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Comments: I think the reasons for the different comments to the Beast XP-Strings are given by different tensions in combination with the type of racquet. I play the Beast with 27 kg on the Babolat APD 2013 and I have found my combination. For my previous racquet (Head Prestige MP 2010), the Weiss Cannon Scorpion in 1.22 fits better than the Beast XP 16. For the Prestige, the Beast XP is underpowered. On the APD 2013 I like the spin potential in combination with a great control. I compared the Beast XP on the APD with the Scorpion 1.22, RPM Blast 1.30, X-Cel 1.30 and Luxilon Savage black 1.27. The Beast XP controls the high power level of the APD and gives much confidence on groundstrokes, serves and volleys. The RPM Blast is more Spin friendly but in all other cathegories the Beast XP is better on the APD. The APD 2013 in combination with the Beast XP gives me the control of my previous Prestige racquet, but more forgiving with a larger sweet spot and fits better on serves. All thumbs up!
From: Andre, 8/13

Comments: I would say this string is a low powered soft polyester with average feel and comfort. For some reason it doesn't suit my game well as it lacks spin compared to most other polyesters on the market. The ball slides through the strings and it doesn't bite alot. I strung mine as a full set at 50 pounds on my Youtek Prestige MP. The impressive part of this string is the tension maintenance, it maintained tension for 2 weeks until it has dropped. I have also strung it as a hybird in my mains on my Youtek Prestige Pro with NXT 16 in the crosses at 54 pounds. This was a pretty decent setup and it gives a soft responding feel while mixing it up with a more powerful string like the NXT.
From: Anderson, Hong Kong, 2/13

Comments: I had high hopes for this string from a lot of reviews online. You can't always believe what you read, that's for sure. I did not like this string. My son used this in practice today and it popped in about an hour. He uses the Vcore Tour 89 and the tension was 53 lbs on the crosses and 56 on the mains. He hits a very heavy ball with tons of topspin with a lot of bite. We tried it after reading reviews about durability and access to spin. I guess we are headed back to the drawing board because the Kirschbaum Super Smash 16 1.30 just wasn't doing the job either.
From: Pops, 1/13

Comments: This string is perfect for me. I love the feel and control on this one. I found this one very durable and the tension hold is there too. I strung this one in my Head Youtek Extreme Pro at 59 lbs and it is very powerful. This string will be my no.1 for the moment because I found this one to be very very good. Players out there who are power players and also looking for a great control you should try this one, and for sure you will not regret it.
From: Charles, 12/12

Comments: I have tried so many string to find the best. I usualy broke strings every 2 weeks, but this holds up to 4 weeks now. I found it - THE BEAST XP! It gives power, feel, and durability. I was so in love to this string so I bought 10 of it. But now the big problem is I just have TENNIS ELBOW really bad. Is anyone having the same problem as mine? I do not belive it causes my tennis elbow but just want to see if any players out there have same problem when swiching to Beast XP. Your comments is much appreciated.
From: Anon, 6/12

Comments: This string is amazing! I think I'm going to stick with this string for a while! I use it in my Wilson BLX Blade 98, and it does a great job of adding spin without taking away the precision from the 18x20 pattern. Extra power too! I've had the same set for about two months, and I didn't feel like restringing until now. It's also a comfortable string, especially for a poly.
From: Brandon, 5/12

Comments: It plays so similar to the Red Code, the only different is the beast is a lot softer. Impressive tension maintenance, good pocket, good feel, high power level, and average spin. It's my favorite string now. (The string isn't stiff at all, it's actually pretty soft for a polyester but because it holds tension so great: people mistakenly think it is stiff as a wooden board...just lower its tension 3 or 5 lbs if that's the case).
From: Jack, 3/12

Comments: This string feels incredibly stiff like hitting with a 2x4. I couldn't believe it so I let my friends hit with it. We all agreed the string was the stiffest we could find, however, it wasn't a bad string. It gets a lot of power and decent spin. My reference point is Isospeed Baseline.
From: Joshua, 10/11

Comments: I really like these strings, but the strings last 4 or maybe 5 days. So I stopped buying them cause I'm not gonna spend money for strings that last 5 days max.
From: Jandro, 9/11

Comments: I am not impressed with this string! Could not produce the same kick on my serve, could not produce my usual top spin on my groundstrokes, and my power level went down. The string felt stiff, and would not pocket the ball as with other poly's.
From: Brandon, 9/11

Comments: This string has nice power, control, and durability. However, it feels stiff and firm.
From: Steven, 9/11

