ProKennex Kinetic Pro 7G Racquets Customer feedback

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Comments: I love this racquet. The control it has is amazing -- great pace, easy to volley with, and lots on the serve. I went 15 minutes without missing a groundstroke. So it is very consistent. Not to mention, ridiculously arm friendly. I've demo'd many racquets lately -- the Yonex DR 98, 2015 Blade 18x20, TT 95 Tour, Pure Drive Tour, Pure Control Tour. This thing blows them all away. Highly recommend you give it a demo.
From: Morgan, 3/16

Comments: The Pro 7G is a fantastic racquet. Took the KI 5 315, the KI 5x (updated version) and the Pro 5G all out for a spin in search of an elbow friendly frame due to TE, and the Pro 7G beat them all out for comfort, control, and overall playability. Initially thought the Ki 5x being the updated version would be a better frame, but no, it felt sluggish and slightly less maneuverable over the Pro 7G. If you have elbow or shoulder pains, are getting a little "older" in the joint department, but still want a solid frame that will allow to still "feel" the ball like some of the older 90's frames, don't overlook this great frame. I hope Pro Kennex continues to offer this fantastic frame for years to come.
From: Gordon, 2/16

Comments: This is the best combination of power and control that I've come across so far and I have tried many racquets. I love the feel and comfort too.
From: Jordan, 6/14

Comments: I am 17 and play varsity and Junior USTA with this racquet injury free for a second year. I hit 110 mph serves and heavy groundstrokes. Excellent power and good control without sacrificing my health. I string them with poly in the low 50 lbs. Unfortunately, I am facing a tough task finding replacement for PK7g. Two racquets broke at the connection of the lower bridge to the hoop. TW nicely honored the warranty, but the last one broke above the handle and it is out of the warranty period. Either these racquets are not made for competitive tennis or ProKennex has dropped their quality significantly for the last few years.
From: Yani, 4/13

Comments: The racquet broke just above the handle on a misshit. I've not seen this on any other racquet. But other than that it has been fine.
From: Ionut, 4/13

Comments: Excellent racquet! Great control and good power. I've been using this racquet for singles and doubles (4.0 level) for over half a year. I switched to this racquet after experiencing wrist problems with another racquet (Babolat Aero Pro Drive +). After some rest and the switch, my wrist feels like new (some credit might also go to the new strings - Gamma Live Wire XP at 60 lbs). I highly recommend this racquet even if you don't have arm/wrist problems, but if you do, this racquet may be the cure you're looking for!
From: John, 3/13

Comments: Demo'ed it tonight and hit for an hour or so and really liked it. It feels more comfortable than the 66 flex rating. Better than the BLX Tour for everything except return of serve.
From: Anon, 7/12
String type: Wilson Sensation

Comments: Demoing this as part of my latest shipment of racquets from TW and am pretty disappointed. I tried the newer Ionic Ki 5x in my last batch and liked it a lot but saw so much feedback saying that this was the superior stick that I decided I had to try it and if it were true I'd have a keeper with a better paint job and a lower price. Unfortunately this stick feels way, way, way lighter swinging than the Ki 5x did to me. It's not a bad racquet if you like something that swings light and it was still extremely comfortable but it just didn't have that lovely plow-through I found with the newer model. I've heard some pretty horrible things about PK's quality control, so maybe this particular stick is on the light side but I'm not a huge fan of having to lead up a frame to enjoy it so I'll not be purchasing any of these.
From: Rob, 5/12

Comments: Comments: Pro Kennex, please don't ever stop making this classic frame. So, so good from everywhere on the court, but especially for baseline bashing. One of the only extended frames where you rarely feel the extra length, as it swings easily but stays so solid through the contact zone to hit consistently deep, heavy shots that remain so controlled. Amazing 16x20 pattern gives a blend of spin and control. The fact that this thing is an arm saver is simply the cherry on top of all the other good stuff. This thing is, was and will always be a beast.
From: Josh, 4/12

