Prince Beast Vibration Dampener Customer feedback

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Comments: Looked very cool! Especially when using both of them at the same time. But, I had the same experience as Mickey below -- the eye graphic falls out easily, leaving behind a plain rubber oval.
From: Joel, 10/13

Comments: My favorite dampener and I've tried most of them over the years. Does the job well (solid feel), stays on and looks great as an extra.
From: Carl, 7/13

Comments: Independently, my friend and I bought these dampeners, the green eye part fell out for both of our racquets in the first couple of weeks and currently there are no shiny plastic eyes in the rubber. Looking for another type today.
From: Mickey, 3/13

Comments: Gets the job done and looks great! My friend played with my racquet yesterday and looked and it and I quote," What kind of shock absorber IS THAT?!". Of course he meant it in a good way, later that day he said," Man that thing looks sick."
From: Calvin, 6/12

Comments: Originally bought these because I thought the green ones looked sick on my old Prince Mono Precision 650's but after using them on tons of frames these are far and away my favorite dampener ever! The feel is just right no matter what frame I use them on and they stay put once they're put on.
From: Rob, 6/12

Comments: It works well, it may cause nightmares though. It works better than a $7 dampener I bought at a store that has a bb in it.
From: Michelle, 3/12

Comments: I love how the dampener looks. Not just looks but dampens just right too. I have this on both of my Solinco Pro 10s.
From: Luke, 11/11

Comments: I like it! Very solid, though it takes a bit more ball feel from the string bed compared to my preferred OTZ dampener.
From: Rene, 10/11

Comments: This is a great dampener. It never moves or flies off my racquet during a point. It is very solid and the best dampener I have ever used.
From: Rick, 9/11

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