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Comments: Been playing with the 5G for many years, it stopped the elbow issue dead and it never came back. But I wish I read these reviews years ago. I've played with Prince Synthetic Gut 16 at 56 lbs for all these years, and when a stringer messed up with a few pounds more tension this year, I noticed the racquet becomes unplayable for me around 60 lbs. Then as I read the review below about someone switching to 52 lbs for more power, I had a bingo moment. I re-strung both racquets at 52 lbs and both power and control (yes both) are better. Wish I did this years ago.
From: Jay, 1/17

Comments: Well as others have said , it's arm friendly. Here's my two cents: I developed tennis elbow after practicing my one hander too much. 2 injections later and I still couldn't play, Started using this even while injured and my tennis elbow went away and I have had no problems for 3 years. I hated this frame at first, thought it had no power and a small sweet spot, which it did strung at 58 lbs. After experimenting for years I have it strung at 51 lbs and now absolutely love it. Three times I have tried to switch to something else arm friendly just to see and within 2 days of hitting my tennis elbow would start to return, even when using Volkl and Prince with the same low tension. Simply put -- it's amazing.
From: Mike, 1/17

Comments: I switched to the Pro 5G in 2005 after developing golfer's elbow using a Wilson Hammer and not enough relaxation in my service motion. I had to lay off for 6 months to get rid of the GE. Have not had any more elbow or shoulder problems since making the switch and using a looser service motion. Like the soft but solid feel of this racquet. Currently strung with Wilson Champions Choice Hybrid with gut in mains at 58 lbs and crosses at 54 lbs. I'm a 70 year old baseline player with classic strokes (just a little topspin). I play singles once or twice a week and strings last for a year or more. Was once a 4.0 player but now play at 3.5. Have just demoed a ProKennex Q5 (315) and ordered a new one. The Q5 hits much like the 5G but seems to feel less hefty although the specs are almost the same. Making the change to get the newer frame material but still with the kinetic system.
From: John, 11/16

Comments: Stronger than garlic. Great control.
From: George, 7/16

Comments: This racquet will definitely help players who have elbow or shoulder pain. I've had both tennis elbow and golfers elbow and they are both gone today. However, it is not only for injured players, as it gives you plenty of control but you really need longer, faster strokes because this racket does not have a ton of power. When I let others try my racquet they all say it feels like butter. Smooth, vibration free. I string it with Volkl Cyclone at 54 lbs and it feels amazing. It is a players racquet, but you need to generate your own power.
From: Hungwell, 6/16

Comments: This is a very good racquet. It has everything but free power which in fact I like. I liked it in stock form, no need to add any lead for me, though I am used to heavier racquets. It is very stable and maneuverable for its 100 square inches. Being arm friendly is the bonus although not the reason I have chosen it. I have it strung with ALU Power/Sensation at 55/57 lbs to go a bit lower with the next string job. I'm a NTRP 4-4.5 player.
From: Vergica, 2/16

Comments: I picked one of these up after buying the Ionic Ki5 315. The Ki5 had too much power for full on swings. I gave it away and tried the 5G Pro -- outstanding! It plays very much like the Babolat PD+ which I had to give up due to severe Golfers Elbow. I'm recovering and this racquet has made it possible for me to start playing again. If you stick with the it long enough you will see this racquet will alleviate aggravating your elbow issues. I'm picking up another as a backup! Oh and it has great spin potential with natural gut mains and poly crosses at 60/56 lbs.
From: Steve, 9/15

Comments: I've been trying many racquets over the last few months. I was hitting with my friend who has been using the 5G for years and I picked up his stick and played like a 4.5 player after playing like a 3.5 player with my demo. I won't say what the demo racquet was, but the 5G is a winner!
From: Anon, 7/15

Comments: I still keep 3 of these even though I have gone to a lighter arm friendly racquet, but on the occasions when my arm problems return, I go back to the 5G. It is a wonderful racquet that does the job but as I have gotten older I wanted something a bit lighter but if you have arm problems this is the racquet -- no question about it -- go buy it and learn to play with it. It works.
From: Dave, 4/15

Comments: This is a fantastic racquet with good feel and definitely helped in recovery of TE. Once you get used to it, you feel that it is light as any other racquet but also has good power, spin and control. However, my first racquet frame broke (even though it was strung only for 58/60 lbs tension) while playing just in the second week and without any hard-knock. Not sure, if it was faulty piece or something. My second racquet is now around 8 months old and plays well. I cannot now adjust to any other model -- but not sure if I should go with the same model after my first racquet giving way within 2 weeks.
From: Ram, 3/14

Comments: I developed a bad case of tennis elbow earlier this year. First, when dealing with this injury, you have to accept the fact that you are injured, and it's not going away in a couple of weeks, you have to rest it, and in my case I went about two months before trying to play again. The first couple of outings were a disaster, so I started to search for a short term solution in addition to the required exercises and of course stroke technique, I did not want to quit for 6 to 8 months. This racquet is the short term answer that allows you to play while your injury is trending in the right direction. I still have some pain, but I ice my elbow after playing and it is getting better. You have to give this racquet more than one try to get the full effect, and yes, it's not going to allow you to play as well as your old racquet, but you will adjust and it gets better with time and the best part is you're playing again.
From: Lee, 9/13

