Gosen Og-Sheep Micro 16 White String Customer feedback

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Comments: I've been using this string off and on for the last 8 years. It was easy to string and relatively reliable. Until recently. I purchased 10 new sets in August and here is what happened: - two sets snapped during the process of stringing - a third set broke while siting in the bag over night, after freshly strung and used for hour and a half light hitting during a lesson - five sets broke after moderate hitting of 5 to 7 hours
From: Nick, 9/16

Comments: More durable than Prince syn gut of equal gauge. I string it 2 lbs less than Prince syn gut because it's a little less forgiving. I figure that's the compromise for the greater durability. I'm a repeat buyer of this string.
From: Paul, 7/16

Comments: I string for other people and this is my standard synthetic gut offering. The playability is pretty good for its price, goes very well as a cross for a poly hybrid, and it's one of the most durable basic synthetic guts out there. Absolutely great value for money.
From: Anakin, 4/14

Comments: This string has good playability and feel. Great value. Gosen is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of tennis string, including some of the racquet manufacturers that rebrand it as their own.
From: Perry, 11/13

Comments: I like this string, it is not as durable as some of the people are claiming, it won't actually out last your poly crosses (at least in my experience). Just make sure you don't get it in black because it will mark your balls. I don't actually care about my balls being marked, but other people do, so as a courtsey you shouldn't get black.
From: Philip, 9/13

Comments: I tried this string as a main and a cross with poly as a hybrid (I usually use Big Hitter Blue). I have to say that I'm surprised by all the positive comments. This string is a good value, but plays terrible in my opinion. No control at all, inconsistent response off the stringbed, and it moves all over the place. It also broke in only 11 games and 13 games. I'm a 4.5 - 5.0 player big strokes and lots of spin. I would say there are a lot of strings out there of similar value that play and last much better. Very disappointing string!
From: Brian, 7/13

Comments: I am an all-court 4.0 player and I use this string very frequently as a cross (and occasionally as a main) in my Wilson BLX Pro Staff 95. I combine either hybrid setup w/ a co-poly and I sure get a bang for my buck, literally! The Gosen Micro plays similar to high end multis with a bit of a crisp feel, yet is still very affordable. I break multis within a month but enjoy the feel of them as well as string in the comfort of my own home. This string fits the bill there too! Easy to string and available in reels so you can constantly restring if needed. And in terms of the comments mentioned earlier about the Micro feeling similar to natural gut, I pretty much agree. Not exactly like gut, but (in terms of playability and feel) its right up there, especially when used as a main string w/ a poly in the cross.
From: Shane, 5/13

Comments: Wow! I have read most of the comments posted for this string and would have to agree with all of the positives. I'm a racquetball stringer by trade and let me tell you that this string is very durable and has virtually eliminated all of my string breaker players problems. And the price factor and this string is a winner. Job well done.
From: James, 4/13

Comments: I agree with Brian Wise. I have been using the same set up in my Head Prestige Mid at 45lbs. I remember that the suggested tension for this string is between 45-55 lbs. If you string it beyond 52 it feels like a board. The new trend among pros now is natural gut in the mains and poly in the crosses, so this is a cheaper alternative with very nice playability.
From: Martin, 9/12

Comments: Super comfortable and moderately powerful. It isn't much for creating a lot of spin, but a lot of people would like this when you weigh the price against the performance.
From: Paul, 5/12

Comments: If you like a firm crisp feeling synthetic than these are for you. They are too firm for my taste. Tension holds up well but I like a more comfortable hit.
From: Anon, 4/12

Comments: I've only had one hit with the OG-Sheep Micro (played 3 superset doubles) as a cheaper and more durable alternative to Wilson NXT. Both these strings were in crosses at 55lbs with RPM Blast in mains also at 55lbs in my Aero Pro Drive French Open. I'm a hyper- aggressive heavy topspin forehand, flattish/more normal backhand counterpuncher with highly variable pace on serves - 90 to 170km/h - on either first or second. Compared to the NXT, the OG definitely provides more power, but a little too much perhaps, as a lot of balls that would have gone in with any previous string setup I've had were sailing into the back fence. Similar deal with serves: I have never had to hold back this much on my second serve before for fear of them actually sailing past the baseline. My serve certainly feels more effortlessly faster with the OG, but isn't any faster if I really go for it. So obviously, power is not an issue for the string if that's what you're after. I figure the sailing balls is just something I need to get used to. NXT provides far better feel for me, particularly on volleys. I find the OG very mushy in comparison. Both are quite soft and didn't make my hand sore like a full bed of RPM does. I can't say too much for durability yet, but it does look to have less signs of wear than the NXT after the first session, so given that, it should last longer than the two weeks the NXT lasted.
From: Ben, 2/12

