Gosen OG Sheep Micro 18 Natural String Customer feedback

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Comments: Bought a reel based on comments and price. I've used it as crosses for poly mains and it helps soften up the bed. I prefer using it full bed in my 18x20 Prestige at 50 lbs. Really pockets the ball and is soft on the arm/wrists. Hitting with heavy spin, the strings break after 6 hours or so of play. Having a string machine and backup racket and low string cost makes it a no brainier. It is also easy to string with. I wouldn't try this 18g in a racquet with 16 mains or less because it won't last long. In the racquets with 18 mains though, it really helps to get more feel on the ball and lasts long enough.
From: Barrett, 10/16

Comments: This is an excellent string. Forget it's low cost. I have used it as a full bed and as a cross with poly mains. It's all good. Nice feel, easy on the arm, plenty of pop depending on how you can handle lower tensions, and holds up surprisingly well on clay. I do my own stringing so at $3/set every 2 weeks I cut out the old and put in the new. Been playing with the string for 5 years. Now my tennis buddies use it. I'm a 4.5 senior player.
From: Jose, 9/14

Comments: I used Gosen on hybrids on crosses with a poly and it feels great and has a lot of power even though the poly is low power. I didn't play tennis for a while and put the Gosen on the main for more feel and power. It feels even better and stringing it low at 50 lbs with a poly on the cross feels really really good. The best set I have tried.
From: MJ, 7/14

Comments: Using this in a Babolat Pure Storm Tour, at 56 pounds, full bed. I have played with various polys and other strings. I am at about a 4.5 to 5.0 level with big topspin strokes. For the last few months I have been suffering from tennis elbow, caused by repetitive work, and not my tennis I believe. I was looking for an arm friendly string and tried Wilson Shock Shield, Head Synth. Gut, etc.. I am so glad I found this! It is comfortable, adds some power to the shot, yet gives good control. I am sure anybody could fine tune the tension to fit their needs. I am using string savers in the middle of the racquet as the string moves around quite a bit without them (having to adjust them after every rally). It has been about a month with 3 hits per week and the string shows no signs of wear. So, it is good, cheap, even with the string savers and very easy to string too! I love it and bought a reel...even easier to string!
From: Werner, 7/12

Comments: Borris Becker London, 60#s full bed, local park hitter (3.0-3.5ish???), Semi-western FH, Eastern BH. I haven't really settled on a regular/go to string as I am moving from co-polys to multi/syn gut due to elbow pain. This is a candidate on being a regular string. This string seems to have ample power and when the strokes are working well with a good use of the torso, depth is not an issue. Durability seems to be just fine for me as I have not broken many strings as of yet. I get to play maybe 2-3 times a week of doubles. There is some notching and I think I may get another 2-3 weeks. If I get to rally or play singles maybe less. I enjoyed the feel and comfort of the string. It is comfortable and gives good control on varied shots (flat, slice, spin). The spin on groundstrokes was fairly decent but not like a shaped poly gives. I was able to see some nice movement on slice and kick serves (as my technique improves). I haven't used a tension meter of any sort to find out how much the tension has dropped but I feel that the qualities of play have been consistent from when new. I have enjoyed playing with this string and so has my elbow. This string gives me nice directional control and have been able to hit spots in the service box with more confidence. As my strokes continue to improve I can only look forward to how this string will perform. I miss the spin and bite of polystrings but enjoy the comfort that I have found with these. I used X1 Biphase before and it was great on power/spin/feel/comfort but lost control and was a rocket launcher when the tension dropped. I thought about using X1 in a hybrid with a poly but think I may use OG Micro instead. Price, comfort, consistency. Thank you, Gosen!
From: Nathan (Talk Tennis - djneight). 7/11

Comments: I like everything about this string except the durability. Great spin and soft feel. I string my own racquets but it is not worth the time and trouble to keep using this. I have tried it twice and it has not made it through 3 complete doubles matches. If I played singles or some groundstroke games it would not make it through one day.
From: Steve, Tulsa, Ok, USA. 4/11

Comments: I use this as a cross with og micro 17 as the mains. It produces a lot of spin with good pop. I string both at 63 lbs. I like this combination a lot and for the money you can't go wrong. I haven't tried it for a full bed as hybrid only last 1 maybe, maybe 2 matches 2-4 hours. the prince duraflex seems to have better feel, spin, and durability, but for the reel price of gosen it cannot be beat.
From: Justin, Asheville, NC, USA. 03/10

Comments: Acceptable performance, IF you consider the low price. For an 18 gauge, ball bite is just okay. Thin, but the texture is very smooth, so you cannot expect to hit strong top spins. I do hit better slice shots though. Thicker gauges that are textured seem to work better for top spins. Stings tend to move around easily and breaks after hitting a few strong dead- flat shots.
From: Yoshi, Torrance, CA, USA 10/09