Comments: About 3 years ago I bought this racquet hoping that it was going to help me with my severe case of tennis elbow. I don't think it did. In fact, the only thing that helped was not playing tennis for a few months. It is an OK racquet but I would not call it great. Don't expect that the racquet is going to cure your tennis elbow. Let your arm rest and then use heavier headlight more flexible stick with lower string tension and improve you stroke technique. That will help.
From: Mitya, 8/13

Comments: I used the 5G for 6 years and eliminated any of the arm and shoulder problems I previously had. It takes a true commitment to this racquet because it is heavier than others and lacks easy power, but if you have good stroke you will adjust and one thing is a certainty, your arm problems will be over.
From: Dave, 3/13

Comments: This racquet is absolutely a life saver for those having issues with their elbow, joint or shoulder problems. I haven't seen anyone mention why it works and how that may contribute to some of the drawbacks mentioned in other reviews. The frame contains very small ball bearings that dampen the vibration. If you shake the frame you will hear them. I'm guessing this may also cause the frame to be lighter and more fragile in my opinion. I have broken several of them. Even with that said, I am a 4.0 heavy hitter and like the lack of power although lead tape and different string combinations could be used to manipulate the feel and add power if you need it. It's a great racquet overall. It has a lot of feel and control. For the price how can you not give it a try?
From: Doug, 3/13

Comments: I was having tennis elbow problems with the Babolot AeroPro Cortex and 17 gauge Cyclone at 54 lbs. I bought two 5G and they play similiar with a softer feel. I also switched to a two handed backhand (I should have done this years ago). It was easier than I thought. I'm playing through the tennis elbow and it appears to be diminishing, though I still can't serve full out yet, but the 5G racquets do help.
From: Fred, 11/12
String type and tension: Volkl Cyclone Tournament Red 18g @ 52 lbs

Comments: This racquet was very disappointing. In fairness this is the first demo after returning the Donnay X Dual Silver, which was the best racquet I've hit with all year (and I've demoed probably 15 sticks in that time). But man, other than the overhyped arm friendliness aspect of it (yes it's comfortable), the performance was not very good. It has a small sweetspot, the spin was far less than I expected, and the ball had this odd low trajectory off the racquet that I've never experienced before. I'm usually somebody who doesn't miss much and when I do, I miss wide or occasionally long. I was dumping shots I hit in my sleep in the middle of the net over and over. I can't say I just have to get used to the racquet because I actually hit pretty good with it for the first ten minutes, then it all went downhill. Directional control side to side was good. Depth was horrible, and spin was not very good. Stability was also not very good.
From: Matt, 10/12
String type and tension: Synthetic gut 16g @ 59lbs

Comments: To maximize the potential of this racquet, here is what I do. Add around 6 gram of lead tapes at 9- 10, and 2-3 o'clock, which make this racquet similar balance as a Ki5. Then I use co-poly (such as Weiss Cannon Scorpion 1.22) for main at low tension (say 46 lbs or 48 lbs), and I use Gosen Micro 17 for cross at around 51 lbs. This gives the racquet power, control and comfort. There is no dead zone at upper hoop any more. Try it and you'll never go back.
From: Mike, 4/12

Comments: I recently returned to this frame after a 2 year affair with the ProKennex Type C Redondo 93. I loved the performance of the Redondo, but eventually had to admit to myself that the swing weight of that frame was really more than I can handle. I had forgotten what great feel, stability, and control the 5G has. It is really good at everything. Out of curiosity, I got the frame strung with Babolat RPM Blast at 60 lbs and was amazed at what a great combination that string and this racquet make. You get tremendous feel and spin and the frame provides the comfort needed to prevent arm problems. In ten years of trial and error I haven't found a setup that I like better. As many reviewers have said, this is more than an arm friendly racquet. It is a great players racquet that's as good as any of the big name brands.
From: Frank, 11/11
String type and tension: Babolat RPM Blast/ 60 lbs
NTRP Rating: 4.0

Comments: I really like this racquet, it works very well for me. I'm able to hit all the shots I want, and the serve has picked up a few MPH. However, I broke two racquets just tapping them on the court on follow ups from hitting stretch volleys. I have them strung at just about mid recommended tension. I did not see the cracks initially, but after the volley, when I went for a serve, the upper hoop snapped. I know they are not that expensive and I should not expect much for quality but still. I'm at a loss here. I had surgery on my hitting elbow and this is the only racquet so far that lets me train hard and play. I guess I need to carry at least four for any tournaments I go to.
From: Eric, 9/11

Comments: After multiple elbow surgeries to remove painful bone spurs and having to adjust my service stroke I decided to give this stick another try to help me through my rehab. I was raised on heavy, head light, flexible racquets that allow me to feel the ball (from Wilson Jack Kramer to Wilson 6.0 88 - Yeah, I'm in my 50s.) Once again I found this racquet too light and too stiff for my liking. So, this time I added 0.6 ounces of lead tape at 10 and 2 o'clock and 0.1 ounces under the grip to make it 12.3 ounces and 10 points head light. With this added weight and better balance I have achieved a decent flex in the head and great comfort. I own my own stringer and bought a reel of Gosen Micro Sheep 18, a very soft, lively string at a great price from Tennis Warehouse. Strung at 50 lbs I get good dwell time and better comfort than the stock 11.7 ounces setup. Still suffering from some elbow issues, but getting better.
From: William, 9/11
String type and tension: Gosen Micro Sheep 18
NTRP Rating: 4.5