Comments: A very good playing string, lively with lots of power, good feel on impact - somewhat crisp for a syn gut and not mushy. Surprisingly good spin when fresh. However, the major drawback is it loses tension VERY FAST. I have used more sets of this string than any other, that I have lost track how many I've gone through. I always had the feeling it had poor tension maintenance but I never confirmed it and it usually broke quickly anyways. This time I strung two identical frames at the same time with different gauges in the mains to see which I liked better. I played with both frames for about 15min and then stuck with the thicker gauge and played about 3 hours with it. Then I switched to the other racket and wow, it felt stiff in comparison! I was surprised how much tension it had lost. By comparison I feel that poly does not lose so much tension, rather it loses elasticity and goes dead. Usually I find the string bed of a dead poly (about 10-12 hours for a good string) feels much closer in firmness as a poly string bed with only 30min use, the major difference is liveliness, power, & spin. Gosen OG Sheep Micro does play fantastic when it is fresh, so if you go through strings quickly the tension loss may present so much of a problem.
From: Anon, 1/12

Comments: This string is great. I really like the feel and is also powerful. I put them in the crosses with Solinco Tour Bite 16L. This is a great combo and is softer on the arm than full poly. Durability is also really good. This string is better than some high price multi's such as NXT. This is a great string and price makes it even better.
From: Chris. 08/11

Comments: Great string. Very good power, spin, and control. Better than any synthetic gut I have tried. This is my new string of choice.
From: Ahsan. 7/11

Comments: Easily one of the best, if not the best, synthetic string on the market. What makes it even better: the price. Do not be fooled by the price and think that these strings are cheap and worthless, since these strings play and perform fantastic, as if they cost $15-20. I put them in the crosses with Luxilon Big Banger ALU Power in the mains, and the Gosen OG- Sheep Micro 16 provides incomparable feel and finesse. Wilson NXT Tour just does not compare, the Gosen OG-Sheep Micro 16 is not only much cheaper, but it also provides much better feel and is far more durable. If you are looking for a great synthetic gut, this is by far the best. As close to natural gut as you can get, without the cost.
From: Nick. 07/11

Comments: I had posted previously about using OG Sheep Micro 16 as a cross string, which works well. Recently, I tried it as a main at 56lbs, with Tourna Big Hitter Blue Rough 17 in the crosses at 53lbs (K six one tour 90). It's even better as a main, supported by a poly cross. Excellent feel. Excellent pop. Outstanding spin. Great control. What a value (for both strings, especially since I have them on reels). Also, there is very little string movement with this set up, which is great with my open string pattern (16 X 19).
From: Brian, Wise, VA, USA, 03/11

Comments: This is a great value string. My friend recommended to me and told me it is the best synthetic gut out there and the feel is as close to real "Gut" for fraction of the price. I used it and love how soft and great feel I was getting from it. Put the Sheep OG 16L on the Cross, and MSV Hex 17L Poly for Main and you a great combo of soft feel, spin, and power. Love this and will stick with this string for many years to come.
From: Frank, Los Angeles, CA, USA, 02/11

Comments: Personally, it's the best synthetic string. I've tried every brand of synthetics out there, this is the most well balanced in feel, spin & control. I am using the clear one in my Babolat aero pro, Yonex rds 001, Head microgel radical pro, and the 16L gauge version on my head prestige mp (fxp & youtek). If you don't like this string especially the negative comments below.. send it to me.
From: Triggz, Huntsville, TX, USA, 01/11

Comments: I have used both Gosen and Head Master. Gosen is more crisp and consistent and easier to string. Feel wise, Gosen is more consistent longer.
From: Ted, CA, USA, 07/10

Comments: I've used many brands of synthetic gut strings in the past. The Gosen OG-Sheep Micro 16 is the best so far. Not only is it relatively inexpensive but it is durable and I hit great shots with it. I strung it at 27.5 kilo on my Slazenger Silhouette 95. Initially I had doubts about this string but after hitting with it, I am now making this string my only string for the Silhouette 95.
From: Paul, Gaithersburg, MD, USA. 4/10

