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Comments: I am a 4.5 rated player and have used NXT Tour 18 for many years and in various racquets. I am currently using two racquets: the New Dunlop 200 Lite and the Dunlop AG 100. Both have the same swing weight and a 16X19 pattern and both are strung at 58lbs. I have used natural gut and find the Tour 18 the closest to natural gut but far more durable. I get about 10 hours of hitting from a set of strings.
From: James, Houston, TX, USA. 4/11

Comments: I use this on my Prince Thunderbolt oversize, strung at 70, love the control and durability. Very dependable.
From: Eddie, San Rafael, CA, USA, 06/10

Comments: This is a very nice, soft string that adds a lot of spin and a bit of power. I have one racquet strung with NXT Tour only (57 lbs) and a couple strung as mains in a hybrid with Babolat Tonic Plus gut. The NXT plays with as much comfort, touch and softness as the hybrids. In particular, my volleys (my weakest strokes) have much more punch and bite. I am a 4.0 player with long, fast swings on ground strokes and I use a Dunlop AeroGel 300 (16x19) with 8gm of additional lead tape.
From: David, Weston, CT, USA. 05/10

Comments: Love this string I play with a Yonex RQIA tour 1 and love the feel I get along with the power of this string. I usually string to 58- 60 and get a great feel for volleys as well as power on the groundies. My serve power has improved greatly with this string. Once I switched to the NXT 18 I have stayed...I am a lifer.
From: Lj, Houston, TX, USA, 02/10

Comments: I am a 5.0 player, using Wilson H Tour Two 95s. I moved up the ranks of Wilson synthetic string from Syn Gut to Sensation, to all the earlier versions of NXT, even various natural gut strings, and NXT Tour is the best in my opinion. It has the playability of gut, with the added qualities of synthetics. What I love most is the soft feel for volleys and touch shots, without sacrificing power. I string at 58 lbs. because the optimum power poundage(for nylon) is about 56-58 lbs. When it drops a lb. or two after stringing and play, I am at a consistent power range, with great feel and bite for spin. I think the challenge for most players using this string is to find the optimum setting for your own style of play. I serve at about 100 mph, and hit groundies pretty flat, dead center sweet spot, so I don't topspin break a lot of strings until they fray badly. Power generation is needed mainly for serving and crisp groundies, then I am more concerned with touch, accuracy and feel. NXT Tour works well for me.
From: Mark, Atlanta, GA., USA. 9/08

Comments: I purchased a Wilson K Factor KPro Open, had it strung at 58lbs. Stringer recommended this for more spin. He was correct!! It really bites the ball on groundies. Excellent spin on serves as well. Has a good solid feel.
From: Dave, Atlanta, GA. 8/08

Comments: This plays well, but I was disappointed with 18g. This was a thick 18g string 1.21 mm, Prince 18g 1.15 mm and Luxilon 18g 1.1mm. I tried it because I switched to 18/20 pattern, hoping to gain some spin.
From: Mike, NC, USA. 2/08

Comments: This is the only string that I will use. I love it. With the thinner 18 gauge, I get a lot of ball bite along with ample spin considering that I am using a tight (18 x 20) string pattern. I play with a Wilson K Factor 95, and this string provides plenty of power along with great control. It's still very durable given the tighter string pattern.
From: Doug, St. Paul, MN, USA. 1/08

Comments: This is great string, it has great power, and it really shoots the ball back to your opponent! I would recommend this string to anyone looking for string with power and control!
From: Todd, Georgia 05/06

Comments: I am a 42-year-old college player, 4.0, and have been using a hybrid: Gosen Ice 16 in my mains at the max (60 lbs.) and Wilson Sensation 16 in my crosses, also at the max. The NXT Tour 18 feels like it lives up to its promise of creating a bigger sweet spot than my previous hybrid. I strung my nCode six-one 95 with Luxilon Big Banger Ace 18 in the mains at two pounds below the max (58 lbs.) and the NXT 18 in the crosses strung at the max (60 lbs.). The NXT provides great feel and a huge sweetspot, but not much power. This setup provided no power and wasn't great on control, either. I will try stringing both the durability mains (Luxilon Ace 18) and the synthetic gut crosses (NXT 18) at two pounds over the max on my next stringing in hopes of gaining more pop, crispness and power, which is lacking at two pounds below the max.
From: Gregory, Phoenix, AZ, USA 05/06

Comments: Great string. Has a lot of bite. I can spin the ball very well. I would recommend this string to anyone.
From: Anon, New Orleans LA 05/06

Comments: Good string, has a lot of bite on the ball and good power and control, even though it has a bit too much power for me. However, it moves around too much even at 60 pounds on my nSix-One tour 90. It does lose quite a bit of tension after just 6 hours of play, but it's still good enough to play for a long while. I would have strung this string no looser than 59 pounds.
From: Jack, Vancouver, Canada. 04/06

Comments: I have similar comments to others. I strung my Wilson Tour 90 at 26KG and the strings moved around a lot. I think this string needs to be at 27kg or 65lbs to be good.
From: TheDoc. 11/05

Comments: I've strayed several times and tried various strings from other player's recommendations, but I ALWAYS come back to the NXT tour 18". I use them on the Babolat Standard Pure Control and I always "feel" the ball much better than when using other strings. I don't consider myself a "heavy" hitter, but the only drawback is how often they do break on me. But for me, thatís a small price to pay for the enjoyment of the feel of the strings etc.
From: Raymond, Glendale, CA, USA.

Comments: I use this on my recently purchased N5 and it's wonderful but I think that having my racquet strung at 61 was a mistake. May be different for your racquet, but I believe that I should have strung my N5 at 58 or so! Good Luck, Wilson ROCKS!
From: Tommy, Santa Ana, California, USA. 10/04

Comments: Using this string on my TRIAD 6.0, love the feel and added power but I donít recommend any tension under 55lbs on this racquet. 57-60 would be better. Strings are almost loose @ 55lbs.
From: Pollux, SantaCruz, CA. USA 10/02

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