Comments: I used the 5g from when it was released until about 1 year ago due to shoulder surgery. I gave all 3 of my 5gs away and went with Roddick Pure Drive because I wanted to try something new. While the Babolats are good racquets, I now have elbow and wrist pain that is significantly impacting my game. Time to go back to the 5g.
From: Sean. 6/11
String type and tension: Gamma TNT2 @ 60 lbs
NTRP Rating: 5.0

Comments: I suffered from a hand problem, so I switched to this one from Head Pro Stock XLs. Very hand and arm friendly, maneuverable at the net. Control is good, contain certain spinning potential. Flat shots are not penetrating, but good in control, due to lack of power. Like someone here complained, you really need to work 'harder' to get balls deep, which might be good to force you work on good format of techniques and focus in daily practice. But, if you want to make matches (not arm) easier, other player's racquets will do the job better. Light racquets can still be very powerful, but not this one. I guess, the technology has to work the way of protecting arms but sacrificing power. Good 'therapy' for any hand or arm injuries on court, but still want to get out of it someday.
From: Anon, New York, 4/11
String type and tension: Kirschbaum Helix 17 55 lbs
Headsize: 100
NTRP Rating: 4.0-4.5

Comments: Coming from flexible and heavy players rackets, I wouldn't qualify the 5g as arm friendly racket in it's stock form. Maybe if someone was hitting before with Pure Drive strung with poly, it is. But it wasn't for me. It feels quite stiff, and feels that way being strung at 62/60 with synthetic. I have added 10 grams of lead and re-strung with multi at 55/53. Now it is arm friendly racket. But I think all this talk about arm friendliness hurts this racket. It might be a turn off for serious players without arm problems because the real strengths of 5g are not in arm friendliness but its playability. I would think of 5g as a player's racket but with a bit more power. Great access to spin. Good control and power on serves.
I would recommend it to older players playing modern topspin game, who are losing that agility and endurance to swing heavy, low powered players rackets for 3 sets. Then 5g could be your cheat for another 10+ years before that final switch to granny's sticks. :-)
From: Nik, Cooma, NSW, Australia, 03/11
String type and tension: Yonex 850 Pro @ 55/53
NTRP Rating: ~5.0

Comments: Babolat Tonic 16 Mains/Wilson Sensation 17g cross (@40/38) transformed this racket from a so-so to one of the best tennis rackets I tried (about 100 rackets). It became more powerful, bigger sweetspot, and much more comfortable, and much, much more playable. This is a keeper. I almost sold this racket because I was not satisfied with the way it played using another string (low power, very small sweetspot, very muted).
From: Charles, Vancouver, Canada, 02/11
String type and tension: Babolat Tonic 16/Wilson sensation 17 @40/38
Headsize: 100
NTRP Rating: 3.5

Comments: I was raised on Wilson racquets and have play with every player's frame. I have played with all different models of Head Prestige, Radicals, Speed, and Extreme Pro. I have played with all Princes including Ignite, Rebel, Graphite 93 & 100, and both EXO3 Black and White models. I've played with all Aero and Pure Drives, and the Storm models as well. I've even played with Dunlops, Volkl, and Yonex's. The 5G is SICK!!! It's a lot more maneuverable than the new KI5, a lot more control than the 7G, and extremely comfortable. Nice preparation with good footwork will allow you to hit without a lot effort; Power and Precision will follow.
From: Seth, San Diego, CA, USA, 10/10
String type and tension: Wilson NXT 17
Headsize: 100
NTRP Rating: 5.5

Comments: Great Racquet, I hope they never stop producing the 5G. I was using this racquet for about 2 years and switched to the Head Microgel Radical. I developed elbow and shoulder pain. I tried different racquets but I am always going back into my bag for the 5G. I have two of them now and plan on buying a third. One would be hard pressed to find a more arm friendly racquet with the control of the ProKennex Pro 5G.
From: Dan, Lake Mary, FL, USA, 10/10
String type and tension: Pacific Hybrid 58 lbs
Headsize: 100
NTRP Rating: 4.0

Comments: Great racquet. I have been using the 5G racquet for six months and my tennis elbow disappeared day by day and now it's ok. Thank you very much TW. If you have arm problem, I highly recommend 5G. This is the best. And also great control, much power.
From: Barıs, Istanbul, Turkey, 06/10
String type and tension: Babolat Pro Hurricane 16 and 54 lbs

Comments: This is not only a comfortable racquet that prevents tennis elbow, but also an ultimate player's racquet! I can hit powerful and accurate serves, ground stroke with tons of topspin as well as control, and a great low and penetrating slice with it. Also it volleys great. What else do you need? IMO, this racquet is far superior to most of Wilson, Head or Babolat racquets. Besides, 5G is much more maneuverable than the Ki5 version.
From: Mike, New Jersey 07/09
String type and tension: Premium Multifilament at 60+lb main, PSGD 60+ cross
Headsize: 100
NTRP Rating: 4.0

