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Comments: I'm a senior player in the 55 age division. 'Solid feel at impact and laser-like precision' are the words that best describe this frame's redeeming qualities. This version plays exactly like my original Graphite 107, circa 1981. I served and volleyed with these in the 80's when my energy level was seemingly inexhaustible. As I grew older and technology grew younger I slowly found myself gravitating to frames that were lighter and a bit more powerful, leaving my old friends to collect dust. If you're in good physical condition and are willing to work hard each point to achieve proper footwork and balance, this frame will reward you every time without fail. If you can do that for the duration of an entire match, I'd encourage you to experience unparalleled performance and response from one of the greatest racquets of all time. It's a younger and stronger player's instrument of destruction. I can enjoy its full potential for only the first 20 minutes of court time -- after that I'm needing a much more forgiving frame. I just bought 2 more as I think this timeless classic is about to fade into obscurity. To me, these are the gold-standard of oversize frames. I want to experience and enjoy that excellence once again; from this point forward in my playing days, I'm going to keep one in my bag and really enjoy those first fresh 20 minutes of court time with an old friend and timeless classic, until I also fade into obscurity.
From: John, 12/16

Comments: An update from me, although currently I do not play tennis as much as before, I just ordered one more POG since I was concerned that at this unusually low price, Prince may discontinue this great racquet. I noticed that with the latest production, a couple of pounds higher string tension can produce the stability of the older versions and I am beginning to adjust to it.
From: Ali, 11/16

Comments: The POG has been the racquet I have played tennis with more than any other racquet during the last 30+ years and I still have several. But, I am puzzled with the newer productions of POG racquets. I have some very old 110 versions and a couple of the first generation oversize (when they changed the name-I guess based on 107) and bought some newer versions as well. The newer productions feel more hollow to me. I used the same string and tension and used lead tapes to make the balance and SW (both swing and static) of rackets very similar. Although I am cognizant of the age of older racquets, the two POGs I have from 20 years ago feel more stable and have more control (almost the control of great midsize rackets) compared to the newer ones (those two also play better than 110 versions I have from 30 years ago). If Prince continues making this great classic, I hope they consider using a little more graphite and a little less foam, providing they can still manage to keep the weight down to 12.1. I have been recently stringing these around 56 lbs with LU original. In any case, it has been a pleasure to play with these.
From: Ali, 9/16

Comments: I just received a couple of these and will have to lead one up as it is almost a quarter ounce lighter than the other and 3 points more headlight. The grips and paint job are nice though.
From: James, 8/16

Comments: This is an incredible racquet. I previously used the Donnay Pro One OS and whereas this racquet is somewhat similar the biggest difference is the stability of the frame and the put away power of this racquet. Absolutely fantastic from the baseline with a lot of power and control and still enough touch for dropshots, etc. It is hefty but if you can accept its weight, the rewards are like nothing found in any of the modern racquets as I have demeod them all. The biggest adjustment was on the serve as in a long match serving can be tiring but I think this is just temporary as become more accustomed to the racquet. As someone previously stated, this racquet shines when playing big servers and big hitters because of the rock solid response -- no bending of the frame or twisting. I play in the league where guys are serving 100 mph and with the Donnay the racquet was twisting, the POG solves this problem.
From: William, 3/15

Comments: Lovely frame -- although I did try a newer one and thought it had a bit more punch than control when compared to the original version (which I own). Not a bad thing, just an observation. Perhaps a modern string would be better rather than a slightly larger head size was the difference? Anyway, I think it's wonderful for such a frame to still be available as better players sometimes get too much help from their equipment which stalls their progress as players.
From: Richard, 2/16

Comments: I'm a 4.0 player with single-handed backhand and topspin forehands. I play mostly doubles. I also have some wrist pain. So I'm avoiding stiffer racquets. This racquet covers all my concerns adequately. Took me about 4 hours of hitting to get to know the racquet. I'm used to heavy racquets (12-13+ ounces) so weight is not an issue. I strung it with poly at 45 lbs.
From: George, 11/15

Comments: I have to say that I've never played with the Original 107 before so I didn't know what to expect when I orded this new iteration of that racquet. I've orded this since I'm a two hander on both sides (at the 4.5 level) and was looking for some easy depth to my game. My current stick and all time favorite so far is the Prince Tour 100 (Ferrer) but I'm always looking for something that can add extras to perfect my game. I also must say I've owned a Warrior 107 for two weeks before I went to the Classic Graphite and I found a similar experience hitting with both racquets (both strung with Luxilon 4G at 51 lbs) although I feel this Classic to be much more of a players racquet than the warrior (sold it already). This Classic doesn't feel as heavy as I expected and wanted. It's rock solid though and very powerful. It's a fun racquet to hit with. Great on groundstrokes (where I enjoyed it the most), good on volleys, average on serves (good on kick serves) and average on control. All in all, the Classic Graphite 107 is way better than the Warrior 107 but not as good as the Tour 100. So, although this is not a game changer for me it is a keeper. One remark: the smallest grip available is L2 (I use L1) and for a two hander I find the grip a little short. I can't say I'm disappointed because I'm not, I really liked the stick but not enough so I could consider a change, that's all.
From: Anonymous, 11/15

Comments: Prince masked this 107 head behind the classic look of their icon 92 and 100 square inch heads. It feels the same like the classic models, but surely it has a lot (too much) power to be a player's racquet. Nice stick for retirees.
From: Vlad, 7/15

Comments: There is a reason why they call this racquet a classic, it's been around for over 30 years and still going strong. I tried playing with the new reaquets and I keep coming back to this one -- great solid feel, big sweet spot and works well from every part of the court. I'm just glad they never stopped making this one or I'd be in trouble.
From: Shawn, 4/15

