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Comments: This racquet had that classic POG control, but not its stability. In exchange, you get a lighter/thinner frame with more racquet speed. The frame is also very flexible and tends to get pushed around by the heavy hitters. But there is good news: it is extremely customizable. Double layers of lead tape at the 3/9 o'clock positions and softer/synthetic strings will make this racquet a champ. You can now stay back or go forward with it. To me, it felt horrible when strung with poly for some reason. It also generated decent spin, but nothing to write home about.
From: Ed, 3/15

Comments: I've been messing around with racquets for the past 8 years looking for "the one" (I'm honestly embarrassed to say that I've tried in the region of 18 different frames -- certified "racquet-holic" I guess). Well, I'm out of rehab and completely cured thanks to this stick. It's just perfect in every way. Thank you Doctor Prince! The irony is, I used to play with this frame in the 80's as a Junior, so I guess I've come full circle.
From: Bill, 3/15

Comments: Simply no where near to the original 4-striped POG Mid/OS or their earlier iterations. Modern construction is not always better. Stiffer material provides more power, yes, but sacrifices feel and control which is what the POG has always been about, and will always be beyond compare. The specs of this model is a mismatch with its supposed weight and simply chucks it into another Pure Drive category wannabe. I'd stick with my 1987 old faithfuls. Old is indeed always gold.
From: YW, 2/15

Comments: This racquet may have ruined me for all others. After about ten years off, and playing previously with Head Radical OSs and the POG OS, I came back to tennis. I tried new versions of other racquets, and could not dial in, and feel connected with a modern frame. Demoed this, after getting used to Mid Plus sized racquets, and felt at home immediately. Like others said, it's not a game changer; it's more like an extension of your arm. Anything you want to do, it responds to. The control is great (the pattern feels slightly less open than other Prince frames). Although it's not high powered, the swingweight responds well to a fast swing. The plow through is phenomenal.
From: Blake, 2/15

Comments: The racquet search is over! Comfortable, playable, powerful, and unbelievable feel. I'll take two of these please!
From: Ben, 2/15

Comments: Wow! Unbelievable feel and control. Comfy in every shot -- it's superb from the baseline, accurate in serves and volleys. Open string pattern adds power and spin to this frame. Not only an all time classics as this is somewhat an understatement but a racquet that advances your technique as it allows you to progress. Not suitable for lower than 4.0 players. Plenty of room for customization and it gives additional benefit to each player, although it's stock performance is great. A great racquet in all respects without thrills and gimmicks.
From: Craig, 1/15

Comments: Easy to handle and manage all kinds of shots -- easy on control and easy on elbow and shoulders. A physical extension of arm. The thin frame allows super spin and gives an awesome feel. Tried both mono and multies and synthetic gut goes along perfect. At this price, it is a must.
From: Jim, 1/15

Comments: Simply put -- this might be the very best frame ever made!
From: Steven, 10/14

Comments: For the last 5-6 years I was checking out racquets after having arm problems with my PS90 due to its head size given that I am in my mid 40s. Head Prestige Pro Microgel, YTIG Pro, Babolat Pure Storm, Speed Pro YT, IG, Graphene -- were all control racquets but their feel and playability was not just there, nor any other characteristic that could differentiate them from the flock. Dunlop 300 was kind of good in terms of playability, control and maneuverability but hard to get,so a year ago I wanted to demo a 107 POG as I was playing with them in the '80s. Unfortunately there were no OS available and I was pursued by the dealer to try the new 100 Graphite. After 15 minutes in, I started playing extremely well -- it just came out naturally. Control, feel accuracy, comfort, maneuverability get a 10/10. I would not suggest it to beginners though with short swings as its thin frame will not give the extra pop. For all-rounders and serve and volleyers who hit hard this is an ideal frame -- not to mention junior players.
From: Chris, 10/14

