Kirschbaum P2 16 (1.30) String Customer feedback

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Comments: I warmed up with this string before my match for the first time. I was so confident i liked it in warmups, i used it in my match instead of the usual cyberflash. Here are my ratings for it: Power: 8 - Control:9 - Comfort:7 - Spin:8 - Tension:9 (for a poly) - Feel: 7 - Durability: 8 ( cyberflash notched on the first few hours, this barely shows any notch marks which means more durable) - Overall: 8.5 - What i look for in a string is durability,tension and spin. These strings should last me 4 days compared to 2-3 days with cyberflash 16.
From: Anonymous, Norcal. 04/09

Comments: Great string! It's soft for a poly and has excellent control and power even when using a players raquet; like mine - prince o3 hybrid tour.
From: Alex, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. 04/09

Comments: This is a perfect relation Price/Quality String. It's soft, maintains tension, and feels great. Is a very good choice.
From: Fernand, La Plata, Buenos Aires, Argentina. 8/08

Comments: Great String. Gives excellent control and good power. Does not move at all, very comfortable string. Unlike all the multi-filaments I have tried, P2 provides consistent performance in all conditions - indoor and also outdoor at widely divergent temp & humidity levels. Strung in NCode six one 95 and K Factor six one 95, both at 53 lbs.
From: Solly, Orange, CT, USA, 06/07

Comments: This is one of the best strings that Iíve ever used, if not THE best. A great string if you generate your own power and like heavy spin. The strings do not move at all, its keeping its tension well and quite durable. Its also pretty soft compared to many polyís. I am a hard hitting 5.0 player with a western grip and break a lot of strings, but so far its lasting very well. Ill be trying out the 17 gauge sometime to see how that compares. Racquet: Volkl Tour 10 Gen 2, Tension: 63
From: Shaolin- TW Boards, San Luis Obispo, CA, USA 03/07

Comments: If you are using a control-oriented racquet like mine -Tecnifibre T320, you have to give this string a try. It really increases power and is precise! Spin is good and most importantly: it's soft on the arm. It doesn't move and after a month, almost playing daily, tension is great. Mark my words: you won't regret it.
From: Gual, Maracay, Venezuela, 02/07

Comments: Perfect String for all types of games! The response is always predictable. Never surprises along flat hits, top spins, slices and performs without loosing tension along its durable life. I'm encouraged now to cut it and try lower gauges for more power. The price allows this!
From: Mattew, San Jose, CA USA 08/06

Comments: This is the perfect string! Good durability and topspin, good power, and incredible precision! Iíve tried almost all kinds of string but this is the best Iíve ever tried! Also they are sold at a great price.
From: Ruggero, Vicenza, Italia 08/06

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