Comments: Bought two of these from TW as I missed the feel/control of a players frame (was using APD). It hits a very heavy ball with great control and volleys and serves great as well. Where it really shines is stability against hard hitters. Great buy!
From: Keith, 2/15

Comments: Great stick to any level of player. I just played singles this afternoon with a friend using this classic stick, and I got a lot of power and control. I am very much surprised. I am a 5.0 player. This is the racquet that I have been looking for many years. I used Rafa's stick, but I like this one best. I would surely recommend this stick to any tennis enthusiast. A five star rating!
From: Glenn, 11/14

Comments: I just demoed this racquet from TW, and I loved it! It was a great combination of power, ball feel, and still with good control! It was a dream from the baseline. Returning serves was easy because there was enough mass to just block the serve back deep. This racquet offers incredible power to those who can swing it fast. If I were primarily a singles player, this would be my racquet. However, my only problem is I play mostly doubles, and I find this racquet to bulky and heavy at the net. I need more maneuverability to put away volleys and quick overheads. This is a great racquet, and I am thinking of getting one to keep in my bag for singles play! I am a 30 year old 3.5 male.
From: Brandon, 10/14

Comments: This is my baby. I've used them for almost two decades. Even though it is an oversize, it is still demanding as it requires you to have a full stroke clean stroke as the sweet spot is actually smaller than some of the new sticks. The reason I always go back to these is that the feel and control are the best ever. I string mine up with Prince ProBlend at 58 lbs. It's perfect. I never found a poly setup that I cared for but some hybrids were ok. The ProBlend is perfect for my game though. For those that wonder about the latest paint job, it is exactly like the model that Prince sold as the Tour Graphite the last decade or so. I have five of them (lastest PJ, and older PJ) and they are all within 4 grams of each other and I can't tell the difference when playing with them.
From: TobyT, 10/14

Comments: An excellent racquet with great feel, however it is somewhat hard to control given the 107 square inch headsize. I never felt confident going for the lines. However, it is still a great stick with amazing plow through and mass- based power. In terms of feel and comfort, it is superior to many of the modern frames on the market today.
From: James, 9/14

Comments: I wanted to wait for 90 days to pass before lending my observations on this racquet. While I have been playing for over 40 years, this racquet never seemed to interest me much. I now play doubles exclusively after not playing much doubles at all during my younger days. So, I am a newbie POG player and a new doubles player. I have never played with a better all-round, do-everything well frame. In doubles, I have made shots around the net in the last 90 days that I have never made in 40 years. Low volleys, punch volleys, swinging volleys, overhead smashes, this frame is a monster at net. When I read Chris Edwards review, I strung it with NXT Control at 63 lbs and this combo was PERFECT. I rarely hit long and I can generate some serious spin (back and top). Not being a natural doubles specialist, I find that there are three shots I had to have in USTA Doubles Leagues -- 1. a reliable spin serve, 2. a return of serve that is compact yet generates good pace and 3. a good first volley. This racquet easily produces all of these three shots. I'm not sure I could play three sets of singles with this beast, but I can easily play doubles for three sets. OK, maybe I can't hit a running one-handed backhand down the line, but I rarely need that shot in doubles, right? My only question is "was my ego in the way of trying this oversize?" Probably. I wanted to play with a modern players stick. I realize I enjoy winning more. You should see the eyes on my opponents when they drill me with a high volley just to see me block a winner back. Priceless.
From: Mark, 8/14

Comments: I learned to play with a POG thirty years ago and have used many other racquets since (most recently the Babolat APD). After demoing this frame I felt like I was 20 years old again. It is such a smooth hitting racquet. It generates a lot of top spin and still has great feel, which is missing to today's high tech frames. I tried the 100 inch version first but it was not as comfortable to me as the 107. So, I have purchased one of these frames and I am loving every stroke. The 12+ ounces really has great plow through! And it does not feel like it is that heavy. I recommend this frame and I thank Prince for bringing back to ghost of Agassi, Chang, Coria, and my boyhood idol, Gene Mayer.
From: Mcbrat, 5/14

Comments: I have bought the Prince 100 LB, 100T ESP, Novak's stick, and 5 others this year so far. POG 107 truly surprised me today. It has the control of a 18x20 (Novak's stick) and the slice of 100T ESP (but deeper) and the feel of the Prince 100 LB. Serve wise, the 100T ESP still rules.
From: Santos, 4/14

Comments: I've managed to have held onto a few of these classics through the early 90's and onto the millennium. As the frames were re released over time, I did notice an ever so slight difference in the feel of the racquet. The shape and string patterns remained the same, only the cosmetics to be visibly different. But, the racquet has definitely changed in playability. I've heard the materials aren't quite the same as they were in the true original graphite. It's a little disappointing that Prince never really made a real up-to-date racquet that reinforced and extended the characteristics of. I'm making a transition to a modern racquet and have found a similar feel with the Yonex Vcore Xi 100. Can't really give a full review of how it's going just yet, but initially liked the feel from the first ground stroke.
From: Anon, 2/14

Comments: I've been playing with the POG OS for years. I just bought two more back in June. Out of curiosity I demoed the "new" Classic Graphite 107. I didn't notice a difference between the current POG and the Classic Graphite. It felt the same, swung the same, played with the same predictability, etc. The string hole spacing was the same unless they changed it ever so slightly. The obvious difference is the look. It's a great racquet with plenty of control, stability, and feel. Not sure why you would want to spend $30 for basically the same racquet.
From: David, 11/13

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