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Comments: Currently, I play with the Babolat APD. Looking for racquet with a little more heft and plow through and possibly better comfort. This is not the one. The APD, despite being a stiff frame, actually has more vibration dampening than this. This racquet feels lightweight and "tinny" by comparison. After trying four different Volkl frames famed for their "solid" and "plush" feel, I remain to be convinced. I also own a Wilson 6.1 95 Pro Staff and Prince Original OS Graphite and both feel more solid than any Volkl frames I have tried. Others obviously disagree and I understand but I would caution anyone considering a one to demo before buying.
From: CW, 3/15

Comments: I would like to replace my PB 10 Mid and that is why I tested this racquet for some hours. As long as I played in a relaxed way, the frame is comfortable and easy to use. It is stiffer than the PB (which is sometimes even too flexible for me) but still comfortable. Power in comparison to the PB is higher. Serves come with high speed even if I applied not much power. The control is worse. Especially if I hit harder the result was often not really predictable. The touch is also less good. I also tried the C10 Pro. This racquet is more like the PB 10 but the swingweight was too high for me. So I have to look further for a racquet that has similiar specs like the PB 10 Mid but is a little bit more forgiving.
From: Andreas, 12/14

Comments: I've been playing with the V1 Pro for about 3 months. I previously had a Babolot Roddick PD (original light blue version) for years. I never played with a Volkl before so it wasn't on the horizon for me as I thought about switching, but a great review in Tennis Magazine piqued my interest. I demoed it and was sold on it immediately. I put Volkl Cyclone 17 strings in at 52 lbs and it's been sweet. I switched as I'm playing more doubles and wanted more of an all court racquet. It plays solid from the baseline, but not with the plow though of the RPD. Mostly I love the net play with it. It is easy to get around quickly on shots and has great touch and control. Serving has also been great. The raw power from the RPD isn't there, but it does still reward a hard flat swing as well as move the ball around when slicing or kicking the serve. All in all, it plays solid all over the court and delivered the goods as advertised (literally in the magazine review). Friends have tried it an d have been impressed too. I highly recommend it, especially if playing serve and volley or attacking doubles.
From: Elwood, 12/14

Comments: Wow -- maybe it's the honeymoon period, but this stick is truly something to be experience. I've been playing with old school racquets for the past 4 years because I couldn't adapt to the feel of the modern "powerful and light" things, I started playing again after a long stop, picked up a Babolat Pure Storm Ltd (bumble bee version) -- a great racquet but couldn't find a setup that was a good compromise. I tried a Pure Storm Plus GT, tremendous power, but hard on the elbow. I did a couple of months with the PD Roddick -- amazing on serve, but struggled to keep balls in and ended up with golfer's elbow. Then I entered in the time machine and bought several midsize Wilsons: a Wilson Sting SC (the brownish copper one), 2 Pro Staffs (late chicago early st vincent, hard to date) and the amazing Ultra 2. Been playing with those challenging racquet, on some days like a tennis god, others like a clumsy dog. The V1 Pro has all the qualities of the above racquets in a light and human sized package: the touch and feel of the Pro Staff and Pure Storm, the bombing serve of the PD Roddick, the precision and power of the Ultra and the amazing plowthrough of Sting. Strung mine with Volkl Cyclone black 17 at 55 pounds, I recommend this racquet to everyone that starts to feel that this midsize, heavy racquet is becoming cumbersome to handle in long matches -- you won't be disappointed about the versatility and stability of this stick. Amazing job from Volkl.
From: Claudio, 12/14

Comments: I'm 68 and after years of playing with a (K) Six.One Tour, my elbow totally gave up on me. I switched to this racquet and the elbow pain is gone. I modified the 1 HL to 12 HL and the maneuverability improved for me. But going from 90 to 99.5 sq/in. has required adjustments to my serve. I'm thinking about trying the PB 10 Mid with 93 sq/in with 10 HL. I have strung the V1 Pro with X ONE B at 53 lbs. I love the groundstrokes on the V1; at the net is great. I still miss the 90 sq/in.
From: Damian, 11/14

Comments: Just an unbelievably good racquet. It is so comfortable and precise; and I can hit any stroke with no apparent weaknesses. I've played with heavy and light racquets and found something missing in all of them. The V1 Pro is an excellent compromise with a feel that you must try to experience. String this with a good multifilament or natural gut at the higher tension range and enjoy tennis! Great job, Volkl. I'm sold.
From: Mike, 11/14

Comments: LH, I also have developed some minor elbow pain with this racquet with hybrid stringing 49 lbs poly and 54 lbs multi, Volkl Psycho 17 gauge. I had no pain with my previous Donnay. I am going to do to a total multi set up and get rid of the poly. The racquet plays so nice I have to find a suitable set up! You can also try replacing your grip with Wilson Shock Shield or Gamma Gel. Even though it's Volkl, the stiffness rating is high on this racquet.
From: Dan, 11/14