Comments: It was an epiphany. If you want to hit like Federer, don't buy Federer's racquet. You don't have his strokes, you don't have his body. We're all very prideful and don't want to buy so-called "intermediate-level" racquets. We want what the players use, because that's what we aspire to be. But we'll never be Federer. This racquet has three tremendous advantages -- it's extremely comfortable and easy on the arm (I don't care who you are or how strong you are -- that is exceedingly important, as this is a wear and tear sport that has beaten down even the greatest of athletes), it gives your shots a nice extra pop, and it has an extra 1/2 inch of length which I suspect most people probably wouldn't notice but certainly would benefit from (it has noticeably helped my backhand). We can't be Federer, but we can at least get a little secret boost wherever possible and put lifts in our shoes and stand on our toes and try to get closer to him. Strung it up with cheap, ordinary Wilson syn gut at 53 lbs, and it's an absolute pleasure to play with, and I assure you, when you're destroying people on your local courts who are swinging Djokovic's low powered racquet with every ounce of their strength, no one will suspect you're using an "intermediate-level" racquet. Your 75 mph winners that feel like butter off your racquet will look plenty advanced compared to their 50 mph spinners.
From: CA, 3/12

Comments: I'm 59 years old and a 4.0 player. Over the last 6 months I've been playing with a Liquidmetal 4 Mid Plus. Have loved the racquet and it really helped improve my game but over that time period my arm has developed increasing pain following play and lasting several days. Saw a physical therapist a few days ago and decided to look back into the ProKennex line of racquets. 12 years ago I had purchase a 5G and enjoyed playing with it but it seemed to lack power and I moved on to some other racquets with a bit more power but never finding one that was arm friendly for me. After reading the customer feedback and review for the 7G I decided to give it a try, as it seemed to address the two areas of concern for me: arm friendly (which I knew it would have) and solid play with a bit more power than the 5G. I had it overnighted, strung with Gosen OG Micro 17 at 62 lbs. so I could use it today. After 1 1/2 hours of doubles play my arm is literally pain free with full range of motion! The racquet was awesome in all aspects of my game! A little less forgiving than the Liquidmetal (I'll have to move my feet more ;-)) but the arm and shoulder therapy is irreplaceable. I think I'm ProKennex for life!
From: Steve, 3/12

Comments: Just tried the 7g and 5g for the first time and I became a believer of Pro Kennex. Both racquets are surprisingly easy to maneuver for their static weight, just like a 11oz stick but with more stability. Only problem is I cannot decide which one I like more, the 5g has a bit more solid feel and you can hit out with no fear, but the 7g gives you an edge, it allows you to do ridiculous stuff on the court. I wonder if the updated models are near as good as these two classics, too bad I discovered them in my 40s.
From: Gus, 2/12

Comments: This racquet is fantastic. I have been having aches in my hand which long story short was because of me using the Babolat AeroPro Drive. I decided to give this racquet a shot and what a good decision that was. The feel and control is great. I also tried the Prince Tour 100, but this is my preferred replacement to the Babolat.
From: Maon, 12/11
String type and tension: Babolat Blade, 58 lbs
NTRP Rating: 4.5

Comments: I am in love with this racquet from the time I started hitting with it. I tried both Ki 5x and 7G. Ki 5x felt stiff compared to 7g. This racquet helped me get more control, better two handed backhands and a good amount of power on servers and forehands. Only problem I had is at the net, I had a hard time hitting overheads because of the additional handle length. it is very easy on arm too.
From: Bob, 10/11

Comments: Surprisingly, this is one fine racquet! I was previously playing with stiffer racquets and developed a serious wrist injury. I really thought I was going to have to give up playing. Then I was recommended the ProKennex. I was not very optimistic and skeptical about their Kinetic technology. But from day one with playing with the 7G I've had absolutely no wrist pain. Playability is superb. It has great power and my backhand down the line shot has never seemed better - nice accuracy. I'm predominately a baseline player so I like the extra length of the 7G (compared to the 5G which is a little shorter but just as nice of a racquet). I'm still testing different strings but the Pro Supex Synth Gut Titan 17g has a very nice feel with good pop and extra spin. I highly, highly recommend the 7G - ProKennex knows how to make top quality racquets. Doubt me? Demo one!
From: Russ, 9/11
String type and tension: Pro Supex Gut Titan 17G at 50-55lbs
NTRP Rating: 4.5