Comments: In a full bed, these strings are up to par with other synthetic guts. It feels crisp and lively and plays similar to Wilson ulta syn gut and gamma tnt2 but is a bit stiffer. What I think the string lacks (again in comparison to other syn gut) is pop and comfort. It doesn't make the ball pop/explode off its string bed (like Wilson stamina, head syn gut pps) nor does it feel plush and ooze comfort (like Gosen nanosilver); the Gosen micros are just lost in the middle.. They are however pretty durable and of course comes in a very very attractive price. I DEFINITELY recommend that you try them first before buying an entire reel.
From: Ross, Fremont, CA, USA, 02/10

Comments: I use this string in the crosses with Wilson enduro mono is the mains. the string feels great in a hybrid with a poly, is softens the string bed, adds touch, power,its durable and is easy on the arm. This also a an awesome value for the money. awesome string.
From: Jared, Coppell, TX, USA 01/10

Comments: Great durability. Used this in crosses with poly mains and in both racquets, the poly broke first, which never happened before in my hybrid string jobs. While it lasts a long time, it does lose some playability after about 8 sets. Overall, a great value and I will be buying again.
From: Mark, USA 09/09

Comments: Very good string, plays better, crisper, and pockets better than Prince and Wilson Synthetics, and is more durable. Great all around. Still, I'd recommend making a hybrid with Polylon for better durability (the NanoCubic was even more durable, but a bit too stiff for me)
From: Ken, Davis, CA, USA 07/09

Comments: I came across the above reviews that impressed me and, consequently, ordered a pack of Gosen Og- Sheep Micro 16 to replace Head Master 15 string that came with my brand-new Head Microgel Mid which performed really badly with it. Oh boy, was I in for a negative surprise: Gosen Og-Sheep Micro 16 performed worse for power, marginally better for control, and marginally better for spin but almost as bad as Head Master 15. Anybody can explain to me how the same string can perform bad and be "fantastic"? In mean time, Prince Attitude 16 is my another budget string candidate for the Head Microgel Mid.
From: Mark, Flushing, NEW York, USA. 06/09

Comments: I strung these in the crosses with Blue Gear in the mains. The mains are at 58lbs and the Gosen is at 62 lbs, and it works out great. I have hit around 6 hours with the same set and it seems to be maintaining tension very well and has not showed any sign of wear.
From: Federer4life. 3/09

Comments: There's no vibration when you hit off center so if you don't like strings that play like this... I suggest you hybrid it.
From: Anon. 3/09

Comments: I am a 4.0-4.5 level player who is a sort of a baseline counter-puncher (I don't provide a lot of my own power, but go for precision/change-ups) with a fairly strong serve. I play with both a Head FXP Prestige Team and Head MG Monster. Both are strung with Babolat Pro Hurricane 16/Gosen OG-Sheep Micro 16 at 57/57 lbs. If you feel the OG-Sheep, it has a very slight roughness, but no outer-wraps like the Gamma Ruff string. It has great durability for the quality and price (12+ hrs.). It softens my mains and adds a little spin it seems. It's probably the best syn gut I have ever played with (and those include Wilson Stamina, Prince Syn Gut w/ Duraflex, and Gamma Syn Gut w/ WearGuard). Groundstrokes are a little short, but that is expected until the strings soften up some. Serves are great, but lack the pop (again, need to soften up). And I haven't tried any volleys yet. Overall, a great string- definitely a favorite.
From: Beau, Okanogan, WA, USA, 01/09

Comments: This is a great string I have a K tour and use a Gosen micro 16 with the Babolat pro hurricane tour and it is working very well I may say
From: Jason, La Palma, CA, USA, 01/09

Comments: This string is great! I have only strung my racquet once with this string and it is yet to break. The great thing about it too, is that it is not dead either. I can hit every shot well with this string, and they are long-lasting and cheap!
From: Nick, Orange County, California, USA. 12/08

Comments: This string is very handy in my tennis game. It puts the right amount of topspin and lands in the court every time and no extra tone or action is needed. It's perfect for players who have a lot of power, but can control their shots. Also, they last a long time! 10/10
From: Chris M, Salinas, CA, U.S.A. 4/08

