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Comments: I've managed to have held onto a few of these classics through the early 90's and onto the millennium. As the frames were re released over time, I did notice an ever so slight difference in the feel of the racquet. The shape and string patterns remained the same, only the cosmetics to be visibly different. But, the racquet has definitely changed in playability. I've heard the materials aren't quite the same as they were in the true original graphite. It's a little disappointing that Prince never really made a real up-to-date racquet that reinforced and extended the characteristics of. I'm making a transition to a modern racquet and have found a similar feel with the Yonex Vcore Xi 100. Can't really give a full review of how it's going just yet, but initially liked the feel from the first ground stroke.
From: Anon, 2/14

Comments: I've been playing with the POG OS for years. I just bought two more back in June. Out of curiosity I demoed the "new" Classic Graphite 107. I didn't notice a difference between the current POG and the Classic Graphite. It felt the same, swung the same, played with the same predictability, etc. The string hole spacing was the same unless they changed it ever so slightly. The obvious difference is the look. It's a great racquet with plenty of control, stability, and feel. Not sure why you would want to spend $30 for basically the same racquet.
From: David, 11/13

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