Comments: After I strung this racquet with Natural Gut 17g (Titan) in the mains and Quasi gut 17g in the crosses, it became my favorite racquet. It is very comfortable, very powerful, very spin friendly, and very maneuverable. I currently have KI-5 PSE and 5G both strung with Natural Gut hybrid (multi crosses).
From: Charles, 9/11
String type and tension: 44/40 lbs
NTRP Rating: 4.5

Comments: Update from below post. After almost a month of using the 7G I'm playing pain free with only mild soreness of the elbow the next day. I've found that Tecnifibre Biphase is a little stiffer than the demo strings and has negated some of the tennis friendliness, but only slightly with much better control. The racquet is more predictable with it.
From: Sean, 9/11
String type and tension: 17g Tecnifibre Biphase at 60lbs
NTRP Rating: 5.0

Comments: After shoulder surgery many years ago I started using the 5G, but it needed weight added. After all 3 frames eventually cracked, I got the bug for a new racquet. I played pain free with some stiffer racquets and ended up with the short Roddick racquet. I ended up developing excruciating tennis and golfers elbow. I demoed all the ProKennex sticks, except the 5G, and I think the Black Ace 98 is the best racquet they make. It hits like butter, but I still had some pain while playing with it. The 7G was a close second for playability, though a little stiffer feeling, though I had almost no pain at all playing with it. Maybe after 6 months of playing with it I'll try the Black Ace again, but until then, the 7G has saved my tennis game.
From: Sean, 8/11
String type and tension: Biphase 17 at 58 lbs
NTRP Rating: 5.0

Comments: This racquet saved my arm! It also made me a better player. I love the control and the feel when I drive through the ball. I've been playing with it for about three years. I play tested a Babolat Pure Drive for three sets two weeks ago and my arm hurt for days, so I've decided this is it for me. I'm 5'10 and never been able to hit a flat serve reliably until I got this racquet, that 1/2 inch makes al the difference.
From: Kevin. 6/11
String type and tension: Babolat VS Gut @ 60 lbs
NTRP Rating: 4.0

Comments: This is my favorite racket and I have tried many different brands! I love the feel of the ball bouncing off the frame & this racket is solid! I added a couple, -inch lead tape strips at the 12noon section of the racket to help with balance. I plow through the ball on all my shots!
From: Money D, St. Louis, MO, USA, 01/11
String type and tension: Luxilon Big Banger rough 59lbs
Headsize: 7G 100
NTRP Rating: 4.0+

Comments: After having elbow and shoulder problems at age 62, decided to order this racquet after reading feedback. I made the mistake of having it strung with cheap, dead strings and the racquet was dead. Had it restrung with my string of choice, Prince Premier Softflex at the low end of tension and the racquet came alive. I now get amazing spin, placement, depth, and I am one happy tennis player. I do believe it's arm friendly, but the play is the thing. I will buy another one in the near future for tournament play. Love it.
From: Pasqual, Phoenix, Az 02/10
String type and tension: Prince Premier Softflex 16 G
NTRP Rating: 4,0

Comments: This racquet is simply amazing. Yes it is arm friendly as all get out but even if you were to take that away, it would still be an incredible playing stick that rivals the pure drive, aeropro drive and even other players sticks from Wilson, Prince, Head, etc. I've had friends try and buy this racquet and amazingly they spanned a diverse racquet demographic. I've had Wilson K 6.1 90 players adore this racquet, and also users of some of the Babolat sticks. You name it and this does it well spin, good pop for a players stick, excellent weight distribution and plow through, serving is excellent, and on and on. Most folks that have tried mine have just been amazed and wondered why more folks weren't using this stick. You're seriously doing yourself a disservice if you don't at least demo this racquet it is honestly that good. I demoed dozens of sticks and this was my choice. Because it just plays incredibly well, and feels good while doing it!
From: Jeff, N. Attleboro, MA USA 01/10
String type and tension: MSV focus hex, 60 lbs
Headsize: 100
NTRP Rating: 3.5 - 4.0

Comments: I have been using this racket for at least 6 years. It is a great racket and I hope they do not stop making it for a long time. It feels great on the arm and I would say it helps mainly if you already have well developed strokes. I had demoed many rackets prior to buying and it was a definite winner. It is heavier than most rackets out there and again for the "player" that suits me fine.
From: Tony, Canada 12/09
String type and tension: I use half VS natural gut and half synthetic nylon
NTRP Rating: 5.0