Comments: Awesome stick! I was using the Volkl DNX V1 for 9 years. Tempted many times to change to one of the more "popular" brands but I tried the Organix V1 Pro and easily made the change. It is a supped up version of that classic. It has a little more weight which is easily maneuverable and adds more pop. I was hesitant to add weight, but certainly glad I did. I am not surprised at all about the positive reviews as this racquet deserves it.
From: Steve, 11/14

Comments: I recently purchased the V1 Pro because of the recent feedback about being such good all-around racquet and its comfort. Now I wonder what kind of tension/strings are being used because my arm is just shutdown at the moment with a lot of pain! I've been using a soft co-poly at 46 lbs. I use same co-poly at 55 lbs on my APD+ and never had this kind of pain.
From: LH, 9/14

Comments: After trying several other racquets with similar specifications from other manufacturers, the Volkl Pro V1 stood out as far as power, control, spin and comfort. I string mine at mid-tension, 55 pounds with a good multifilament and I couldn't be happier. The 16x19 string pattern provides plenty of pop and spin. To add more control, you just have to increase string tension. Also, the black color with silver graphics looks great. Give it a demo. Enjoy.
From: Al, 8/14

Comments: I have been playing tennis ever since I can remember. I played #1 doubles in college with the Prince Graphite 110, so that dates me. I have had the opportunity to try just about every racquet out there. I normally like a much heavier stick, coming from a Dunlop 200 Aerogel with an 18x20 pattern. I found myself trying lots of similar racquets. I did not need the racquet to generate power for me as I am 6'4" with a long wingspan. I was looking for something head light and in the 12 oz. range...until I hit with the V1 Pro. This stick changed the way I felt about lighter racquets and a more open string pattern. I don't know if I have ever hit with a more smooth, solid feeling racquet right out of the gate. I have modified the 4 5/8" grip with a build up that adds a little more weight and gives it a more head light balance, but that is only because I have big mitts. I have been using Gamma TNT 16 ga. at 57 lbs. for my first setup so we will see how that goes. If you are a 4.0+ player and are coming from a player's stick and want the most comfortable and smooth feeling racquet out there, look no further. The V1 Pro is the modern player's stick with feel that is out of this world.
From: John, 4/14

Comments: I made a switch to this racquet after playing for a year with a Head Prestige Pro. I am 59 and needed more power without loss of control. I have tennis elbow so I can't play with a stiffer racquet for more power. The Organix V1 Pro ended up being perfect. I have strung it with a Techifibre X-one biphase. The racquet feels more head heavy so I need the power of the X-one biphase string to get good serve velocity.
From: Kumar, 3/14

Comments: In recent years, I have had surgery on my shoulder and elbow, so I have tried all sorts of racquets. Initially after surgery, I played with Wilson Khasmine 5 (triad system) which was very comfortable, but not really a players racquet but helped me during my comeback, then I tried the Ki5 295 which I liked but still left me sore. I bought 2 Pro ones, awesome power! Very comfortable but at times I felt they seemed heavier than the weight suggested and my touch and little angle shots were difficult to execute, found it hard to swing them for more than 2 sets, tried the Pro one OS very powerful little awkward to swing the extra 1/2" just seemed to stifle my shots at times. Eventually I tried Volkl V1 MP, really liked it however one morning I played a big hitter and the balls were damp due to the conditions, I found the racquet didnt have the mass to hit through the heavy conditions, just as I was considering leading it up, by magic we have the volkl V1 Pro! The extra mass makes the difference and I find I get more depth with this racquet -- my touch is back and I can play all the shot I used to play before my injuries when I was using a Wilson NCode. The comfort and feel of this racquet for someone who needs comfort but once a players racquet especially all-court players. My only critiscm is that I bought 2 of them and one was 323g and the other 330g! Both were 4 points HL with an overgrip. Interestingly, the heavier of the 2 has the same spec as one of my Pro ones and yet it feels a lot lighter and easier to maneuver. Thank you Volkl -- my game has finally returned and I have finally found what I have been looking for. For people that like big hitting with heavy spin and are base liners and can handle somthing that is a little harder to swing then the I would not discount the Pro one, but for me the V1 pro is an perfect all around -- I love it.
From: Anon, 12/13

Comments: As another commenter said, this racquet is buttery on all strokes. I've used Wilson, Prince, and Babolat sticks, most recently the Pure Storm. Very happy with this change. The V1 Pro gives me more than enough power, but without sacrificing any control. I have mine strung with a hybrid string at 55 lbs and couldn't be happier. I am a 4.5-5.0 player, and this racquet is about perfect for what I needed.
From: Tyson, 11/13

Comments: Transcendent racquet! It is very comfortable and user friendly. I actually ordered it without demoing it and am glad I did so.
From: Anon, 11/13