Comments:Been playing with the 5G for two months now and my tennis elbow is completely gone. When I used the Head LM Radical, days later I could not even bend my elbow and touch my shoulder the tennis elbow was so bad. The weight of this stick and this vibration absorption technology are perfect for me. Thanks TW and the 5G commenters for helping me demo and then buy this racquet. Very satisfied.
From: Paul, Springfield, VA, USA, 05/09
String type and tension: Gamma @ 59 lbs.
NTRP Rating: 4.0

Comments: I have been using the 5G racquet for years now and have never had any arm problems since using it. I did injure my arm recently doing some home improvement projects, but was still able to play and not injure my arm further with the tennis. I personally do not think you need to be a super high rated player for this racquet, but do need to be committed to learning to generate your own pace and to use complete full swings. I love that I can generate top spin, slice, drop shots and deep shots and have the control to do all of them.
From: Peggy, Bellevue, WA, USA. 05/09
String type and tension: Babolat Tonic Plus 65 lbs (not constant pull)
Headsize: 100
NTRP Rating: 3.5

Comments: No complaints. I have been having arm problems/shoulder, tennis elbow with my lightweight Head LM Radical OS, which also was low power. The vibration with big hitters from the Head racquet was taking its toll on my arm/shoulder. I tried out the 5G and liked the extra power and heavier weight at 11.7 oz. My arm feels a lot better now and I hope I can keep playing pain free. So far so good.
From: Paul, Springfield, VA, USA. 4/09
String type and tension: Gamma synthetic @59lbs.
NTRP Rating: 4.0

Comments: I've played with the Pure Control Teams for about 4 years and have experienced TE twice and 9 months ago golf elbow. I finally decided to make a change. I heard this racquet from my friend and was told that it is elbow friendly. It was not sold in Hong Kong, and I had to buy it from US 6 months ago. I ordered two and started using it. I love this pair of racquets very much since then. Serve is much better controlled and more powerful than the Pure Control. Spin friendly and more powerful. Even after very hard hitting or serving, I've felt any pain in my arm. Two weeks ago, I lent one to my colleague who is a teacher of Physical Education to play for a while. He asked me where to buy it and I immediately ordered one for him from TW. Thank you, Pro Kennex.
From: David, Hong Kong. 4/09
String type and tension: Prince, polyester, 57 lbs.
NTRP Rating: ~5.0

Comments: Control is simply awesome with this racquet. Even though it states a stiff flex rating, it feels less so (closer to a 60 flex rating), and for my game, the flex is spot-on. I can hit any corner of the court at will, and any serve I want. If only more ATP Pros would use Pro Kennex racquets it would sell 20 times better, as they know how to make great frames.
From: Andrew, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. 3/09
String type and tension: Head RipTech Control 16g @ 58lbs
NTRP Rating: Equivalent to 5.0

Comments: I bought one from TW because I had a bad shoulder and I wanted a shock absorber, but I have come to like it for how it plays. I had to add some weight to the head to get it to go through the ball. Now I am starting to get a good slice backhand from it. My shoulder is a little better after using it for 3 weeks.
From: Kendra, San Francisco. 9/08
String type and tension: Wilson NXT16, 56M by 59C
NTRP Rating: 4.5

Comments: The 5G is one great racquet. I have been searching for a players racquet that wasn't too heavy and had some nice feel. The 5G plays more flexible than its stiffness rating of 65 to me, it hits a nice controllable spin that leads to comfort in your shots. And yes, it is elbow friendly. This one is worth a demo for any all court player. The head light feeling is wonderful at the net, although as others have said, it suffers a bit on the serve. Try this one out!
From: Shelley, Albuquerque, NM, USA, 08/08
String type and tension: Technifibre NRG2 17g 55 lbs
Headsize: 100
NTRP Rating: 4.0

Comments: I bought this racquet (Prokennex 5G (#3) primarily for my tennis elbow. I had it strung with Wilson NXT 16 @52lbs. I haven't played tennis for 5 months due to tennis elbow. I used to play with Wilson Hammer 6.2 MP and Wilson 95. I began playing again 2 weeks ago using Wilson NSix-One 95 (16x18) strung with Wilson Sensation 16 @52lbs. My elbow hurt after 1 1/2 hours of play. So I stop playing again. I then ordered this racquet from TW. I received it yesterday and played with it today for about 2 hours. My tennis elbow did not hurt as much (about 80% pain reduction, which is significant) as it did compared to using Wilson 95 strung with Wilson Sensation @52 lbs. The PK 5G is also very good as a player's racquet. I can generate a lot of spin and power. Even off-center hits are comfortable, unlike the Wilson 95 which feels very harsh when you miss the sweet-spot. I will play some more and keep you updated.
From: charles, burnaby, bc, canada. 6/08
String type and tension: Wilson nxt 16 @52lbs NTRP Rating: 4.0