Comments: BELIEVE - I had tennis elbow pretty bad for over 2 months, (using Wilson NCode 5) and after reading all the reviews, I purchased this racquet. After playing for 2 weeks, I can say - it's amazing. I am playing 6 days a week, and now can play without any fear of pain. AND, it has amazing feel, pop, and spin. What a racquet! Thanks for everyone's input - this meant a lot to me, and saved my FUN!
From: Loretta, NC, USA - travels and plays on all surfaces. 10/09
String type and tension: Head Rip Control 16g @ 58#
NTRP Rating: 3.0

Comments: I just bought a Wilson K5 108 and it blew the PK 7G out of the water in terms of comfort. I have had the PK 7g for about a year and I prefer it over my 5g. I then bought a Wilson K5 108 and again I am very glad I did. It is much more comfortable and more powerful than my 7G.
From: Charles, burnaby, bc, canada. 9/09
String type and tension: Iso-speed pro 17g@45 lbs
NTRP Rating: 3.5

Comments: After a 15 year layoff from playing I decided to get back into it. I still had my 18 year old Wilson Profile 2.7 and, while it felt familiar I needed a new racquet since I have a really bad shoulder now. I chose the Kinetic Pro 7G due to the technology and reviews and am not disappointed. It feels great on my shoulder, has nice pop, and great control. Spin is also easy to obtain as well. Great racquet!
From: Tony, Nixa, MO 09/09
String type and tension: Ashway Crossfire II 16 Kevlar
NTRP Rating: 4.5

Comments: I used the 7G today and I am glad I bought it. I have been using the 5G for the last 10 months due to a severe TE/GE (tennis elbow/golfer's elbow). As my arm improved I begin to miss the pop that I get from my old tennis racquet, Wilson N6.1 95 (16x18). So I again tried the N6.1. After 30 minutes of heavy hitting, I found out my arm is not yet ready for N6.1. So I ordered the 7G to get the pop I have been missing and I am glad I did. After 2 hours of heavy hitting, my arm is not complaining. I will order another 7G but would keep the 5G if I need extra TLC for my arm.
From: Charles, Burnaby, BC, Canada. 05/09
String type and tension: Babolat Xcel 17, 45 lbs.
Headsize: 7G 100
NTRP Rating: 4.0

Comments: Demoed this racquet from several recommendations for tennis elbow and ended up buying it. I have been dealing with pain for almost eight months now. This racquet seems to have stopped 90% of the pain and feels so nice. I was using a Babolat Pure Drive Cortex and it's like night and day in how much more comfortable it is. I found this to be great in all areas of the court. I play doubles 90% of the time and it's been great for it and I love the length. The power you can generate with this guy is fantastic. I ended up buying another so I have an extra. Such a shame the update is so different from this hidden gem.
From: Andy, Statesville, NC. USA. 2/09
String type and tension: Babolat Tonic + Nat Gut @ 60lbs.
NTRP Rating: 3.5

Comments: I played juniors from 12's to 18's and was ranked in the top ten of each division; then burned out during college. Played a couple times a month for the next twenty years with a Wilson ProStaff HyperCarbon 5; then started playing a good league last spring and immediately developed golfer's elbow, and I don't even play golf! I would ice my elbow during games and those tennis elbow strap thingies did not help much to keep the pain abated. The pain was severe during serves and overheads and at times could be felt during rallies. I did not play during the summer to rest my arm and did some research on this racquet. The feedback helped convince me to purchase the 7G. After a couple practice sessions, I started the fall league and feel much better. Sure, I can feel some soreness now and then, but no racquet can "cure" tendonitis: But I will give credit to this one, as I believe the natural dampening effect built into this racquet and its overall construction is very good.
From: Tom, Rockledge, FL, USA, 10/08
String type and tension: Kirschbaum Hybrix Spin 16g @ 60lbs.
NTRP Rating: 4.0