Comments: I kept thinking this string is going to be stiff during stringing, however, it plays super soft. Basically, the Beast XP is soft, comfort, powerful, average control, and has average spin. Weird thing is this string plays similar to multifilament string but has better durability and lack of feel. Good string for 18 x 20 low power racquet, too lively for open string patterns. (PS. Make sure to string it as tight as your multifilament setup or add 2-4 lbs more than your regular polyester setup.)
From: Jack, 9/11

Comments: If you like Luxilon ALU Power but wish it had better tension maintenance and are willing to accept a little more stiffness (and a color that will make you think of "The Exorcist") as part of the bargain, this string is worth a shot. Plenty of spin and tension stability, but not a lot of what people usually call "pocketing," that sense of the strings cradling the ball. Pretty comfortable for its stiffness, ample power.
From: Mike, 7/11

Comments: Control: 6/10. Great depth control in Control sticks. Power: 9/10. Really good power, I was sure not to string it too low as I didn't want to be playing baseball with these strings. I recommend 55+. Spin: 6/10. Really pretty average. I could get really good spin if I tried, but I really have to TRY. Durability: 8/10. String this one carefully and you won't be disappointed! It lasts a bit. I think it's great. Comfort: 5/10. A little stiff and needs a little more texture, but still pretty average for this type of string and what you get for sacrificing comfort. I have this string on my stiff Exo3 Rebel and it works WONDERS for this little control racket. Overall: I personally would give it a 7-8/10, but I think it deserves a 6-7/10. I love the power on this string on my control rackets and to blast deep shots. If I need to hit a spin shot I can always just switch my grip a little and swing a little differently. This string is a Must Try in my book if you are looking for Depth with Quality control on shots.
From: Nick. 7/11

Comments: This string is unreal! I got it as a demo string and loved it. It excelled in all categories. I let a friend try it out for a week, and he loved it also. I wish the cost was a litter lower, and am not crazy about the color (Frankenstein green) besides that it is a great string! Good job Prince!
From: Dennis, 7/11

Comments: Just a great overall string. I would best describe this string as well rounded, it doesn't excel in any area rather it is good in all areas. I still prefer Pro Hurricane Tour though, especially since it has more spin than this.
From: Anonymous. 6/11

Comments: This is a great string one of the best polys on the market at an acceptable price. Strung my Dunlop Biomimetic 500 Tour with a full bed at 54/54 lbs and the results gave me great feel, touch, excellent access to spin and plenty of pop without sacrificing any control. String movement was virtually zero, will be using this for now on instead of my usual Wilson natural gut and ALU Rough. Both set up perform very well but Prince Beast wins for me due to, less string movement, better tension retention, durability and of course the cost. All you Tecnifibre and Luxilon full bed poly users should give this a go you will not be disappointed.
From: Tony, (5.5 all court player). 6/11

Comments: This is an awesome string. I used it for my last tournament in district but had to play with them a little in practice since it does give much more power than usual and my racket is already a high powered racket (Prince Exo3 White). It's an awesome string though it gave me amazing spin, it's one of those strings that you hit and when you think it's going out, it has so much spin that it just goes in. Awesome spin and durability, lasted me almost a whole three weeks, definitely will buy them again!
From: Guillermo. 5/11

Comments: Man, I can get loads of topspin and power but I'm not getting any control! Generally, I play all flat but now even if I try to move the ball just a bit to the right or left it will go out! It's extremely frustrating because what I was used to do with Prince Synthetic Gut with Duraflex is just not there anymore! The good thing, however, is that again, you get loads of spin. For me, using topspin or slice is the only way for me to get the ball in, and it does produce that spin that I needed. I was also very pleased with the tension maintenance as I've had the strings for about two weeks and the tension has not changed at all. The string also is very easy on your arm and I do have tennis elbow every now and then but so far my arm has been fine with these strings. I think next time I string I'll try a hybrid of these strings and synthetic gut from prince.
From: Sean Smith. 5/11

Comments: Not a bad string at all but does not excel in any one particular category. Spin, power, feel, etc., were all good but not great. I give it a 6.7/10
From: Anon. 5/11

Comments: It a good string that is comparable to Luxilon Big Banger Alu Power. It gave a reasonable amount of power. However, I had a tough time generating spin. I usually hit lots of top spin shots but with these I had to change my swing in order to keep the ball in the court.
From: Michael C, New York, New York, USA. 4/11