Comments: This racquet is absolutely the best! It provides a lot of spin and control compared to other racquets, and although I am a junior player and have never experienced tennis elbow, I agree that this racquet is arm-friendly because from the year I have played with it, I have not felt any pains anywhere. I would recommend this racquet to anybody, whether they have tennis elbow or not.
From: Mario, Sofia, Bulgaria, 05/08

Comments: The best racquet there is for me. I have tennis elbow, and this racquet has let me play tennis. I tried the Babolat Pure Drive w/cortex, and I got tennis elbow problems again, I then return to the 5G, and now I know I'll need to buy more of these racquets before they are gone.. Good job, Pro Kennex!
From: Eric,Brownsville, TX. 5/08
String type and tension: Wilson NXT 17, 54 lbs
Headsize: 100
NTRP Rating: 5

Comments: Have played with the 5g for 6 years and have 3 of them. The grommets are flimsy and I had a string directly touching the frame, unknown to me and caused horrible tendonitis (the first time I've had it in 20 years of playing) that took a year to resolve. After playing with them for so long, they still hit great but as I get older I find them tiring and too heavy to hit with for extended periods. Great volleys, deep penetrating ground strokes. Slightly lacking in spin production though. Also, after hitting with the new O3 Tour, I can say without a doubt that the O3 technology is easier on the elbow. After battling TE for a year, I would still have mild pain after playing. After using the O3 Tour, no such pain. Time marches on and so does technology. Still a great hit though if you have the strength.
From: Sean, 01/07
String type and tension: Gamma TNT 17g
Headsize: 100
NTRP Rating: 4.0

Comments:This is a great racquet, very powerful for the serve, feels excellent, and though I don't have arm trouble, I hear it is very good for that. It is the best racquet I have ever used with one minor problem, IT IS VERY FRAGILE. I demoed one, which had a broken throat and broke one myself after a medium tap on the court (obviously you should not hit your racquet on anything but this did not merit a broken frame). A great racquet, but be careful with it, I have heard other stories of them breaking from the local club pro.
From: Reynolds, CT, USA, 11/06
String type and tension: 58
Headsize: 100
NTRP Rating: 4.0

Comments: I switched to the Kinetic 5G after I started having lower bicep pain with the Pure Drive OS. Even when strung with VS gut at 52 pounds, the lower bicep would hurt severely after one set with the Pure Drive OS. After reading lots on the forums of how good this racquet is for TE/arm pain suffers, I got one to try out. I have played with it 5 times (8 sets) in 10 days, twice on consecutive days with absolutely zero arm pain. The kinetic system works really well. In addition, after some adjustment, my strokes are very good. I can direct my backhand and forehand very well and the shots are deep but rarely long. My serves have good placement but are slower than with the PD OS. I gladly give up a few MPH on my serve in order to continue to play on a regular basis. Net, this is a great racquet and I will be sticking with it for a while.
From: Thinh, Cincinnati, OH, USA. 10/06
String type and tension: Klip Legend Gut @ 54 lbs
Headsize: 100
NTRP Rating: 4.0

Comments: I started playing tennis about 6 years ago. I use to play other racket sports. The 5g was my first racket and I have been playing with it ever since. I get great racket speed as well as control with my racket and have yet to experience tennis elbow. Haven't had any problems with creating pace or accuracy on serves. I Love the 5g and do not plan to change rackets any time soon!
From: Anita, Azusa, California USA 07/06
String type and tension: 53
NTRP Rating: 4.0

Comments: I bought this racquet after reading the comments here. Previously I was playing with a Wilson ProStaff Classic 6.1, which I liked a lot. Unfortunately I got tennis elbow and it started to be too painful to play with my previous racquet, so I decided to try the 5G. It took me some time to get used to it but it is a very nice racquet. It is definitely very good for those with arm problems.
From: Fernando Lobo, Aljezur, Portugal 05/06
String type and tension: Prince Synthetic Gut Original 17

Comments: I have been playing with the 5g for about 3 yrs. Bought it because of forearm problems. It really is easy on your arm. But, it is also a great racquet. Seems to have a special synergy with ALU power 16L. The secondary impact of the carbon pellets occurs just as the strings start to fling the ball. Wonderful combination of soft feel, spin, and power. I wrap the grip with Volkl yellow cotton overgrip. Great hand traction and it looks cool, too.
From: John, Virginia, USA 04/06
String type and tension: Luxilon ALU power 16L 54 lb.
Headsize: 100

Comments:What can I say ... Comfort, pop, spin, maneuverability, solid on impact, very well balanced. Tennis elbow (which I got recently after 35 years of playing tennis) should not be the main reason to use this stick. I am absolutely amazed how solid the volleys feel, backhand slice magically became more penetrating and precise, forehand topspin got more zip on it. Beautiful racquet, highly recommended.
From: Yuri
Toronto, Canada 3/10/06
String type and tension: Luxilon Alu Power 16L , 60 lbs
Headsize: 100
NTRP Rating: 5.0

Comments: Amazing racquet. You wont get any elbow pain while hitting off-center shots, even if the ball hits the frame at high speed. It is a pity I wasted so much money on the Wilson and the Head racquets, before I discovered this one. Try this and be amazed!!. Thank you Prokennex for great technology.
From: Balaji, Tampa, FL, U.S.A. 12/05
Yonex Super 850 @ 52 lbs
Headsize: 100
NTRP Rating: 3.5

