Penn Championship Extra Duty Tennis Balls 12 Can Case Customer feedback

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Comments: Something changed with these balls, and the ones from the case purchased from TW are different than others of same type/brand that my playing partners bring. The color is a brighter yellow, and they fluff within minutes. So bad that I open a can just for warmup and then discard -- they won't last through a set of a match without severe performance degradation. Used to be a go-to ball for reliability and durability, but no way would purchase them again. I would be curious to know if others have had this same experience.
From: Matt, 11/15
Note from TW: Hi Matt -- We will talk to Penn and see if they have made any changes in production. Stay tuned!

Comments: We just played the Middle States Sectionals using Penn extra duty tennis balls. They had very little nap, were very light and fast. I couldn't imagine ever using them again to practice. The Penn ATP ball is excellent, but the Championship balls are the worst ball I've ever played with.
From: Rick, 9/15

Comments: These balls crack too easily.
From: George, 11/14

Comments: I like these balls. They are fast, don't fluff up, and don't lose their speed over the course of a match. I like a hard, fast ball -- so these are great for me.
From: Anon, 11/14

Comments: This ball is junk -- I live in Hawaii and the USTA tournaments use these balls they go flat before you even open them.
From: Taylor, 4/14

Comments: Hey Mr. Penn! Yesterday I bought 3 cans and just about 2 balls were fine, but the rest are without pressure. Something is wrong, and this is not the first time.
From: David, 1/13

Comments: The quality has gone down the drain in the last couple of years. Most often one of the balls breaks or gets a spot before we finish a match.
From: Jeff, 11/11

Comments: I found these balls simply put and more than anything else, don't bounce consistently. (There are other issues with these balls, but their unreliable bounce is what is most important to me.)That might not be a problem if you're a mile behind the baseline and have time to adjust, but, for me, who starts his swing often before the ball hits the court, it's a big deal. I routinely half-volley shots off the baseline, and Penn balls aren't reliable for me.
From: Anon

Comments: I have been playing tennis for the last 20 years. I bought a case of Penn XD tennis balls a few months ago. They were the worst I'd ever played with. They did not bounce well at all. I hate it. Those tennis balls were terrible.
From: Gigi, WI, USA. 05/09

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