Control Tour provides excellent plow through on just about any shot you can imagine. This aspect really shines through on volleys. Overall, I found it to be incredibly stable, and still very maneuverable. TW knocked off a few points on the serve and return parts of this racquet, but I found it to be just what I wanted. I was still able to hit the 120+ mph 1st serves I am used to, and I was still able to return 100-120mph serves just as well I did with my previous stick. The one thing I do need to say about this racquet, is that I totally agree that you must be a well developed player to use it, particularly if you have a one-hander like me. There were times when I slacked off just a little bit on that backhand side, and I found the ball sinking into the net.
From: Conrad, 8/14

Comments: This is one of the best offerings from Babolat that I've tried. Rock solid and swings pretty fast for the weight. Great all around raquet and is easy on the arm/shoulder. The weight allows you to block back heavy serves and shots blasted at you in doubles. Good spin on the serve and forehand, but you need to be able to add your own power at times. I'm an all court 4.5 who plays singles and doubs 3-5 times a week.
From: Eric, 7/14

Comments: I have only hit with this racquet for about 45 minutes on a demo, so this review might be a bit premature, but I figured I would offer my opinion. For technicalities sake, the racquet was strung with Babolat Addiction at 57 lbs. It was rock solid, truly a great racket I would recommend to any 3.5 and above player. What I noticed most was the plow through. If you hit the ball clean, this racquet was going to put it exactly where you wanted it. Comfort was nice as well. I had no arm pain at all. This is definitely a stick I would recommend to anyone wanting a solid stick that isn't super heavy to swing.
From: Alex, 7/14

Comments: Picked one of these up recently. I must say, it is a very sweet racquet. I have been using the Wilson Blade 18x20 for 2 seasons and while I like it, it is nowhere as comfortable as this frame. I have a carpal boss on my playing hand (from an old rugby injury) and it flares up from time to time especially impacting serve and forehand and makes it hard to back matches up. The Pure Control Tour has a very buttery feel and I don't feel any discomfort and it came strung with a full co-poly. The racquet has easy power and although heavier than the Blade, the maneurabillity is way better. Probably due to the lower swing weight and more head light. I noted the comments from TW. The playtesters talk about lack of plow, but I have not found that at all. I feel his racquet holds up well against a heavy ball. Personally, I think Babolat hit the jack pot with this one. Reminds me of a Prestige but with more pop and a much larger sweet spot. I love it.
From: Ross, 6/14

Comments: By the time this is posted the fine folks at TW will be shipping this racquet to my house. I was using a Wilson Blade 98 (18x20) and liked it, but wished it had a little lower swing weight. I demoed numerous racquets and found this racquet to be perfect for me. I found this racquet to be very accurate or perhaps I should say easy to hit accurate shots with. I did find the plow through slightly on the light side against heavy hitters and determined that a couple grams of lead tape does the trick. The 16x20 string pattern allows for plenty of top spin and slice. I have been a die hard Wilson frame fan for 30 years but this Babolat has won me over.
From: David, 5/14

Comments: Very good raquet, plenty of feel on it. Babolat reinvented an already good raquet into a better one! The paint job has more quality than the previous two generations of this model. Easy to customize, excellent for baseliners looking for control in their game. If you buy more than one raquet ask for the MRS (Matched Raquet Service) a really good service to find raquets with the same aspecs for only $10.
From: Hugo, 5/14

Comments: I am a 5.0 player and usually play with Federer's old racquet, but also I own a few of this one. This is probably the best racquet that Babolat makes overall in my experience. Extremely maneuvarable frame. If you never been a fan of Nadal's model but feel like giving another Babolat a try, this one is for you. Very easy to customize, and will play even better if you do. I string it at 42-48 lbs depending on what surface I'm playing on.
From: Fernando, 4/14

Comments: This racquet is just awesome! I'm a solid 4.5 with an all court game. Tried the Wilson 99S and without an all poly set up (arm issues) this racquet won't do its thing. Moved to a Head Extreme Pro 2.0, awesome stick but again with an open pattern and my love for gut just too much blast until I pulled the gut so tight it was just as bad on my arm. Head Prestige Pro had a sweet spot the size of a dime . I'll skip 2 more racquets ahead to this amazing stick . Pop, control, stability and very maneuverable (Paul the racquet matcher/customizer got me 3 at 12oz strung with 317 sw at 7pts HL -- to say Paul is the super freak of perfectionism is an understatement!) My guess is a future cult following like POG's and others of the like for this bad boys future .Get your weight and balance dialed in along with your string set up and this stick just sings!
From: Tom, 4/14

Comments: An exceptional racquet in my opinion. I had been playing with a k90 for the last 7 years and felt that I needed some forgiveness at net since I started playing doubles competitively. Demoed quite a few and it came down to Pure Strike Tour, Head Graphene Radical Pro and this. Shots felt really crisp and dialed in with the Pure Control Tour. I feel like I am getting the best of both worlds, the feel and precision of k90 with the forgiveness of the 98 inch frame. I had to do some tinkering with string tension and found Xcel 17 on the mains at 57lbs and RPM Blast crosses at 54 lbs to work for me. I am a singles and doubles player at a 4.5 level and I absolutely love this frame.
From: Faisal, 3/14

Comments: Got this as an upgrade to my 2011 Pure Storm GT because I wanted more heft in my racquet and it has improved my game and confidence remarkably. The areas I see most improvement are in my groundstrokes and serves. Compared to the previous version, this one is much more stable and the weight distribution allows for better power as well as feel. I am a 4.5 baseliner with a 1HBH and it feels very solid on all strokes. I can hit with heavy spin to rally and I can also flatten the ball out when going for winners. Mine is strung with a poly/multi hybrid at 58/55 lbs.
From: Jim, 3/14

