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Comments: I'm a 4.5 baseline counterpuncher. This racquet feels more modern than I expected. I've been looking for a new racquet for months now, and I've decided on this one. I'm choosing it over the Wilson Blade 98S, 6.1 and Prostaff 95S, and Babolat Pure Control Tour. I feel like It can do everything -- plenty of spin, hard flat shots, and it feels light but super stable. Check it out.
From: Julio, 4/14

Comments: I've been a POG Mid and OS user since the '87 4-stripe and this PCG-100 is a modern evolution of that lineage. It's a fast feeling stick most suitable for all courters. I felt it played stiffer than it is listed (62), it felt more like a 65-66. As others said, it is a very predictable stick in all respects and for old-skoolers it offers that extra bit of margin. It was heavy enough for me but others may need lead to cope with the biggest hitters. Kudos for retaining the classic OS oval shape in a MP. I also felt the frame's edges were fractionally squarer and less curved than recent iterations of the Mid and OS, which I liked for its enhanced classic boxy feel.
From: MAXXply, 3/14

Comments: If you want superior directional control and rock solid swing stability, this is the best racquet you'll find. The power output is almost entirely dictated by your swing speed and follow-through. Be aware that the "personality" of this frame can change dramatically with different string tensions and string types. String it too tight, and it turns into a wooden paddle. Sting it too lose, and it's becomes a ball launcher. I recommend stringing it in the mid-range with a soft synthetic gut. Once you have it tuned to your specifications, you'll never find a better racquet.
From: Jim, 3/14

Comments: Love this racquet. Solid feel from every where on the court. Lots of control and power is there if you want it to be. All court players will appreciate this racket. Predictable in all aspects!
From: Bob, 2/14

Comments: Played my first match with this racquet today, and loved it. If you're familiar with the POG 93, this is essentially a more forgiving version. More stable, more predictable but much faster than the POG OS. Overall, a really nice upgrade. Could hit super spinny shots as well as flat lazers and the slice came a little easier. My only concern is that it's a little light in stock form. I'd like to put some lead under the buttcap but it doesn't look like the buttcap is removable on these new sticks.
From: Y, 11/13

Comments: Just demoed this racquet for one week and bought one. I am very impressed, great predictability on ground strokes and serves, it puts the ball where you intended and my serves have a bit of added pop and spin. Simply put -- on groundstrokes, serves, volleys this racquet delivers what you ask of it as far as placement, pop or spin. Thank you Prince, this 100 version of the classic POG was long overdue!
From: Anon, 11/13

Comments: Chris was right when he said this frame felt very familiar when he hit with it. From the first time I used this frame, I felt comfortable in how it played. Easy to swing fast and stable, firm but not overly harsh, spinny but not overly so. Very old school as you get out what you put in with this type of frame. If you want a purist type of graphite frame, this is it. Coming from an Aeropro Drive, I'll miss the extra pop and spin, but I'll gain more confidence in swinging out and going for more of my shots.
From: J, 11/13

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