Comments: Great string, great price and it's also made in Japan. I use this string for my crosses. I use natural gut for my mains. This combo seems to work best for me. I play in some 50 tournaments a year and I use a lot of string. I also do my own stringing. Cold temperatures can cause the natural gut and OG Sheep Micro to lose some of their pop. So, it's best keep your racquets in a warm place and not in the trunk of your car. There is no better or lower priced synthetic gut string than OG Sheep Micro. Everyone loves it except possibly the sheep.
From: Dudmore Lizard. San Francisco, CA. 10/07

Comments: If you are trying to decide between a reel of this or Babolat super fine play, get the OG Micro hands down. It plays so much better; the Superfine play is lifeless compared to this.
From: Nori, New York, NY, USA, 06/07

Comments: Best string I have played with on my nSix-One 18/20, M-Fil 200 and Max 200G. As a chronic string breaker it is relatively economical. I hit pace with spin or flat from the back, and have soft hands at net. Gosen OG-Sheep Micro delivers in tension maintenance, playability and durability above Prince Synthetic Gut with and without duraflex. OG-Sheep Micro is also better to me than the following multifilaments in 16g and 17g--LF Supreme, Alpha, and Zyex. I preferred the 16g OG- Sheep Micro over 17g. 17g sounded fragile or about to snap on my racquet whenever I applied pace on the ball.
From: Jason, Stanford, CA USA 06/06

Comments: This string is great, I use it on my Pro Staff 6.0. Its the best string I ever used, seriously I've been searching for the perfect string, next I'm going to hybrid it with Big Banger Alu Power Rough, hope everything will work out. Pro Staff 6.0 85 sq. in strung @ 55 lbs.
From: First Name: Max City, State, Country: Long Beach, Ca. USA

Comments: This string adds some good feel to my game. I am a 6.0 level tournament player. I especially like to use it on the crosses with Luxilon Big Banger ALU Power for the mains. It doesn't take away any power or control away from the ALU Power, but it adds a ton of touch and feel. This is a great choice of string. And to top it all off, the price tag is unbelievable.
From: Shahin, Saratoga, CA, USA. 08/04

Comments: Good stuff! It can hold the tension quite well. It gives me the comfort I need! It's a great string to try!
From: Quan, Anaheim, Ca, USA. 7/03

Comments: A great all-around string at a cheap price. I've tried all the expensive multifilaments and gut and haven't found a string that significantly outperforms Sheep Micro. It rates very good in all the categories: power, control and touch/feel. Durability and tension maintenance are also better than average and certainly better than any multifilament.
From: Clay, Sebastopol, CA. USA 10/02

Comments: After playing extensively with Prince Synthetic Gut (both traditional and Synthetic Gut Duraflex) and Gamma Synthetic Gut, I think Gosen OG-Sheep Micro 16 is clearly superior. The string feels great right after stringing, and maintains its tension well until it breaks. There is a nice balance between power and control, with good spin. My only problem with the string has been that it breaks after 6-8 hours of play. I am a 4.5 level player, hitting with pace and topspin, using a Babolat Pure Control racquet at 57 lbs.
From: Jeff, Atlanta, GA. USA 9/02

Comments: I play with the Pro Staff 6.0 - a very stiff stick, and I string it fairly tight. Some other economical strings I've tried cause too much vibration and take too long to break in - i.e., feel like a board for too long after stringing. The Gosen OG-Sheep Micro 16 is a very comfortable string right from the first swing after a re-stringing, and seems to hold it's tension well. It's the right string for this racquet. Guido, Santa Cruz, CA. 2/02

Comments:Gosen Og-Sheep Micro 16 (or 17) feels like Prince Synthetic Gut but with much better feel and a little softer, though just as crisp.
From: Silvers, Message Board post, USA, 11/01

Comments: Gosen OG-Sheep Micro 16 is fantastic string. I've been using it for years. I go through a fair amount of string each year. I'm always trying some of the newer (more expensive) stuff, but OG Micro Sheep is my mainstay. Really can't say I've found anything else with it's combination of playability, durability and cost.
From: Dan, Davisburg, MI. USA 12/00

Comments: Gosen OG-Sheep Micro 16 is a terrific string. It's great for those who break strings once a month. It has great playability and it's one of those strings that we can afford and string by ourselves.
From: Calson, Upland, Ca. USA 12/00

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