Comments: This racquet is definitely the one for tennis elbow. I had not been able to play tennis for more than 2 months because of tennis elbow. And, I read the reviews in tennis-warehouse about this racquet and I decided to buy one. I just played last two weeks and it saved my tennis life. Not only is it good for tennis elbow but also it gives me more power and control than ever before. It really feels great. I'm a 4.5 player with reasonable spin and power.
From: Kwangsoo Han City, State, Country: Grand Forks, ND String type and tension: Tecnifibre NRG2 16, 60 NTRP Rating: 4.5

Comments: I bought this racquet because 2 years ago I had big tennis elbow problems. I had pain also to pick up a little bottle and I couldn't extend the arm without pain. I decided to stop tennis and to take care of the elbow. I have done much therapy for 4 months without success. I didn't have any hope - my doctor said for me to begin to consider the idea of changing sports - when I read on this and other sites the comments about the ProKennex Kinetic Pro 5G. I decided to purchase one 5G. I have been using this racquet for 16 months and now I do not have elbow problems any longer. From the first day I started playing with this racquet I felt benefit on elbow and mainly the pain gradually has gone away. After 10 months the pain finished and I can play easy 3 or 4 times in a week. About 5G I can say it has very good control and has improved my backhand, my serve and volleys. Not positive are its low power and I would prefer more maneuverability. This 5G saved my tennis game and I recommend it to every player with tennis elbow problems.
From: Gaetano, Italy. 9/05

Comments: After practicing serves briefly with Head Radical OS, I had a throbbing pain on my elbow (Golfer's Elbow). I decided to try 5G and the pain was gone immediately. The weight seems quite heavy for a beginner but it feels much lighter when swinging because of 5G's head-lightness.
From:Inkee, Austin, TX, USA 07/05
String type and tension: Klip Natural Gut, 62lbs
Headsize: 100
NTRP Rating: 2.5

Comments: The first time I tried my new 5G, I immediately liked its control and maneuverability. I initially had it strung at 55 lbs., but I then went up the scale to 60 lbs. to see if I could still maintain control on my shots even if I tried to swing faster. This was a bad move because within weeks of trying the higher tension, I developed tennis elbow, and I suffered with it for about 2 1/2 months. After laying off tennis during that time and doing physical therapy to my arm, my tennis elbow got better, and I was able to start playing again. I then restrung my racket down to 52 lbs. I have found this tension to be very comfortable. It has given me more pace on my shots. Now, this added pace cannot be attributed to the string tension alone. The 5G affords me to string it loosely at 52 lbs. without sacrificing control because I have found that even with a lower tension, my shots now have depth AND control. I can direct my serves and shots with more efficiency than I did with the 5G at a higher tension. I find that this racket's light head weight allows me to maneuver it without tiring my arm, which is important during long sets & matches. Since switching to a lower tension, I have had no more tennis elbow problems. But any other racket would have given me more power but less control. With the 5G and lower string tension, however, my shots have added pace but also maintain good control.
From:Benjamin, San Francisco, CA, USA 07/05
String type: Luxilon Big Banger, 17 gauge
Headsize: 100
NTRP Rating: 4.0

Comments: Two years ago I had tennis elbow so bad from using a Head titanium racquet I couldn't pick up a glass of water. After throwing that racquet away, getting physical therapy, researching on the Internet for a better racquet and taking off the winter, I ordered the 5G last spring. Haven't had ANY elbow problems since, though I also wear an arm brace-band below the elbow. I absolutely love this racquet. I've never felt a racquet absorb so much and take so much stress off the arm and elbow. For me, this is a great performing racquet and I don't intend to change brands or models -- ever.
From: Guitaro, Madison, WI USA 07/05
String type and tension: 63 lbs.

Comments: The Pro 5G is a smooth and comfortable racquet - easy on the arm and wrist as advertised. Very forgiving in doubles, where you don't have time to setup the shot. I demoed several racquets including the Prince graphite OS and Prokennex Pro 7G. The Graphite OS was equally good, but hard on the wrist on off-center shots as another reviewer has stated. The 5G had better control compared to the 7G (which is 1/2 inch longer). Ordering the demos and the 5G from TW has been a pleasant experience. Thanks to other reviewers on this site; their feedback and the demo program helped me make the decision.
From:Raj, Artesia, CA, USA 06/05
String type and tension: Wilson Stamina @ 60lbs
Headsize: Midplus

Comments: I switched to the 5G due to shoulder and neck problems. Once I added an ounce of lead I liked this racquet very much especially on the volley. The racquet helped my physical problem but after 3 months the 5G broke there were also hairline cracks in other areas of the racquets this may be due to having it strung with kevlar. I tried other racquets but my shoulder problem returned. So I'm using the 5G again strung at max with 17g and 18g Luxilon.
From:Greg Gladwell, Canada. 05/05
String type and tension: Luxilon blend 68lbs
Headsize: 100
NTRP Rating: 4.0

