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Nike Zoom Vapor 9.5 Tour Lt Crimson/Night Men's Shoe Customer feedback

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Comments: The Crimson color is a brighter, salmon pink color in my opinion. Not the color I thought based on the pictures.
From: Tyler, 4/14

Comments: I play for a tennis academy and go through a pair of shoes in about a month since I play 4 to 5 hours of tennis on an average day -- so that's not half bad for how much tennis I'm playing in them. These shoes have a thicker tread at the bottom and I feel like they didn't wear as fast, and that they felt more durable than the Vapor 9 tours. I've tried the Courtbalistics and I have compared my shoes to other people that I play with that have shoes like the new Lunar Balistics, and the Vapor 9.5s clearly hold up the best. I would definitely recommend these shoes and I will most certainly be getting these in the future -- 10/10.
From: Ryan, 4/14

Comments: Got these shoes 4 months ago and they are probably the most comfortable tennis shoes I've ever worn. I forget that I'm even wearing them when I play, which would be the ultimate goal of any shoe I suppose. On the downside, they don't provide much lateral support whatsoever and I managed to roll my ankle pretty hard after a little jump. After being out for about a month, on the first day back, I popped the heel (which seems to be an issue with the Nikes I've owned). Loved the comfort and lightness of this shoe, but probably never buying another Nike tennis shoe again. I'd recommend this to players who don't beat their shoes up and those who are not susceptible to ankle sprains.
From: Jim, 3/14

Comments: My 14 year old son wears these shoes -- he loves them, but I don't! The durability is horrible. The shoelace holes rip -- the last pair he wore was just for 1 month. I buy a new pair for him every 2 months.
From: Beth, 3/14

Comments: Very comfortable and stable shoes. One of the best I have played with. I have been wearing them for 12 hours and until now, there are no signs of wear.
From: Sanjin, 3/14

Comments: I have been a Zoon Vapor line user for the last years. I have tried at least 6 different versions and by far this is the best pair of shoes I have worn so far. No break-in required, soft but stable, light and comfortable. The lacing system allow you to adjust the shoe to your preferences along your foot. I have heard about durability but I have not seen nothing to be worry about during the month I have been using them. I usually play two times per week, two or three hours per time with a very demanding routine lead by a personal trainer.
From: Miguel, 2/14

Comments: First day wearing them. Analysis: Needed two socks to fully feel snug and movement free in my normal size. Very comfortable cushioned shoe plus the ventilation was excellent. Never once did my feet feel like they were on fire. I know the durability is probably not that great, but I'm happy with my investment. Money well spent.
From: Ari, 2/14

Comments: I moved so well with these shoes, given that they aren't built for endurance, but more for comfort and flexibility. Great shoes if you can afford to buy more than a few pairs each year, since I don't expect them to last very long, if playing several hours a week. Even Federer changes them every match.
From: John, 1/14

Comments: These shoes are incredible. The Vapor 9 Tours were the best shoes I had ever played in. The only complaints were they were a tad soft, and the toungue was a little thin so it moved around. These are just a bit stiffer and the tongue is wider and stays in place. Plus the color looks awesome. Best shoes I've played with and I've played with most the Nikes. 10/10.
From: Brad, 1/14

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