Comments: I used a hybrid of the Beast and a synthetic gut and it gave the racquet a little extra power but kept the ball in control, if this string is too powerful for you, try this.
From: Philipp, San Antonio, Texas, USA. 4/11

Comments: I had these strings put on my racquets, and I was impressed with the performance of them. First, these strings have a 'soft' feel to them with a good balance of power and control. The power is equivalent to a much stiffer string, but it's easier on your elbow. At the baseline, these strings allow you to take a full swing with nice control producing decent amounts of spin. At the net, these strings are outstanding, as they feel and control better than your typical poly. These strings don't have a noticeable weakness, with a good combination of tension maintenance, power, and control. I definitely think the performance justifies the price. If you want a 'jack of all trades' string, this an outstanding choice.
From: Robert, Woodbridge, VA, USA, 03/11

Comments: I strung the prince beast xp on a blx six one team at 59. I came from using the Tecnifibre red code string. Hitting for the first 20 minutes, the string felt horrible, balls went everywhere, there was no feel, and too much power. Then I adjusted to the strings. All I had to do was slow down my swing speed, and I could control the ball with amazing accuracy. Even by slowing down my swing speed, I used up less energy making me last longer and my shots went equally as fast. Now the spin on this string is awesome. I can chose to hit super flat with no topspin, or I can choose to do the buggy whip forehand (what Nadal does) with extreme topspin. Both of them felt great, so now I have both shots on my arsenal. I use a one handed backhand and there was nothing bad about the string. I guess it's just my backhand because the shots are the same with any string I use. I could control it well and my dropshots were more effective with this string.
Volleying with this string was exceptional. The balls went fast and deep and it was very easy to place the ball. My serve was a lot better with this string. Usually I would just hope that my serve would go in, but with this string, the moment my racket hits the ball, I know if its a good serve or not. This gave me lots of easy judgment on what was coming next from the opponent (slow shot, slice). The string keeps tension great with no worries about that. I'm looking forward for a 17 or 18 gauge though, the 16 gauge didn't seem as responsive as it should have been.
Overall, this string makes your play very natural and fun too. Definitely a string to buy a reel of or continue with. Prince Beast XP all the way!
From: Kartik, Cupertino, CA, USA, 03/11

Comments: I recently got the Prince beast xp strings put in my racket at 57 pounds. This string offers a great amount of power, control, spin, and durability. I've used the Babolat RPM's before and the Prince Beast Xp is just a better overall string. The string is worth it to get put in your racket. I highly recommend you give this string a try.
PS. If you do not have a fast swing you will not like the string that much.
From: Kenny, Kennesaw, GA, USA, 03/11

Comments: I will try to make this a decent review on this string. My first impression of the strings was that is had a lot of power. Before Beast XP I used Prince Hybrid Spin 3D so I wasn't expecting a lot of power in the first place. It doesn't produce a lot of spin but it is just enough. At first you will be hitting balls to the fence but once you are used to the strings and power you will be able to control it and your shots will land beautifully with good power and decent spin. I would've liked some more spin coming off the strings but I'm very happy about these. The pop may sound different but I like it more in my opinion. It sounds louder and when you make contact with the ball it seemed very smooth with not much shock. I would recommend this string or you should at least give it a try and stringing it at a mid high tension.
From: Quan, N. Richland Hills, TX, 03/11

Comments: This string is the best poly string I have ever hit with, provides great control and is worth the price. Huge fan of this string I recommend anyone to buy it. PRINCE BEAST!!
From: Luis, Reedley, CA, USA, 03/11

Comments: This string is overrated in my opinion. I went to get my Pure Drive Roddick strung and they were out of my Big banger ALU power. They said this was the next best thing. I agreed to the string and researched it. I was disappointed by the results. It didn't give as much spin as I wanted. There was a little too much power for my groundies with a lack of necessary spin. I have a full western grip. If you are going to string your racket with this I would string it 1 lb looser. Overall a decent string, but I was expecting more.
From: Will, TX, USA, 03/11

Comments: They did an excellent job with all the hype and marketing; but this feels like a complete waste. I could not feel anything coming off the racquet. Like many reviewers here, I would have preferred additional texture like Alu Rough or RPM Blast. It feels like softer Head Sonic or Hurricane. I strung this in full at 53lb on K6.1 95. In my first few hits, I had absolutely no control and blasted balls all over the court...It required a bit of adjustments to keep the ball in the court with a good depth. It was really hard to hit consistent groundstrokes. Going back to my regular set up soon.
From: Big T., Toronto, ON, Canada, 03/11
(4.0/4.5, all court player)