Comments: This string has a recommended tension of 45-55 lbs which I did not know at purchase time. I normally play at 65 lbs so I initially strung my racquet at 60 lbs. The string felt soft and I could hit my flat shots with a nice pop. I could also generate spin when needed, and there was good response from the string bed. However, I had a problem with many of my balls going long because of the low tension. I tried to string my racquet at 65 lbs and the string became useless. I could not feel the ball and there's not much of a response from the string bed. I think this is an excellent string for players who prefer low tension and with a low budget. I will have to go back to my Forten Thin Blend which is also very affordable.
From: Khang, Tracy, CA, US. 8/08

Comments: Fairly good string with a great price. Durability isn't very good however, broke in 8 days, recommended if you don't mind paying your stringer every few weeks.
From: Anon, 03/07

Comments: At first this string is pretty good and great for its price but soon after that, the feeling goes way down, not my cup of tea.
From: Lawrence, Placentia, CA, USA, 02/07

Comments: Great string at a great price. Very good control, feel and spin. Yes, it will break quickly in some racquets, but it lasts me many matches and holds high tension in my Liquidmetal Prestige MP, which has a dense string pattern and flexible frame.
From: Mark, Toronto, Canada. 12/06

Comments: I have been playing with this string for the past 2 weeks with a total of 8 sets of playing time. This string is awesome. Very good spin and feel. This is the best synthetic I have ever played with and will continue to play with.
From: Mario, Milpitas, Ca. USA 07/06

Comments: I bought this string to try out different synthetics. I never have tried 18g string before. I was hoping that this string would provide good durability because I am not a string breaker. I usually hit a flat shot to my standards, but others say that I have a heavy topspin shot. This string lasted 5 hours for me. It was used in a Prostaff 6.0 85 strung at 64lbs. The strings moved a lot during play, but the feel was good. Power was on par. Of course I knew durability was going to be suspect due to the gauge. This is a good string if you have a stringer and don't mind stringing racquets all the time.
From: Mike, Bloomington, MN, USA, 06/06

Comments: The Gosen Micro 18 gauge has to be one of the best inexpensive strings that I have played with in my 14 years of playing. It offers excellent spin, feel, power, comfort and control. I play with the Head Prestige Classic strung at 54lbs and have a bit of lead tape on the head. This string plays well in a racquet with a dense string pattern like the Prestige. The durability is excellent for a thin gauge string. I'm a 4.5 player that hits with topspin on both sides. The string generally lasts about 2-3 weeks or about 12-14 hours of play before it breaks in my racquet. I highly recommend this string if you play with a conventional frame and are looking for playability with low cost. Lastly, the string holds it tension well.
From: Ken, Brooklyn, NY, USA. 9/05

Comments:I use Polylon (Ice) 17 gauge mains and OG Sheep 18 guage crosses. This hybrid has good feel and excellent durability. Occasionally I've gone back to a 16 gauge one piece syn gut but I break these in a match or two. The hybrid probably lasts me 10 matches. I string the poly at 57 and the syn gut at 59 on my NCode 6.1 95. I'm a 4.0 baseliner and hit the ball hard with moderate to heavy topspin.
From:M Neil City, State, Country: Huntersville, NC, USA 7/05

Comments:Far too weak to perform on its own! However, when I strung it up with Enduro Gold 16 on the mains it was great. Soft enough to save my arm, yet firm enough that I could take a big cut. I'm a 5.0 junior who plays a lot of tournaments and this string hybrid definitely pulls its weight. I use 61 lbs of tension on my LM prestiges.
From: Derby, Grand Folks, MA USA 07/05

Comments: A nice string! Good ball bite. Nice touch and feel for the ball. Normal power for a nylon-string. Just tried this string for fun in my Babolat pure drive and tested how long it would last on a clay-court. It lasted about 20 minutes of practice before it broke. I normally use Luxilon Alu power and that lasts for 10 hours of heavy hitting. If you don’t break string very often and if u have a racket with a tight string pattern, then this string could work well for you (on hardcourts.) On clay it will simply snap to quick.
From: Henrik, Jönköping, Sweden 05/05

Comments: I am an open level player and I use Gosen OG Sheep Micro 18. This is a great string, however it will break fast. I break this string every 4 hours. Nevertheless, it is not expensive, it gives excellent ball feel along with power and control. I recommend this string if you will not mind re-stringing everytime.
From: Mike, Fresno, CA, USA. 11/04

Comments: Great string. I string my 7G at 52 lbs. It gives good power, good control, good feel. I hit a very flat ball.I cut the strings out after about four months playing four times a week.
From: Gil, Santa Rosa, Ca, USA. 11/03

Comments: It is a very nice string, but very easy to break. I use a 2 string method with the mains at 58 and crosses at 55. I have a Wilson ProStaff 6.0 Original with 85 sq. in. head. I would recommend this string only if you have means to string your own racquet cause the cost of re-stringing is prohibitive.
From: Mahmood, Boston, MA, USA. 5/03

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