Comments:I switched to the 5G last summer after developing pain in my wrist with my previous racquet, the Dunlop 300G. I was a big fan of the 300G's middle weight heft, and was concerned that I might have trouble with the 5G at almost an ounce heavier. But I have found that the headlight balance of the 5G allows me to swing as easily as I did with the 300G. The Kinetic technology employed by Pro Kennex is one of the few racquet technologies that actually delivers what it promises, pain free play; My arm hasn't felt a twinge since I made the switch. As for performance, not only does it swing nice and easy, there is some real "pop" in my flat first serve. Pro Kennex is something of a sleeper on the market, a status which has more to do with quirky marketing decisions- who can name the last top ten player to swing a Pro Kennex? But if you can get past the bizzaro little string pouch that some eccentric at Pro Kennex substituted for a real racquet bag, you will have a great performing racquet, and certainly the best racquet you can buy for your sore arm.
From: Chris, Baltimore, MD, USA String type and tension: Wilson NXT, 60 lbs. Headsize: 100" NTRP Rating: 4.0

Comments: I have been using the racquet for 3 months now. I had a bad case of tennis elbow last June (I was not even able to lift up my arm!), and have tried all methods to overcome the problem. Using 5g helps a lot as it removes a lot of the vibration. Though the TE has not totally disappeared, I am now able to play every day without much of a problem. The 5g is known to be a good racquet for TE sufferers. However, I would like to also point out that the racquet itself is an excellent players' racquet! The weight and distribution is ideal and I have very good control with this racquet. Particularly, I do find that my backhand slice has become more potent! This racquet is definitely worth a try, especially if you are a TE sufferer!
From: Desmond, Singapore. 04/05
String type and tension: Prince Synthetic Gut 17g @ 55 lbs.
Headsize: Midplus

Comments: I've been using it for a year. This is a very comfortable and precise racquet. Your balls get very good spin. The best racquet ever! You should buy it!
From: Norbee, Budapest, Hungary. 01/05
String and Tension: Tecnifibre NRG @ 52lbs.
Headsize: Midplus

Comments: After 30 pain free years of tennis, I developed tennis elbow this past summer after playing one match with a demo racket that had a bigger grip than I usually use. I purchased the 5g about 2 months ago based on recommendations from this website and others. This racket is as good as advertised. It has more power than the 700pl prince rackets I used to use, but I'll sacrifice a little control to play pain free. 4.5-5.0 all court player
From: Al, Atlanta, GA, USA. 10/04
String type and tension: Tecnifibre trc16 @55lbs

Comments: I've been using the 5g for almost 3 years now and it is one of my favorite racquets. I'm a 4.5 player and I play tennis about 5 times a week, and your arm will never be in pain with this stick. The only problem I find with this racquet is that it doesn't generate enough power for my game.
From: Melvin Diep, Westfield, NJ, USA. 10/04
String type and tension: Luxilon @ 59lbs.

Comments: I had tennis elbow in the past and healed it with the Volkl VX-1 but was hitting my groundstrokes long so went looking for another arm friendly/control friendly racquet. I've had my 5G for over a year now and absolutely love it. I've gone to intensive tennis clinics and played for 5 days straight over 5 hours per day with no pain in my shoulder, arm or wrist. I find the racquet to have a lot of control and if I set up properly the ball goes where I want it to. If I throw my weight into the shot it has enough pace and weight so the opponent can't run it down. Although I am not a heavy server, I can place the ball in the corners of the serve box and win a reasonable number of points from service return errors. As a massage therapist I work on a lot of tennis elbow problems and I've suggested this racquet to many people who are suffering from tennis elbow. It is quite an adjustment from a stiff, super light, head heavy racquet, but worth the effort. It'll make you hit the ball with better form and probably will improve your game too.
From: Peggy, Denver, CO, USA. 9/04
String type and tension: Babolat Tonic Natural Gut @ 64lbs.

Comments: I demoed several racquets from TW, the Pro Kennex 5G was the most comfortable for my tennis elbow. I decided to buy a couple of them and my tennis elbow has literally gone away. It is a little less powerful on the serve but the control and feel are excellent. The 5g PSE is also a great racquet, just a little heavier.
From: John, SC, USA.
String type and tension: Bow Brand Natural Gut 16L @ 60lbs.

Comments: I love this racquet. I get good power from the baseline and on my serves. It's also very maneuverable at the net. This racquet is recommend for 4.0-6.0 players. But I'm probably about a 3.5 player, and I don't find it too demanding. Also, in the past I've had some problems with tennis elbow, but not with this racquet. I play 4-5 times a week, and I've had no discomfort. (Beware of light, stiff, head-heavy racquets. That's a recipe for tennis elbow.)
From: Andy, Atlanta, GA, USA. 7/04
String type and tension: Tecnifibre NRG2 16
Headsize: Midplus

Comments: Great racquet to keep the strain off your elbow and shoulder. Great control with decent feel and power. Very lightweight. This racquet saved me from having to skip a season or two with shoulder problems. Highly recommend for middle-aged ailing athletes.
From: CJ, Woodstock, GA, USA. 07/04

Comments: The 5G is a great racquet. Love the control, the feel and the way it plays. I have had three now over the past two years. Unfortunately in the past two months have had two of the frames break; one on the throat and one at the two o‚clock position on the head. Never strung them above 59 pounds. Don't know what to think now.
From: Tom,Denver, CO USA. 06/04
Tension: varies - 58 to 59

