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Comments: If you grew up in the nineties playing with 18x20 Head frames, you should definitely give this racquet a try, it has the same kind of classic feel and flex. It plays a lot like a slightly lighter and more forgiving Prestige Mid - which I think is a good thing. It also hits the best slice out of any racquet I've tried. I'm surprised there aren't more reviews of this great frame.
From: Anonymous, 2/16

Comments: Great racquet -- more stable than the Pure Storm Ltd (previous edition). Great control, amazing feel and at lower tensions (I string it at 42 lbs with a soft multi) it really shines. I cannot find anything bad about this frame at all. A hidden treasure amongst the other stiff, powerful Babolat frames. Amazing racquet in the right hands.
From: Tommy, 9/15

Comments: I have been a Babolat Pure Drive user for years, but I felt my game needed new technology and specs to reach the next level. The Pure Control 95 has done just that. It did not take long to adjust to the smaller sweet spot on the 95, but focus on good swing mechanics is definitely needed. The 95 has considerably less power than the Pure Drive, but the 95 is more maneuverable, more responsive at net, and offers much more control, hence its namesake. You will need to swing big from the baseline, but your biggest shots will stay on target. The Pure Control 95 is definitely worth a demo. I will probably purchase a second one soon!
From: Nyemike, 6/15

Comments: Not a big fan of Babolats in the past. Never cared for the wide beam or the stiffness. This one is different. Like the reviews say -- nice buttery feel with great control. On all of my previous racquets I felt like a dampener was needed; however this one felt just right without. I did not think I would ever replace the old head liquid metal; but this one has it beat! The best 18x20 racquet I have ever used.
From: John, 11/14

Comments: Alright so this frame is outstanding. String selection is paramount with this stick. I got the demo strung with Technifibre NRG2 multi in low 50s. Thankfully the string let go after about 2 hours of hitting. I restrung it not lower, but rather higher. I used Luxilon 4G at 54 in the mains and Wilson Syn Gut Power at 56. Did this frame come to life! Completely different feel. Great pop, great feel and pin-point accuracy. There are no deceptions about this frame. Its an RA of 58 for a reason. That being you better swing big from the backcourt. I found that the more pace I encountered the better this stick played. You can add or take away power at will. It served great and volleys were crisp and accurate. I did not experience any issues with plow thru but had to focus on hitting the ball clean. This frame is very comparable to my Pacific X-Feel Pro 95s, but has just a touch less power. Great player stick. For sure 4.5+ and that's being generous. I'm gonna try the new version of my current stick as well but this one is close. I'll see if I could find 3 that play the same as that is not an issue with the 3 Pacifics I have now. They really are identical.
From: Radek, 9/14

Comments: This racquet is amazing! It has control, pinpoint accuracy, maneuverability and lots and lots of feel. I found TW Chris' review very precise. The racquet is low powered, so you need full and fast swing to the ball clear the net, but, as Chris said, if you put some lead tape and lower the tension (for a full bed poly), you can get more power from it. I use 6 grams on 12 o'clock and 48/46 lbs for tension using Pro Hurricane Tour. With this setup, this thing turns into a cannon without sacrificing control and feel. For a 4.5 player, this racquet totally worth a demo.
From: Leandro, 6/14

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