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Comments: I have now played the PB 10 mid for one year and now use it as my first racquet (the C10 Pro is my second). In comparison to the C10 pro I like the enhanced maneuverability and the faster swing speed, which is probably caused by the thinner frame and helps a lot on serve. The control is very good and only overmatched so far by the Wilson Pro Staff 6.0 85 and the Pacific X feel pro 90 vacuum, but which both are less foregiving due to their smaller head sizes. I have now experimented quite a bit with stringing, but always stayed with a full poly setup (Babolat RPM Blast). I started with 57 lbs and stayed with it for a while. Then I went up to 59 lbs, but regretted the choice immediately. The string bed felt too stiff and the balls landed short plus control at short balls was gone. Now I lowered the tension to 54 lbs and like it a lot. This opened the string bed and the racquet now feels ultra comfortable and provides lots of touch and spin. It also made the racquet more foregiving, especially under pressure. This setup together with a long smooth stroke provides enough power from the baseline to play aggressively. I use the DNX base grip which is provided with the racquet and gives lots of comfort. As an overgrip I used V Tac for quite a while, but was not totally satisfied. At times it felt like the racquet twisted in my hands. Two weeks ago I stumbled over the Yonex Super Grap overgrip during a play test and immediately loved it. It gives me an extremely safe feeling even when I sweat a lot. I can highly recommend this racquet to everybody who likes to play tennis. I use a one handed backhand and a continental grip on the forehand. My current string setup: Babolat RPM Blast at 54 lbs/24 kg and grip: DNX base grip, Yonex super grap overgrip.
From: Christoph, 2/15

Comments: Just got the prior version to replace my Becker 11 Mid. To echo others, this is more agile and maneuverable which helps with the slightly smaller sweet spot due to half inch narrower. Plow through is slightly less but fast swings resolve that. Ordered unstrung to put my V Torque 17 with Focus Hex 18 at 47 lbs but came with V Twist 17 at 50 lbs (Thanks TW for the free string). Once dialed in getting spin and slice and power when wanted. Will update when switched to poly. Very easy on the arm.
From: Michael, 11/14

Comments: Absolutely love this frame. While the power is not substantial in stock form, I have added 8 grams of lead to the sides and have strung it with Goldenset powercord (mains) and Forten sweet 16 (cross) at 54/53 lbs and with a leather grip -- it's a beast. Now it is just as powerful as my BB11 mid and more agile. Slices are great, topspin and depth easy to come by, pin point accuracy and most of all incredibly easy on the arm (right strings/tension help too). Both sticks made me a better player. Make no mistake, this is a demanding stick but has plenty of power, control and feel if you know how to harness it.
From: Partha, 6/14

Comments: This racquet is butter and the best I've ever hit with. For comparison, the Blade 93 had comparable control with less power and less comfort (stiffer), overall not nearly as good. It's ideally for a one handed backhand all-court player with a more traditional game. Im a 4-4.5 NTRP one handed-backhander with a continental grip on my forehand.
From: Tony, 6/14

Comments: Been using these racquets for the past couple years. I'm a solid 4.0 player, dabbling in higher competition. With a small head, it obviously doesn't lend itself to less experienced players for mishits, nor does it have a big sweet spot. But I like the agility and maneuverability of the racquet. Have tried various other brands over the years, but Volkl is the only one that really has great vibration dampening tech in their racquets. I never have tennis/shoulder/joint strain from playing them. I can really whip the ball around the court. My shots are a bit slower than I'd like them to be, but I care more about control than power, which makes this racquet a perfect fit for me. I've purchased five of these from the TW boards, so I will be playing these for a while.
From: Chris, 5/14

Comments: Based on the earlier model (2011). If this new version plays like the yellow and black one, this racquet is simply amazing. Plows through heavy balls from the opponent, amazing spin, great topspin or slice, awesome volleys. Compared to Babolat Pure Storm Limited GT (18x20), way more power, way better spin. Compared to Wilson Classic 6.1 (my previous favorite), better plow through, better spin, better volleys, possibly not as good on serve. That might be the only place it is not as good, though even that is a marginal difference.
From: Daniel, 3/14

Comments: I have the older version of these racquets and the new all black version seems slightly heavier. Anyone else experienced this?
From: Dean, 3/14

Comments: I have used this Volkl since 2011. I love everything about it. You can get a big heavy deep ball of the forehand side with little effort. This stick is great for a one handed backhand player. My slice is always low and deep and I can get easy power off my topspin. I get lots of spin while serving and it's a very accurate racquet in every phase of the game. I am a 4.5 using Luxilon ALU Big Banger Rough in the mains and NXT Tour 17 G in the crosses at 55 lbs.
From: David, 2/14

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