Comments: I play 3.0 and 3.5. and this is the only racket I've used for 5 years now. I also have a friend that owns a local tennis shop and lets me demo any racket I want and I've yet to find one better than this. Furthermore, this racket costs way less than any of the major manufacturers. The only problem for people may be that it's a little heavy. I'm 6'1" 210 lbs and have no trouble generating racket speed. If you're smaller, you may want to go with the K5, which is lighter. I love this racket. I'm always hoping to find a prince racket that I like better since they're designed in the US but I can't. Control is what this is all about. I like mine strung with 17 gauge string to provide a little extra pop and feel.
From: Kirby, Athens, GA, USA, 10/08
String type and tension: Prince 17 gauge and Luxilon TiMO banger
Headsize: 100
NTRP Rating: 3.0 and 3.5

Comments: Adding to my previous post: I restrung this racquet with gut and poly and with less tension. NOW, it's even better than ever, a real weapon on all areas of the court. I bought two more because who knows what would happen if they ever stop making this racquet?
From: Joe, Allentown, PA, USA, 07/08
String type and tension: X: Babolat VS Nat. Gut @ 55lbs & M: Kirschbaum Comp @ 57 lbs)
Headsize: Mid Plus
NTRP Rating: 3.5

Comments: I've been using the Prince O3 Speedport Red because of tennis elbow. The racquet is awesome, and it saved my elbow but it lacked the power that I needed. After doing in-depth research, I came upon this racquet. It's heavier with the correct balance. I agree with all the posts here. This is by far the best racquet I have ever used. Power in all areas of the court, control and easy on the elbow and shoulder. Why this racquet isn't advertised and promoted by Pro Kennex is a mystery. Only thing needed is to supply a better bag that comes with this racquet. I just purchased a second because who knows this may be the last of the best racquets of this type on the market.
From: Joe, Allentown, PA, USA. 6/08
Wilson NXT 60 lbs.
Headsize: 100
NTRP Rating: 3.5

Comments: This racquet is absolutely the best! It provides a lot of spin and control compared to other racquets, and although I am a junior player and have never experienced tennis elbow, I agree that this racquet is arm-friendly because from the year I have played with it, I have not felt any pains anywhere. I would recommend this racquet to anybody, whether they have tennis elbow or not.
From: Mario, Sofia, Bulgaria, 05/08

Comments: I started playing with this racket in 2001 and have never looked back. I was a college player and used to use Head, but when I switched to this racket, I just wanted all those years back! This racket has the biggest sweetspot and is very cushioned when you hit the ball. You'll love it for groundies and net. I agree with a previous comment that this racket does give you a lot of pop on the serve. Now all I ask of ProKennex is to bring a range to New Zealand! People ask me if I picked up my racket from the local Mart because the brand is just not known here. If they only knew! If you are looking for a very reliable solid racket, then this is for you!
From: Diana, Auckland, New Zealand. 4/08
NTRP Rating: 4.5

Comments: Excellent racquet! It gives you good control without giving up power, while at the same time giving a nice "cushioned feel." Still, as with any racquet, the more fluid your form, the more rewarding your shots will be. Also, If you have any past joint problems, this racquet is a good choice. My last racquet was a Dunlop 200g (2002 model). ProKennex may not be as well known Wilson, Dunlop, HEAD or Prince, but its line of racquets is excellent! Buy this racquet, you'll be very happy with it!
From: David, Lake Worth, Florida. 11/07
String type and tension: Gamma TNT2 18g @ 62lbs.
Headsize: 100
NTRP Rating: 4.5

Comments: Why aren't more people playing this racquet? I am 55-year-old regular player still trying to hit through the ball. With this racquet I can swing freely and generate excellent pace and spin. It is hefty enough to give pace and depth to a sliced backhand -if struck with commitment. Its ability to generate topspin is better than any racquet I have used. Serves have somewhat less pace but this drawback is nullified by better control as well as spin. At net the racquet is only fair due its extra half-inch length. However from the baseline when I hit a poor shot, it's on me, not the racquet. Because this racquet is the real deal. Bonus: my arm doesn't hurt anymore.
From: Jim, Cheshire, CT, USA, 11/07
String type and tension: Luxilon
Headsize: 100
NTRP Rating: 4.0

