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Comments: It stays clean and tacky compared to Wilson Pro and Yonex Supergrap. If you sweat a lot it, it is not ideal for you. It doesn't absorb sweat much. I am Tourna Grip user and don't see myself changing from that, but much better compared to Wilson Pro and Yonex for sure.
From: Ken, 4/13

Comments: The best white overgrip up to date! It stays clean and tacky for a long time unlike the Wilson ones that peels after an hour.
From: Anon, 9/12

Comments: Very good over grip. Quite tacky, also durable, enough absorbency. I'm very surprised that for this price you can get such a quality over grip. In my opinion this grip maybe is similar to Head prestige pro over grip. Also for me it is better than most Wilson or Babolat overgrips, so conclusion - very good job from Gosen.
From: Renaldas, 1/12

Comments: Iím kind of liking these Gosen extra tacky overgrips (black and white). Iíve been looking for something since Wilson stopped making the h2o's. I haven't been a fan of any brand of the "tacky" grips since my hand, and me in general, sweats a lot when I play. The "tacky" becomes slippery once I get my sweat going. After using this grip for an hour yesterday (hottest day of the year for us here in Portland at 95 F), the grip did not get slippery for me. I do regularly switch between two racquets when I play, but it didn't matter in the past with other "tacky" grips, they still got slippery. The jury is still out on these for me, but Iím really liking it so far, and will be putting it to the test this weekend in a tournament. I also purchased the Yonnex super grap to compare, but have yet to try it out. As of now, I like this Gosen extra tacky a lot. The price is really nice too. My only criticism on these Gosen's, is that it took a little longer for me to put on because the perforations made it "bunch up" and crease easily when I was putting it on. Iím very particular about not having any bunching and creasing on my grip. oh well, Iíll just have to deal with spending a little more time on putting it on if I decide that this is the grip for me.
From: Hoover, Portland, OR, USA, 07/10

Comments: On my order, I thought that perforated was just a marketing scheme, but in actuality, the overgrip itself actually has holes. That aside, when gripping, it seemed to run short on my 27.25" racquet with smaller overlaps than when I grip with Yonex Super Grap. However, I got it to work. I've played 2-3 (some matches and rallies) days with it so far and 1 day (mainly rallies) with my Super Grap and the Gosen has a lot more tack and looks cleaner. The Super Grap has some tack, but it's almost to the point where it feels like that dry, tackless suede. I haven't decided yet but in my opinion, this is one nice overgrip.
From: Tim, Austin, Texas. USA. 06/10

Comments: I have TW leather on my POG's and since I switched from synthetics to leather I have only been using these overgrips. These were my favorites even when I was using synthetic padded grip under it but I still liked some other overgrips. I tried putting a Slazenger overgrip on one of my POGs the other night and when I played with it the next day my feel was gone. It just felt really weird. Luckily I had another stick with me with this overgrip so I switched to that after warm up and everything felt right again. This grip is nice and thin and you don't lose any feel when you are putting it on top of leather.
From: Edward, Dallas, TX. 4/10

Comments: If you wear a wrist band(s) this is a good grip. If you don't and let sweat drip down your arms to your hands then it does not hang with the likes of Yonex super grap or tournagrip. I like the feel of this and how durable it is. If you don't mind wearing a wristband or if you don't sweat a lot this is great, for the price its definitely worth a try since it is pretty unique compared to the other overgrips out there. I will be ordering this again.
From: Edward, Dallas, TX, USA, 09/09

Comments: Awesome overgrip - feels semi-firm, comfortable, and not spongy like Wilson grip. Easy on the skin, durable - great traction when new, looses some traction by third day but stays playable for non-competition for a week or two of play. Haven't played in the heat yet, so not sure about absorbency, should be about average.
From: Anton, New York City, NY, USA, 04/08

Comments: This overgrip has a great balance of tackiness and absorbency. Durability is good. A great value.
From: Emily, Oklahoma City, OK, USA, 02/08

Comments: I did not like this grip. It does not absorb well and it's not tacky. I was looking for a grip that's tackier than the Wilson Pro and this grip didn't do it for me.
From: TML, Ottawa, Canada 04/06

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