Comments: This is a very nice racquet. If you are looking for a nice player's racquet and want to save your arm to play tennis till your 70 or so, try this one out. The Kinetic system technology seems to really work and it will heal your ailing shoulder or elbow.
From: Roger, Fremont, CA, USA. 4/04
String type and tension: Gosen Micro 17 @ 60lbs
Headsize: 100

Comments: With Tecnifibre NRG2 16 you'll be surprised with the power you'll have, while still protecting your elbow. I had elbow problems for the first time in 20 yrs, and it lasted 9 months. I switched to the ProKennex 5G and within a few months I was hitting harder with no pain. The 7G is also worth demoing, the 1/2" extra length adds even more power.
From: John Salt Lake City, UT, USA. 2/04

Comments: I've played with the Head Ti. S6 for about a year now, and thought I needed a change. While I was playing with a friend, the string broke on my racquet. He handed me his old 5G, and I loved it from the beginning. My game improved so much, from my serves to my groundstrokes. It still provides me with a great amount of feel, and control. If you are looking for a good, elbow-friendly, control-oriented racquet, this is the one to get. I am a 4.5, all court player.
From: Robert, Waco, TX, USA. 1/04
String type and tension: Gamma Live Wire 16

Comments: This is the most comfortable racquet I've ever played with. However, you do need decent strokes to get the most out of it. I recently played with a Prince Graphite Classic MP and a Prince TT Warrior MP. The 5g is, in my opinion, far superior to the TT Warrior. It has more heft, absorbs shock better and gives much better control. Now compared to the Graphite Classic MP, you can get away with shorter strokes although control is a little lower. However, the biggest difference is at the net. With the 5g even when my opponent pounds balls I can volley effectively without any problem. The Classic though requires much stronger technique and transmits much more shock to the wrist when not hit perfectly. I experienced some serious wrist discomfort after stopping some bullets at the net. I'm a 4.5 - 5.0 all court player.
From: Bond, Seattle, WA, USA. 11/03
String type and tension: Babolat Polymono 16 @ 67lbs.

Comments: I've just bought a new 5G racquet and it's really amazing! Compared to my previous racquets, the new racquet is so easy to control. The serving stability/power increased a lot and it gives me more confidence to hit a topspin ball while running to the net w/ an accurate point of fall.
From: Zhao Wilson, Shanghai, China. 11/03

Comments: Although the 5g is a "players" racquet, I bought one even though I don't have a particularly fast swing (3.5-4.0 baseliner). I tried it because I had a bout of tennis elbow, and I must say that I've had no problems with the elbow since I started playing with the 5G. I have a little trouble getting pace on my serve with it, but the control is top-notch, and my long swing style is not inhibited by this racquet. I would also recommend it to the lower level player who is between leagues or seasons, to develop better (i.e. longer, faster) strokes.
From: Brian, USA. 11/03
String type and tension: Laserfibre 17

Comments: Great racquet if you provide most of the power. I have been playing with the racquet for a little over a year and have had two racquets fail. They were replaced with no issue. If you are a tournament player I suggest a 3 racquet minimum. I'm a 3.5-4.0 all court player.
From: Brad, Mesquite, TX, USA. 10/03

Comments: I've only played with the 5g briefly, but I already love it. I have never had bad arm pains, but there would always be a little soreness, especially in my left wrist. With the 5g, not only is there no soreness, but my arm actually feels better than it did before I started playing (can't explain it, it just feels loose)! It's a really comfortable racquet. The only problem is it lacks power. Groundstrokes are great, very clean and accurate, but they're a bit slow for my taste, even when I put everything into it. Serves are especially weak. I feel like I lost a LOT on my serve. The 7g is probably better for power (haven't played with it, but I would assume given it's extra reach and weight). I'll probably write another review after I've played with this racquet for a few months, and mastered it. But it's DEFINITELY the most comfortable racquet I've ever used, which makes it very accurate.
From: John C., San Jose, CA, USA. 10/03
String type and tension: Prince Synthetic Gut w/duraflex @ 61lbs.

Comments: This is one great racquet. I've been using it for 2 years, and it 'cured' my tennis elbow. Thank you ProKennex! I don't know the technical terms, but this is what I call a "soft" racquet. A bit heavy, super smooth and no painful mis-hits. I always have this racquet strung at the lowest recommended level (52lbs.) and it's extremely controllable at the low poundage. This is a control racquet that dares you to rev up and bash the ball. Weak swings aren't rewarded, but you will probably get the ball in. Medium swings are right on target. Full, all-out swings are not going to knock your opponent down. You need to wear them out with this racquet. I've never been able to achieve great serves with the 5G, but I get a lot of first serves in. I've tried some power racquets as a replacement, and 1) I find the control is horrible, and 2) the pain in my wrist/arm is evident. It's not for everyone. The 5G is a great racquet for people who want pinpoint accuracy and don't need the power serve to bowl down opponents. It is arm-friendly and reliable.
From: Dave, Charlotte, NC, USA. 10/03
String type and tension: Gamma TNT2 @ 52lbs.

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