Comments: Excellent Racquet. I was playing with the 5g, which cured me of pain in my arm and shoulder and made me enjoy tennis again. But due to my height (5ft 6in) I couldn't generate enough power on the serve, so I switched to 7g. Though I needed a little fuller strokes, I have enjoyed it more than playing with the 5g. It lets you defend balls from the back- court so much, plus you can create fabulous drop shot. String it with Yonex tournament 80G spin (15-16L), it really seems to bring the best out of this racquet. String it at or above 62lbs for best results
From: Balaji, Orlando, FL, USA, 06/07
String type and tension: Yonex Tournament 80G spin
Headsize: 100
NTRP Rating: 3.5

Comments: This racquet is a very comfortable racquet, good for an all court player. Volleys have great touch, groundstrokes can be directed anywhere, and it is very arm friendly. The one missing element is power, if you have problems generating your own and you love to hug the baseline you might look at other some other options. Overall, an awesome racquet that I've been proud to have for over 4 years now!
From: Jeff, Grand Rapids, MI 08/06
NTRP Rating: 4.5

Comments: I've played with the 5G, the Prince TT Warrior MP, and the Wilson Surge, all of which I liked. However, the 7G is really a phenomenal racquet. There are not many racquets around that have the solid and comfortable feel and the controllable power of the 7G. There is a smooth, plush feel to this stick that is unsurpassed. I'm not sure how the 7G would fare for those who like to frequent the net, but my baseline game has really improved since I started using this racquet - I've been hitting pinpoint groundstrokes with more depth and power that ever before, and my serve has more pop and spin as well. Not sure if a racquet can be made any better!
From: John, South Orange, NJ 08/06
String type and tension: Luxilon Big Banger Ace 18
Headsize: 100
NTRP Rating: 3.5

Comments: This racquet is absolutely perfect for me. It felt better, swung better, and I hit better than with my old Liquidmetal Radical MP. I didn't have to swing as hard to get into the racquet's groove. Because of that I miss-hit less and had better control. At the baseline I was blocking less and better able to get the racquet out in front and swing with topspin to hit the balls where I wanted to with decent pace. Serves were quick with spin and pop. Volleys were good too. I chose this racquet from a shorter demo-list because of the information exchanged on the TW message board and their very user friendly racquet finder. On the other hand, I was going to use Luxilon 18g but luckily switched because of a TW reps recommendation. Am going to purchase a second and possibly a third racquet with the exact same setup. I am extremely satisfied customer. I am enjoying the game more and playing more.
From: GC, Cape Cod, MA 06/06
String type and tension: Tecnifibre X-One Biphase 17 String 62lbs

Comments: Terrific racquet. I switched from a Radical OS, looking for a racquet with some power but that would be easy on my elbow. I did a lot of research, reading up the comments on Tennis Warehouse, and decided to give this racquet a go. Really glad I did as it's an excellent combination of power, control and comfort.
From: Simon, England 01/06

Comments: I am 43 years old and have been playing tennis since I was 10. I have played with innumerable racquets since my first Pancho Gonzalez wooden racquet. The 7G is one of the most comfortable racquets I have ever played with in the modern era (nothing compares to my old Dunlop McEnroe wooden racquet). Not only does it provide enough power to keep your opponent on the baseline but it also has great control, especially at the net. However, I did find one little problem. I hit an off-center shot and the racquet snapped at the throat just above the grip. What's up with that?
From: Miles, Mexico City, Mexico
tring type and tension: Tecnifibre string @ 64lbs.
Headsize: Midplus
NTRP Rating: 4.5

Comments: I bought this racquet when I had tennis-elbow problem based on a racquetresearch com suggestion. It seems helpful. It is quite heavy and hard to get used to it. The shot is stable and you can feel the dampening effect. You can hear to sand-like moving particles inside. I hang it in garage and customize my ThunderLite Longbody (a player's racquet). I have been playing with ThunderLite for a couple years, and now the racquet is totally worn out. I am going to try 7G again.
From: Jason, Houston, TX, USA 11/05
Prince Synthetic Gut @ 56
Headsize: MidPlus
NTRP Rating: 4.0+

Comments: I don't understand the comments about lack of pop on serve. I LOVE this racquet. It is the perfect blend of power and control. After developing elbow problems I demoed racquets for nearly a year. I was playing with a Dunlop 300G because it didn't hurt my arm, but I never really liked the racquet. Upon playing with the 7G my tennis compadres pronounced, "the cannon is back." My serve is nearly unreturnable once again, and I have the added benefit of solid groundies, crisp volleys, and blistering returns, all without any arm pain at all. I don't know why more people don't use this racquet.
From: Lance, San Francisco, CA, USA. 11/05
String type and tension: Wilson NXT Max 16 @ 60lbs.
NTRP Rating: 4.5