Comments: I have been playing for almost 25 years and would consider myself a 4.5 player that is 47 years of age. The racquet technology has changed over the last 10 years or so. With that being said, the POG 100 does not compare in terms of playability and comfort with some of other classic frames that I have played with over the years. Such as the Prestige Classic, Original Pro Staff, Head Classic Tour Midplus and the Volkl C10 Pro. I purchased the POG 100 just based upon the TW review and was quite disappointed. While the racquet was good for serving, that did not carry over to the groundstrokes. The sweetspot is quite small and the frame is extremely light and low powered. The POG will get pushed around by most of the modern racquets. The POG is jarring to the arm when you hit the ball off center. Even after adding some lead tape to 2 and 10 o'clock and changing the grip to something more cushioned, I could not hit consistent groundstrokes with this racquet. This is not a baseliner's frame as advertised by TW. It would be more suitable to a serve and volleyer due to be extremely headlight. I have not played with the LB 100 and have no interest in doing so. Lastly, I disagree with most of the comments on the POG 100. I will stay with the Head Radical Microgel OS which has superior playability and comfort.
From: Ken, 10/14

Comments: This is the real McCoy! Awesome racquet in every respect: great touch, solid feel and control in every shot. Well balanced and very maneuverable offering space for customization. All in all, a great frame for advanced players and for the ones that want to improve their game and technique. The frame is arm and elbow friendly even with monofilaments. Coming from a Pro Staff and Prestige classic frames. I strongly recommend it.
From: Jon, 10/14

Comments: Awesome! Great feel, touch and control from a true players racquet!
From: Troy, 10/14

Comments: My daughter picked this racquet for me as a birthday gift for me. I like it because she put so much effort into it based on the reviews. But it is very light and has a small sweet spot. The frame is so thin that it's rough on the elbow absorbing very little. The sweet spot is very small so that any mishits will fall short. It is a throw back design which surprises me because technology has improved on the frames. A good racquet though but there are better in that price range. The O3 for example.
From: Nick, 9/14

Comments: Absolutely impressed! Amazing balance, control and feel. Nothing else to add.
From: John, 9/14

Comments: There are a few classics that are still around: Wilson PS, Head Prestige MP, Dunlop 300, and Prince POG that have been updated to an 100 square inch head size. Still, these racquets are dominant and after switching to this one,I have figured out that not only my game is significantly improved but I can further work my shots and performance without any pain no matter the string type. I am an alll-rounder, as well as a doubles player and ex-collegiate player in my late 40s. Just a well balanced frame that won't disappoint anyone in terms of control, power and maneuverability..
From: Stacy, 9/14

Comments: Just amazing! At last a normal control racquet that gives no pain and is arm friendly. Amazing baseline strokes with absolute control allowing spin too, and same goes for serves and volleys. Serve and volley players may add some weight but I although that was my initial intention I got used to it. I honestly recommend to test drive it as it's not an all time classic but a racquet for all courters. Vibrations are out of the question and although Prince recommends a 750 power level I would widen the range. All in all, not a flashy bur a racquet with loads of character and unique feel and touch -- go check it out!
From: QC, 9/14

Comments: This racquet is almost perfect, just wish it was a tad stiffer. It can take a while to get used to this racquet but when you dial in, it's a joy to play with, especially when you're belting the ball from the baseline. You won't find a better racquet when it comes to serving accuracy, and above all the overhead smash. The Prince Graphite is also a good doubles racquet and l like the deceptively attractive paint job. Strung at 56 lbs with Dunlop Black Widow 17.
From: Joe, 8/14

Comments: Best racquet ever! Well done Prince!
From: Andre, 8/14

Comments: Definitely a great racquet. I've been around the block with many a racquet, from the Classic Prestige, to the Pure Drive, to the PS85 to PS95, to Dunlop Aerogel 200 to Pure Drive Roddick to Head Speed Pro to the Wilson Steam 99s...yet somehow along my journey I never swung with the Prince Original Graphite. What a mistake that was! This 100 inch racquet is the perfect racquet for the modern game. It has that solid feel that many modern racquets lack, but the power level is still there. It can certainly hold its own against the ever popular "tweener" racquets out there. My only complaint is that I wish it came with a leather grip, but truth be told, I kinda like the one that came with it! Definitely a must demo for any 4.0+ player out there. I love it in stock form, but there is certainly opportunities to modify this racket to suit any style of play.
From: Eric, 7/14