Comments: Purchased one of these a few weeks back and have to say that I have found my racquet! I previously played with the Babolat Pure Drive and developed some substantial elbow and shoulder issues. After changing to the V1 Pro, my issues are slowly going away. I have a long swing and generally do not rely on the racquet to generate power. I like to hit a good amount of topspin and hit a flat serve. The racquet plays well at the net for me. I string it with Technifibre Bio Phase at 53 lbs. I like it so much that I recently purchased another for a back up. I am a 4.0 level all-court player. I would recommend this racquet for anyone looking for a softer feeling, arm friendly racquet.
From: Rickey, 10/13

Comments: I just received 2 of these new weapons from Volkl and already played around 6 hours with them. The conclusion is that, for me, this looks like a mix of positive things between a Babolat (Roddick 2012 is my current racquet) and a Wilson (Pro Staff 95, I have one and sometimes use it). Why am I'm saying that? It's faster like a Babolat without being rigid and you have the feel and touch of a Wilson without being too slow and it has a much more forgiving character (better sweet spot). I like how easy it is to place the ball where you want and it is easy is to generate spin as well. As far as the best setup -- I have MSV Hex on one frame and a Signum Tornado Pro on the other, thinnest versions in both cases. MSV is like silk, very comfortable, powerful, a little bit too fast for my taste. With Signum, you get more spin, less power, much more control but it feels stiffer. Both are strung at the same tension in the middle of the recommendation. As for the bad things, I would like to say that maybe a little bit more mass can be added. I will do this and come back with new conclusions. Overall, it is a very good racquet that helps you move on with your game and give a different approach to it. Even at only 1 point HL you can easily accelerate the head of the racquet and hit with spin or flat. By the way, great thanks to TW for their service and delivery. Keep doing a good job!
From: Christian, 10/13

Comments: Purchased 2 after demoing from TW. I was using the Volkl Organix 10 295 customized with lead tape. I wanted a touch more power and a racquet that might be more forgiving. The V1 Pro is working out well. It is easier to generate power with compared to the Organix 10, but is still very controllable. I was a little concerned about the slightly wider beam because other wider racquets I have tried resulted in too much power. But, the V1 Pro is very controllable. Also, spin is very good and slightly better than the Organix 10 295. So far, I am very pleased and it has been 1 month since the switch. I wanted to wait a while and make sure my opinion was not just based on the honeymoon period. I am male 4.0+ player with all court game.
From: Anon, 9/13

Comments: I recently restarted playing tennis frequently and competitively (ntrp: 5.0) after a 12 year hiatus and my arm started to act up. I was using a Wilson NTour Two 95 and a Prince Graphite 90 as a junior. After a lot of research and recommendations from pros, Volkl racquets became an option due to their comfort. So I demoed 4 Volkl racquets, and liked two - - the C10 and the Classic V1 (because the Organix V1 Pro was unavailable). I bought this stick blind, given the specs and the successful demo of the Classic V1 and the great comfort of the Organix V1 MP. Absolute success! Buttery feel, great power, kicking topspin, biting slice and best of all no arm issues. Although my serve is better with the C10. Surprised these sticks aren't more popular. Thank you for the great demo program TW.
From: Anon, 9/13

Comments: I would call this a neutral racquet and I mean that in the best way. Great for an all court player that prefers a racquet play to their strengths instead of the racquet's strength. Love the weight, balance (almost even but very maneuverable), plush, yet solid feel. Perfect for someone with longer, faster strokes who wants many of the characteristics of a players racquet in a lighter frame.
From: Dan, 8/13

Comments: I just demoed this racquet over the weekend and found no faults with this frame. The positives for me would include the soft, comfortable feeling from the string bed. It has a fairly stiff rating but it did not feel overly stiff at all. It does not have much power for a lighter 16x19 setup, but that's not a bad thing for an advanced player. It is maneuverable, but I would prefer a thinner beam. Serving as well as volleying are decent and predictable. The grip is fine in my estimation. I mention this because some players are very critical of the Volkl grip shape. All in all this racquet does not necessarily distinguish itself from others, but it is both solid and comfortable. Try it out because I think anyone hitting with it would agree that it has a nice feel.
From: Mark, 8/13

Comments: I bought this sight-unseen and un-playtested as I've been using the Organix V1 Midplus for the past year and have loved it, but have been wishing for a while now that it was a bit heavier! Playtested several others, and then voila, there was this one that was new to the market and it was just what I was looking for. I knew I was taking a chance ordering it without having tried it, but it was also easy to imagine what the heavier weight might do. Now I can say I really love this racquet. Everything I do is just a bit better and more confident on the court. Strung it with Volkl Cyclone 16 at 55 lbs. It took me a couple of days to get a feel for the change. I am going to get a second one.
From: Anon, 7/13

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