Comments: I really love this racquet and cannot understand why I don't see more of them in use. I play every weekday morning (I'm retired) and have used many racquets over the years. Prior to the 7G, I used a Volkl Tournament Pro (the red one) until I could no longer find them. The 7G, to my surprise has proven to be a step up. The feel and control are unsurpassed and it is certainly easy on the arm. Sure hope that ProKennex keeps the 7G in production as my 3 won't last forever!
From: Charlie, Atlanta, GA, USA. 07/04
String type and tension: Tecnifibre NRG2 17 @ m 57# C 55#
Headsize: 100

Comments: I am a 4.0 player and I developed elbow problems while playing with a Wilson Hyper Hammer 5.3. Racquet Research proved to be an eye opener for me, shedding light on the specs that are important in a racquet to avoid all kinds of injuries. I switched to the ProKennex 5G and it was almost magical how I recovered from my elbow injury. I was hitting again at the ball with pace, accuracy, control and painless! All my game fell into place again except for that raw power associated with lighter and stiffer racquets. It was then that I decided to give the ProKennex 7G a try. I must mention that before adopting the 7G, I tried the Prince Graphite Classic OS, but it proved to be too heavy and less maneuverable. The ProKennex 7G is an outstanding racquet and with that extra 1/2" provides the power that the 5G lacks. Needless to say, this racquet is suited for players with a full loop swing, which is the only way you can make this racquet shine. Ever since the change to a head light and heavy racquet I have become a preacher amongst injured players, enlightening on how a racquet's mass and weight distribution can help prevent serious injuries.
From: Guillermo, Buenos Aires, Argentina. 6/04
String type: Babolat Polymono 16.

Comments: I am 4.0-4.5 player in my forties. I started with a Prince TT Scream after a lay off of more than 10 years. I needed to find a heavier players racquet, both because I have a long, heavy swing and because I developed severe elbow problems after a summer of heavy play. I demoed the Pro Kennex 7G, the Prince Graphite Classic, and the Prince Warrior OS. All are moderately priced tweener racquets that are supposed to be elbow friendly. I found the 7G to be the best of the bunch. The Prince Graphite Classic did live up to its reputation. It is a solid, predictable frame with just the right amount of pop. Contrary to the claims of Racquet Research, though, I still felt some vibration, especially after off-center hits. I also thought that the ball tended to fly a bit if my form wasn't right on target. The dampening system in the 7G, on the other hand, really seems to work. I felt very little vibration even while playing a heavy hitter. The racquet has plenty of power and is dead-on accurate. After just a few minutes I found that I could rip forehands down the line with ease. Good form on backhands produced a pleasant, authoritative thud. The head-light design of the frame provided great maneuverability at the net and returns were deep and solid. Serving was a disappointment at first. I couldn't seem to generate as much pace or spin as I could with the other frames. After getting used to the longer frame however, I found that I needed to let the racquet do more of the work. With a relaxed, easy motion, I am able to get decent (though not outstanding) pace on the serve, excellent placement, and decent spin. Summary: The 7G is a solid, comfortable frame that provides excellent control and decent power for a player who can generate their own power. My short time with the racquet suggests comfortable play for my gimpy elbow. After a few more weeks of rehab I actually might be able to play with it!
From: David, Atlanta, Georgia, USA. 10/03

Comments: I bought one of these looking for a better player's racquet with more control. I was hitting with the Wilson Triad 4, Hyper hammer 6.2 etc. and realized I needed a head light racquet to get back control. The first day I tried the 7G it was like magic. I kept all my shots in with excellent spin and was able to create some wicked angle shots easily crushing my opponent. I think I lost a little pace on serve at first, but I have got it back plus some, and now have much better spin on serve. I bought a second 7G two weeks after the first. Return of serve is blistering and if you can pound the ball, groundstrokes are deadly accurate. Topspin and slice are fantastic. I demoed a lot of racquets and this is the one for me. I play 4.0(not for long) singles and doubles.
From: Steve, Houston, TX, USA. 9/03
String type: Pacific Nat gut.