Comments: Amazing frame in all respects! As an ex serve and volleyer, and double handed 4.5 player at the age of 50, I I believe this is a super control-oriented racquet with the necessary pop when needed in a forgiving frame. I waved goodbye to my Prestige Pros as there were no second thoughts after a week's test drive. Sometimes technology reaches it's best and I believe that Prince finally got that. Pity that the 100 does not come with a leather grip as the 107. A must demo.
From: Stathis, 6/14

Comments: Great racquet for the 40 plus player with developed strokes. I have tried to love the more modern type frames but always miss the feel of these more old school sticks. I love the flex (although clearly stiffer than the original 107 and 90 graphite variants). I feel like I can swing away and still hit with great prescision. I do miss the more modern type players frames on serves but I feel the tradeoff in consistency and accuracy is worth it.
From: Mike, 5/14

Comments: Prince should be commended for introducing a modernized version of a real classic. For those of us that grew up using continental grips and flat strokes, this stick is a dream and the increased head size, generous sweet spot and overall comfort of the pure graphite frame are real plusses.
From: Charlie, 5/14

Comments: This "open player" is love at fist sight! The weight distribution is improved from the exo, and I pulled a teaspoon of magic from it. What more can I say! Love the price. Hit it with your heart!
From: Todd, 4/14

Comments: I'm a 4.5 baseline counterpuncher. This racquet feels more modern than I expected. I've been looking for a new racquet for months now, and I've decided on this one. I'm choosing it over the Wilson Blade 98S, 6.1 and Prostaff 95S, and Babolat Pure Control Tour. I feel like It can do everything -- plenty of spin, hard flat shots, and it feels light but super stable. Check it out.
From: Julio, 4/14

Comments: I've been a POG Mid and OS user since the '87 4-stripe and this PCG-100 is a modern evolution of that lineage. It's a fast feeling stick most suitable for all courters. I felt it played stiffer than it is listed (62), it felt more like a 65-66. As others said, it is a very predictable stick in all respects and for old-skoolers it offers that extra bit of margin. It was heavy enough for me but others may need lead to cope with the biggest hitters. Kudos for retaining the classic OS oval shape in a MP. I also felt the frame's edges were fractionally squarer and less curved than recent iterations of the Mid and OS, which I liked for its enhanced classic boxy feel.
From: MAXXply, 3/14

Comments: If you want superior directional control and rock solid swing stability, this is the best racquet you'll find. The power output is almost entirely dictated by your swing speed and follow-through. Be aware that the "personality" of this frame can change dramatically with different string tensions and string types. String it too tight, and it turns into a wooden paddle. Sting it too lose, and it's becomes a ball launcher. I recommend stringing it in the mid-range with a soft synthetic gut. Once you have it tuned to your specifications, you'll never find a better racquet.
From: Jim, 3/14

Comments: Love this racquet. Solid feel from every where on the court. Lots of control and power is there if you want it to be. All court players will appreciate this racket. Predictable in all aspects!
From: Bob, 2/14

Comments: Played my first match with this racquet today, and loved it. If you're familiar with the POG 93, this is essentially a more forgiving version. More stable, more predictable but much faster than the POG OS. Overall, a really nice upgrade. Could hit super spinny shots as well as flat lazers and the slice came a little easier. My only concern is that it's a little light in stock form. I'd like to put some lead under the buttcap but it doesn't look like the buttcap is removable on these new sticks.
From: Y, 11/13

Comments: Just demoed this racquet for one week and bought one. I am very impressed, great predictability on ground strokes and serves, it puts the ball where you intended and my serves have a bit of added pop and spin. Simply put -- on groundstrokes, serves, volleys this racquet delivers what you ask of it as far as placement, pop or spin. Thank you Prince, this 100 version of the classic POG was long overdue!
From: Anon, 11/13

Comments: Chris was right when he said this frame felt very familiar when he hit with it. From the first time I used this frame, I felt comfortable in how it played. Easy to swing fast and stable, firm but not overly harsh, spinny but not overly so. Very old school as you get out what you put in with this type of frame. If you want a purist type of graphite frame, this is it. Coming from an Aeropro Drive, I'll miss the extra pop and spin, but I'll gain more confidence in swinging out and going for more of my shots.
From: J, 11/13

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