Gosen OG Sheep Micro 18 660' String Reel Nat. Customer feedback

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Comments: Bought a reel based on comments and price. I've used it as crosses for poly mains and it helps soften up the bed. I prefer using it full bed in my 18x20 Prestige at 50 lbs. Really pockets the ball and is soft on the arm/wrists. Hitting with heavy spin, the strings break after 6 hours or so of play. Having a string machine and backup racket and low string cost makes it a no brainier. It is also easy to string with. I wouldn't try this 18g in a racquet with 16 mains or less because it won't last long. In the racquets with 18 mains though, it really helps to get more feel on the ball and lasts long enough.
From: Barrett, 10/16

Comments: This is an excellent string. Forget it's low cost. I have used it as a full bed and as a cross with poly mains. It's all good. Nice feel, easy on the arm, plenty of pop depending on how you can handle lower tensions, and holds up surprisingly well on clay. I do my own stringing so at $3/set every 2 weeks I cut out the old and put in the new. Been playing with the string for 5 years. Now my tennis buddies use it. I'm a 4.5 senior player.
From: Jose, 9/14

Comments: I used Gosen on hybrids on crosses with a poly and it feels great and has a lot of power even though the poly is low power. I didn't play tennis for a while and put the Gosen on the main for more feel and power. It feels even better and stringing it low at 50 lbs with a poly on the cross feels really really good. The best set I have tried.
From: MJ, 7/14

Comments: Gosen 18 is an excellent cross string to use with your poly main string. I have never used it in the mains yet.
From: Jack, 5/13

Comments: Bought reel of Gosen OG sheep micro 18 a couple of months ago, for the purpose of using it on the crosses for hybrid. At this point just have not had any reason to go to another cross string, even though I have more expensive string around. Gosen just seems to really enhance the feel of the co poly I use in the mains. (Currently TF black code) I plan on replacing the reel when I run out. I have noticed that there is plenty of pop available on demand, but I really like the controlled feel of the set up.
From: Rudy, Glenwood, NM, USA, 05/09

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