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Comments: In my tennis history, I have played with a lot of racquets. The Babolat Pure Drive, Aero Drive 2013, Pure Storm Tour, Tecnifibre T-fight 325/295, and Head Graphene Speed Pro. The last year and a half I played with a Babolat Pure Control. I customized it and added 5 grams at 3 and 9 o'clock and put a leather grip on it. The feel is phenomenal. I am delighted with the comfort and softness. I can hit forehands with a lot of spin and can hit straight and hard flat balls. Serving is decent. It is excellent on volleys. A lot of control. But my two-handed backhand is bad. There is no power in the shot, there is no depth. I recently bought a Yonex VCore Tour F97 (310g) as a backup racquet and it has a large sweetspot. My backhand got immediately better, and every ball is faster, but I do not have the same control as with the Pure Control. It doesn't have the soft feel of the Pure Control.
From: Filip, 6/15

Comments: Great racquet! Someone mentioned 300g and I feel like this racquet comes closest to a modern version of it. Sweet feel, good spin and very controlled power in an 11 ounce package. The spin window feels bigger due to a more round head shape. I use this racquet with 5 grams of lead on the loop and 1 gram on the throat for more swingweight, stability and feel.
From: Anton, 3/15

Comments: I was looking for a racquet that has a perfect blend of power and control -- much like the Rebel Exo3 98 that I have been using for a while. Based on the reviews at TW, I took the plunge and bought the Pure Control. Although the power isn't as much as the Rebel but I was amazed at the control I got from this stick. It's perfect for players with big swings. If you have the intent right, you will get pin point accuracy with this stick. Serving flat was a delight but kickers needed bigger effort. My only complaint, if at all, was at the net. Otherwise, this is a fabulous frame and very accurately reviewed by TW playtesters.
From: Matt, 11/14

Comments: I was looking for a racquet that would allow me to get a better control, better feel, than the Babolat Pure Drive, and I can honestly say that I have found all that with the Babolat Pure Control. Although the head is a bit heavier than the Pure Drive, it would not take long to get used to it. The paint is really nice, and the 16x20 string pattern, will give you all that you need for these deep heavy spin shots. I was really surprise with the great feel and control at the net. Overall, I believe I have found my future racquet for the next 5 or 7 years. I am a 4.0 player. I strung with Babolat RPM Team 17g, full-bed, tension at 54 lbs.
From: Tim, 9/14

Comments: This racquet has the perfect blend of control and power. Strung with Vokyl Cyclone Tour at 56 lbs. It's a fine instrument. This will be my racquet of choice for quite some time.
From: Don, 5/14

Comments: I've been playing with the Pure Storm and in comparison to this there are significant differences in the feel and swingweight. While the specs say this is suppose to be more headlight, but the one I have has a high swingweight. The feel is bit more muted but still crisp and the frame seems slightly stiffer. I can transition to the Pure Conrol, but I just enjoy the feel more on the Pure Storms. It reminds me of the carbon X Pure Storms, so if you enjoyed those models you will probably enjoy these. I'm a baseliner at 4.5 level.
From: Jake, 4/14

Comments: I use Pure Storm. Decided to try this racquet and see if I can switch to it. It claims that it is similar to the Pure Storm. Here is what I found -- the specs are the same but it feels slightly heavier. It is more powerful, it has less control. The paint is nice. The stiffness feels the same. I tried it with the same strings and the same tension and decided not to switch for now.
From: Alex, 4/14

Comments: My racquet of choice for a decade or more has been the Dunlop 300g; I demo'd this racquet for several hours having chose it because it is fairly close to the Dunlop in terms of weight, head size and classic box beam construction. The racquet has a very consistent feel, and is quite solid -- definitely old school in a good way. I think I was pushed around less than with my Dunlop racquet, but strangely the Babolat felt much heavier than the 300g; why? I think it is heavier in the head, despite the claim that it is 3 pts head light, just like the Dunlop. Or rather, perhaps it is just less aerodynamic, and therefore more difficult to swing quickly. Certainly a little harder to come over the ball on the serve. Anyway, it's a very nice stick, but perhaps a bit beyond my skill level as a 3.5 player.
From: Peter, 3/14

Comments: I demo'd this racquet yesterday and played for about 1 hour. This racquet gives a very comfortable feeling as it has very low harshness. The shot is very powerful and very precise. The only problem I would say is this racquet has a relative small sweet zone compared to my APD plus.
From: Harry, 2/14

Comments: I've been playing with the Pure Storm GT ever since it came out and I loved the switch to the Pure Control. The highlights I find with this frame is the stability, control, and swing speed. Every shot is solid and precise; this allows for a great feel for the ball and excellent shotmaking. I was surprised that this frame did feel slightly faster through the air than the Pure Storm GT. It does help the little bit for more spin and a faster swing overall. I love this frame and I can't wait to get a second!
From: Lee, 2/14

Comments: First impression -- cool paint job and nice feel when holding it. Got my Pure Control strung yesterday with Yonex PTP at 53 lbs (the unstrung weight is 300g). Comparing this to my APD, the Pure Control is softer and thiner, giving more feel and less power. Swing fast and the spin is OK. Being the most precise racquet line in Babolat, the Pure Control has really good directional control on all shots -- serves, groundstrokes and volleys. My backhand has improved with this one in depth and corsscourt shots, and the slice with this one is just impressive! The drawback is the lower power when serving and lack of depth while being defensive. Overall, a nice control racquet with good feel, plays well and is precise at shotmaking. The lower power requires a full stroke compared to the APD. A must try if you need both control and mobility.
From: Eddie, 1/14

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