Comments: Babolat really delivers on this one! This brand is not usually associated with arm friendly "player" frames, but this frame seamlessly blends a bigger stringbed, tons of spin, ball pick up, swift feel and feedback of modern racquets, with smooth comfort and lower power and control like the classics. Like the TW review says, to be complete the upper hoop does need some lead at 10 and 2 to bring the swingweight up and make it more solid up top but it takes it beautifully. Great racquet to try out for strong players with solid drive game looking to get into more of a spin heavy game without giving up the control.
From: Anton, 3/14

Comments: I'm a 4.0 baseliner who likes to take big cuts. This racquet is brilliant. I had pretty much settled on the Wilson Pro Staff 95. Although I felt it was a little low on power I liked the feel and control and felt dropping the string tension could help provid a little more punch, then I tried the Pure Control. Wow! It really is a perfect balance of control and power! I feel 100% in control of depth and placement, lowish on power so I can feel confident swinging out, but not sooo low like the Pro Staff. Although I liked the Pro Staff it sometimes felt like I was bringing a knife to gunfight. I normally like an open string pattern but I was generating plenty of spin with the 16x20 pattern. Stock weight is a little on the low side, but it still felt nice and solid. I thought the Pure Storm (the previous version of this racket) hit pretty well but it seemed to shudder on off center hits, the Pure Control is much smoother. Serving was a little low on power initially, but once I brought the swingweight up, I'm back to serving bombs. Kick serves are average, this is the only shot in my arsenal that did not improve with this racquet, they were no worse off however just not any better. Volleys and returns also solid. This racquet really is solid all around. I feel the name Pure Control to be a bit misleading. I think the blend of power and control this racquet has makes it perfect for Power Player although it really would suit any style. I added a 1/2 size heat shrink sleeve, Leather grip, and 5 grams at 12, overgrip damper etc., bringing the weight up to 12.1 oz at 6 points head light and strung with rpm blast at 52 lbs. Lethal Setup. I actually feel much more powerful with this racket that the Pure Drive or Aeropro because I can hit heavy on every ball without fear of hitting long.
From: Joe, 3/14

Comments: I had a demo for four weeks from a local rep and thought this was an amazing raquet so I ordered three from Tennis Warehouse. The three I received were 10 grams lighter than the demo and extremely head light. If I had demoed the racquet I received, I never would have ordered them. The demo I had was an amazing racquet and had great spin, good feel, etc. The one I ordered is so headlight it is hard to control. I added lead to try and fix the problem to the 3+9 and after placing the first strip the metallic babolat logo flaked off. I couldn't get the racquets to come anywhere near the one I demoed either. This has just been the worse experience ever -- give this racquet a pass.
From: Don, 3/14

Comments: Never connected with the PST; great spin but hollow feel. Played with the Prestige IG MP and switched to the Graphene Speed Pro until the stiffness finally caught up with my arm. I gave the Graphene Prestige MP an honest try but it was too different from its predecessor so I demoed the Pure Control and PCT. Immediately was impressed by the pop, feel, and stability (especially side-by-side with the GSP). Many initial shots were short (more noticeable with the non-Tour) so I had to swing out a little more but both racquets still felt very arm friendly. I bought two PCTs and am really enjoying all aspects of the game. Like a cross between the APD and IG MP. I'm a 4.5 with baseliner tendencies but am trying to develop more of an all-court style and feel this is a good stick for that mission. Definitely sensitive to string setup.
From: Luxinterna, 3/14

Comments: I demo'd both the Pure Strike Tour and Pure Control Tour. Since power is nothing without control, I ended up ordering the Pure Control Tour. Definitely felt more control, feel, and plush on the arm. It didn't have the hollow pin sound of the Pure Strike Tour, rather it felt very solid upon contact. They should advertise this racquet as Babolat's only "arm- friendly" stick.
From: Larry, 2/14

Comments: Just finished up a demo of this racquet. Definitely a control oriented racquet. I am only a 4.0 player, and I tend to try and crush the ball too often, and this is where the Pure Control came in hand. It allowed me to put full swings on the ball, hit deep with top spin, but not hit the ball out of bounds. While I tend to hit the ball too hard, it is also my strength when serving and hitting my forehand, so my one downfall for this racquet would be that sometimes when I wanted to really hit a flat serve or heavy forehand I don't think it had the same pace on it as other Babolat racquets I have used in the past and played with. Maybe adding a little weight in the head would solve that problem, but I am pretty unfamiliar with lead tape and how to use it. I would recommend to someone looking for a smooth, well rounded control racquet. Not for those who need power.
From: Preston, 2/14

Comments: Let me begin by saying I love my Pure Storm Tour. I put on a leather grip on all my sticks to improve feel and increase head light balance. Strung one with a multi for practice sessions and another one with a soft poly (full bed of Black Code or Black Widows at 52 lbs) for competitive matches. Although a perfect setup for my preference, I always would have liked a little more polarized stick to help with plow through and racket head speed in serves. Yes, you read right: more weight in the hoop translates into higher racket head speed, with proper mechanics of course. In my opinion, this racquet is an improvement over the previous generation. It is a control racquet as its name implies and that's all you should expect. Power? Comes from the ground up. Spin? Same thing, 95% technique. Racquet should mainly provide feel and control. Enjoy.
From: Tony, 1/14

Comments: This racquet feels lighter than the specs indicate. Very precise and easy to generate spins and flat shots.
From: Juan, 1/14

Comments: Overall, it is a great racquet for advanced all-court players who have the strength to wield it without arm or shoulder issues. Its predecessor (Pure Storm) is well-known for being an arm-friendly racquet from the Babolat line but this one is not. Otherwise, I loved the solid and stable feel with plenty of power and depth.
From: Steven, 1/14

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