Comments: Love this racquet. I've played with a Kinetic Pro 7G for 3 years and just went to look at the market and try out some newer racquets. Tried Babolat Pure control and Zylon 360, Prince More Control and More Response and a few Wilsons and Head Intelligence racquets. After all the hype and marketing, I was surprised that I didn't like any of them as much as my Kinetic Pro 7G. So I went on Tennis Warehouse and found that it is one of the highest scoring reviewed racquets. I just ordered 2 new Kinetic Pro 7G racquets. It has the best combination of comfort, power, control and spin of any racquet I've tried. Pro Kennex - for heavens sake get your marketing together! This racquet should be less of a secret. I'm a 38 year old 4.0 player.
From: David, Richmond, VA, USA. 8/03
String type and tension: Prince or Gamma 16g @ 62lbs.

Comments: I bought the Kinetic 7G eight months ago and I'm very satisfied with it. It has a nice feel (I guess is the Kinetic system at work) and tons of control. Power is OK if you have a medium to long swing; however the great spin capabilities of the frame encouraged me to add some weight at 3 & 9. Groundies, serves and overheads are just great. This is not a racket that was born to shine at the net, but it works fine there. I'd like a little bit more of maneuverability, but I think this is the toll I'm paying for the added weight. It plays its best at the higher end of the tension range (62 and up). I've strung it at 68 and I'm impressed with the control it has; now I can take good swings at serve returns and also can swing hard from the baseline. Overall, it's really worth a demo.
From: Ariel, Houston, TX
String type and tension: Gamma 17g. crosses / 16g. mains @ 68lbs.

Comments: I am a 5.0-5.5 tournament level, USPTA teaching pro. I used to play with the ProStaff (4.2 & 5.0) because I liked the feel of a solid, somewhat stiff racquet. I was sorely disappointed to see that Wilson dropped both of these models in a short time frame. I guess it's just more proof that money is more important to the big racquet manufacturers than fulfilling customers' needs. Anyway, I tried a 7G after reading the reviews of the racquet on this Web site. I could tell from the review that this racquet is the real deal. After having played more than a year with it, I am still a huge fan. This is a great player's racquet! Great combination of control, power and maneuverability. I also love the string pattern of 16/20 which is just the right balance for a stable surface and good bite on the ball. I have strung over a thousand racquets and I can appreciate what good design does for string life. An 18/20 pattern is too dense, and 16/19 is prone to popping at the top of the hoop. The extra half inch has also proven to be a real asset. I don't think I would play with a standard 27" or anything longer. The weight is evenly balanced with significant mass to prevent strain on your arm. Simple fact is; Lighter is not always better. Bottom line, try a Kinetic 7G if you are looking for a great player's racquet. If you need help with your strokes, consult a local pro to help you fix what ails you, or purchase one of the various "game-improvement" racquets which have inundated the market.
From: Anonymous, TX, USA. 3/03
String type and tension: Combination of 17g. polyester main & 17g. synthetic crosses.

Comments: I've never had any elbow problems but from reading stuff on this site I gambled on getting this racquet. I wanted a player's racket with a little more power. Before this, I used Wilson's Hyper ProStaff 6.1 and the Hyper Hammer 4.3. With regards to racquet power, the 7G was really between the two, which suited me. Everything else is great, and I must say this is the best racquet and is solid in every department. My game improved instantly. For the skeptical ones (I was one), Kinetic technology works.
From: Jon, Singapore. 3/03
String type and tension: Babolat VS Natural ThermoGut 16g. Touch @ 60lbs.

Comments: I began to have severe elbow problems with lighter, stiffer racquets (Head Ti S2 and Prince Bandit). Backhand volleys against heavy hitters were worst of all. After some physical therapy and a racquet change to the 7G, my elbow problems are gone. The 7G has also helped improve my control. Despite the increased weight, the head-light design makes it easy to maneuver at the net. The light tambourine sound of the tiny beads in the head really isn't an issue. In fact, I think it's served as a helpful feedback to improve my volleys. When you really hit them square, the sound almost disappears.
From: Joe, Palo Alto, CA. USA 1/03
String type and tension: Tecnifibre NRG2 17g. @ 60lbs.

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