Comments: Too much, this string is really bad; Prince went over board with the power you get from this string. My game is all-around and controlling the ball is insanely easy for me, but with this string I had trouble even hitting in the middle of the court. The RPM Blast (which I see a lot of people have compared this to) in my opinion is better, it gives you power, but its a reasonable amount of power. I'll be going back to the RPM Blast next time I string my racquet
From: Jaylen, Chaska, MN, USA, 02/11

Comments: Great string, better than blast. Worth the price.
From: Jay, NJ, USA, 02/11

Comments: Great pop. Looked good. Added a significant amount of power to my shots and felt great. The only thing I would want to make me 100% love this string is some sort of texture or a way of creating more spin because that is what it lacked, spin (I hit flat but just so my kick serve has a little extra).
From: Victor, Chino Hills, CA, USA, 02/11

Comments: I strung it at 52 lb. on a Slazenger Phantom Tour braided racquet, 95 HS, 11.5 oz, 8 pts HL, Stiffness 64, 16 x 19. My initial impression was not good. The ball felt as though it was hitting a board and the control was terrible. Feel was lacking. However, it did have good power (too good, balls were sailing) and pretty good spin. I'd like to try it on a different racquet, but I'm pretty happy with RPM Blast 17 gauge.
From: Diana, Woodside, NY, USA, 02/11

Comments: I was play testing these strings and it was something I've never experienced. I've played with a full bed of polys before. It was great, but it hurt my arm from the shock. Using the Beast XP strings on my Prince Rebel Team was all the control I could ask for. I could take a huge swing while running and pull a passing shot precisely where I wanted it to go. I'm a big hitter but I also like to play with spin. My flat serves cut through the air while my kick and slice serves bounced and pulled away from my opponent. This poly is soft, but provides enough feel to know exactly where your ball is going to go. No shock absorber needed for me.
From: Josiah, West Covina, CA, USA, 01/11

Comments: POW, KABOOM, BLAM! Remember all your super hero descriptions as they battled? The Beast is.........a Beast! Ball literally explodes and it's got power and precision. 16 gauge, strung with 60+ lbs on 94si racket. Did NOT feel like a board, huge power, huge control. If you are a current poly player, you HAVE to try these strings. I've tried almost everything from Luxi and so forth, these Beasts.........are for real. Spin, power and control.
From: Rhandy, Glendale, CA, USA, 01/11

Comments: Polys all have different characteristics, and not everyone who uses poly looks for the same thing, so I will just tell you about the string itself. Compared to other polys it's good in tension maintenance, average in control, below average in touch/feel, below average in power, below average in spin, below average in comfort. With that being said, it felt a little like MSV Focus Hex, which, in my opinion, is a better string, and is half the price of Prince Beast. Would recommend if not for the outrageous price tag; you could get Alu Power/Power Rough for a couple bucks more. But if you insist, it's a pretty good, true-to- it's-roots polyester string. Not for players who want a syn gut-like poly.
From: Anon, 01/11

Comments: I got this from Talk Tennis/Tennis Warehouse during the 361 Nation play test in a 17g and a 16g fr 361 (or shall I say Prince). Strung @ 60 lbs on a 16x19 90si 10 pts HL 12.8 oz Mizuno Turbo Pro with the string pattern getting very dense in the sweet spot. No regular string as of yet on this particular racquet.
This being a very low powered/thin beamed racquet and the string done at a high tension, a proper full swing was called to get decent action. You could wail on the ball and it would rarely fly (pending it wasn't a miss-hit). I'm sure that this string would be pretty powerful for a poly had it been strung at a lower tension like 53 or so.
There was good feel and control with this string. Not as much bite as shaped strings but enough to make you happy. Tension maintenance was what really shined if I was to pick out one particular detail of this string.
The green was really cool and made my grey boring racquet come alive with a fresh green Prince overgrip. I would consider this again and would like to try in a hybrid and also would like to see maybe a rough version of this string come out.
From: Nathan, CA, USA, 01/11

Comments: This string is simply put, incredible! Got a set off warehouse as a demo/review and couldn't get enough of it. Normally I prefer a 17g but this is an exception. Once I started using it I noticed an increase in spin on forehand and kick serves. Feel at the net and on slices from baseline is sweet. Durability is also pretty good, got in about 12-15 hours of hard hitting with very minimal tension loss before breaking. So glad tennis warehouse picked the string up, will look forward to purchasing for a while to come 10/10
From: Luke, Gilbert, AZ, USA, 01/11

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