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Comments: I play this and Lux ALU Power 17 and find them fairly comparable. The Beast does tend to "break in" over the first session; the strings are slick and shiny out of the bag but quickly rough up with a bit of hitting. After that, it plays with just a bit more spin and less pop than the Lux. Now that this string is so much cheaper than Luxilon, I will probably use it more. The only downsides to the Beast are the need for a break-in and that it gets stiff and brittle when it wears out. I don't break strings very often and I also don't take stringing as seriously as some players, so I usually cut mine out after about 3 months. Hard-core competitors will want to replace it even more frequently. Note that the new "flouro" version of the Luxilon is noticeably softer-feeling than the Beast, and might make a better option for someone with elbow issues.
From: Dan, 2/14

Comments: These are good strings, not great. For one, they're quite lively. Even when freshly strung, I got more pop, comparing them to my usual Cyclone strings. I actually like that aspect -- usually the new strings require a breaking-in period to reduce stiffness, but this isn't the case here. The problem is, once tension drops, the balls start spraying and serious adjustments are required. I'd say the string retains a good tension/playability for 4-5 hours (I'm a 4.0 rated player, mind you). Once it drops, they're still playable, just less, so obviously and with excessive liveliness. The feel is really nice though, similar to a hybrid but not quite as soft. It's not mushy, but not incredibly crisp -- somewhere in between, which is nice. Spin potential is ample. Not on par with RPM Blast or Lux ALU Rough, but still good.
From: Brian, 8/13

Comments: I have to say the Prince Beast XP 17g string is the best string I have ever played with. I feel solid literally on all of my shots. From my serve to my groundstrokes and at the net, it's solid all-around. The strings don't move around at all and the 17g gives me a bit more bite than the other 16g poly I was playing. After two pretty long matches, my strings don't look bad at all and I wouldn't be shocked at all if they lasted at least 2 more matches! Good job Prince, I will be buying a lot more of this string!
From: Max, 1/13

Comments: At first hit I didn't like these strings too much, so I played with my other racquet (I use the Wilson Steam and the other was strung with ZoTour). But once the ZoTour lost tension, I started to hit with these again and really like them! Great power and spin. And what I've been really looking for lately is tension retention (I play almost everyday), and in that regard, these are pretty awesome.
From: Jay, 9/12

Comments: At first contact it's like bubble gum (no control, no control, no control)! Where is the ball? Oh...on the moon!!! The worst co-poly I have ever played! I'm going back to great Pacific Poly force, X-force or X-cite. It's really other level!
From: Tom, 7/12

Comments: This string is just impossible to find a consistent power to spin range. Short shots you think your going to over hit so you swing slower and you hit with too little power and it all backfires. On a prince exo3 rebel 95(2009) this string is ridiculous. Awesome feel but no consistency. to much power, not enough softness. Try putting a multi in the crosses like technifibre nrg2 17 gauge. It softens it up amazingly and provides the feedback all open to tour level players need and want. Bitter sweet string.
From: Anon, 3/12

Comments: Great string for a poly, best poly I have ever tried. Excellent in a hybrid with Tecnifibre X-One Biphase, it is the perfect combination. Use it as a cross with Tecnifibre X-One Biphase in the mains and it won't break so quickly. Playability is better using it as a cross and also durability. Using Beast in the mains make the X-One fray quickly. Try this combination and you won't look back for sure. Rather expensive but worth it all days in the week!
From: Steff, 11/11

Comments: I've used these strings for about 2 months now. When I first started using them, they lost their tension really quickly and I didn't like that so I played with my other racquet that had older Prince Recoil strings in it. But, later I used the Beast strung racquet and really liked it! Once the strings have settled to their playing tension they seem to stay consistent. I love the feel and power that I get from them. I use them on a Prince Black O3 racquet.
From: Brett, 9/11

Comments: These are strange strings. I don't know if I like them or hate them. They perform like like stiff-multi's. It also seems as if they have to be 'warmed-up'. They just don't feel 'right' off the top, but after a half- hour of hitting, they start grooving. Strangely enough this process seems like it has to be repeated before each hitting session. Not just the first time around.
From: Klementine79, 8/11

Comments: These strings are god like on serves. I could really blast my first serve and get loads of spin. The only problem is that these string are way too powerful for me when it comes to groundstrokes. But if you have a big serve and want to have even more power on serve then I strongly recommend these strings.
From: Andrew, 7/11

Comments: This string is all about power! If you are looking for power go for it. Good tension retention and durability too.
From: Renato. 5/11

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