Gosen OG-110 Overgrip Grip Black 36 Pack Customer feedback

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Comments: This overgrip is not for sweaty palms. I repeat, this overgrip is not for players with sweaty palms. I get about 1 set of play with each overgrip before it becomes drenched with sweat and loses all of its tackiness. Otherwise, this is a decent grip.
From: Anonymous, 10/15

Comments: Not nearly as good as the older line of tacky overgrips. The OG-110 has a cheap, slick backing has clearly degraded the quality of what used to be the best tacky OG around. While it was inconvenient to purchase small packs of 3, the switch to a large reel of 36 with a cheaper backing has put me back on the market looking for the 2nd best tacky grip around. For anyone with dry hands who wants the grip control that only the old Gosen OG provided, look for the old packages of 3- rolls (in a circular / silo shape) or keep searching. I will check back periodically to see if Gosen recognizes this manufacturing issue and returns to making the highest quality tacky grips around.
From: Doug, 3/14

Comments: I like this grip a lot. It was pretty tacky for me lasting about one to two sessions for me. Mainly because I am a very big competitor. I would recommend pulling harder as you grip because this grip is quite thick. It's cheap and really good quality and I cannot complain.
From: Carsten, 3/14

Comments: This is a fairly tacky overgrip. A little thicker than Wilson Pro or Yonex Supergrap, but not thick enough to hinder any feel. Grip seems to hold its tack for a long time, even when dirty. Only issue I have is that I have to redo the grip every so often because the underside is slick and I use leather grips so this overgrip tends to unravel.
From: J, 11/13

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