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Comments: I really enjoyed this string. It feels soft. It has excellent playability and played well from the beginning. I felt I had improved control. My tennis elbow pain went away after playing with these strings. I developed similar opinions when I tried Wilson Sensation strings. I even tried them on identical racquets and switched throughout sets/matches to try to gain an opinion for one over the other. To me, they could have been the same string. However, I found the NXT Tour 17 had less durability. It is also much more expensive. Therefore, my preferred choice is the Wilson Sensation 17. Enduring ongoing Tennis Elbow about a year ago began my quest to find a new string. I was looking for comfort, playability, good feel, durability, and affordability. I feel a review like this would have been very helpful to me, so I decided to post my findings so perhaps I could help others find their string. I string my own racquets at 59 lbs. All the strings I evaluated were 17 gauge. I play 4-6 hours per week at a 4.5 level. Due to price and durability, my overall #1 choice is Wilson Sensation.
From: Darryl, 2/14

Comments: I had some elbow problems and went to this string. I strung it at 59lbs in a Head Microgel. This string felt very soft, which helped my elbow, but had a big loss of power compared to the Luxilon ALU I had been using. The worst part was the wear -- this string was fraying within two hours and only lasted probably 3-4 outings. It was fraying like crazy. A comfortable string, and maybe it works for players who don't hit real hard, but durability was a big negative.
From: Don, 8/12

Comments: I agree with the positive comments below. Very nice crisp feel, noticeable increase in spin, good power etc. One of the best I've tried. Unfortunately it lasted for less than two hours of heavy top spin hitting (compared to 5-6 hours for NXT Duo 2, 10 hours for Bab. RPM Blast). Definitely worth trying out, as a benchmark to compare against other strings even if it doesn't last for you.
From: James, 6/12

Comments: I have been using this string for the last few years. It was recommended to me after 20 years of using Prince Pro Blend. This is a very good string. It is comfortable and offers good feel. I will probably use this for the next 20 years!
From: Mcbrat, 4/12

Comments: I have a ranked junior who is using NXT Tour 17 at 58 lbs on the crosses, and Babolat RPM Blast 17 at 55 lbs on the mains.He likes the feel of this combination, and happy with the results: 5-6 hours to the earliest signs of fraying, some pocketing at 7 hours, and severe fraying/breakage at 15-16 hours.
From: Robert. 3/12

Comments: First time using a full bed of multi with this one. Strung is on my Prince EXO3 tour 18x20. I was using Pro Hurricane Tour 17 and Prince Premier Softflex 17 as a hybrid before. This string has improved the feel of my racquet. Strings feel firm and crisp. I strung it at mid tension and the power is there when you need it. I am surprised at how well the strings stay in place. I was expecting a lot more string movement but they haven't budged which is surprising since I'm using a Prince racquet with port holes which allows for string movement. Ample spin and bite. On such a flexible racquet such as my own you can imagine it was a world of comfort. I have hit 3 hours so far and no signs of fraying. I will be sticking to this string.
From: Alan, 8/11

Comments: The Wilson NXT Tour 17 is a wonderful string. It has a firm consistent response, lots of touch but with available power. I highly recommend it. I'm still battling tennis elbow from using Luxilon's Fluoro a year ago. I prefer the NXT to Babolat's VS Touch gut because it feels slightly firmer and lasts much longer.
From: Russ, 7/11

Comments: These strings have the best feel, comfort, and power I've ever used, but the strings are lowest in durability.
From: Henry, Garden Grove, Ca, United States, 10/10

Comments: Good feel, last 15 hours then broke on the mains. Took power away from my serve initially as I needed to get used to it and make the proper adjustments
From: Imran, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. 10/09

Comments: This string is great! Such great feel and touch. I had a friend string my racquet in April at 62 and 63 pounds in my Hyper Hammer 5.3 110 oversize racquet and one has the NXT 17 string at 63 pounds the other at 62 pounds with the NXT 17 Tour string. The difference is amazing! The NXT 17 string feels very solid and comfortable but the NXT 17 Tour string has a bit little more pop in it! I am very impressed by this string and it has now only started to fray at the crosses just minimally since April and it has been three months of constant hitting for 16 hours a week. I am very happy with this string and I like others highly recommend this string for people that have an all court game. Wilson NXT Tour string is it and one of the best strings out there!
From: Brian, Houston,Texas US 07/09

Comments: Pros: I believe this string is one of the best of multifilament out there, if not the best. You can't expect a multi string behaves like a synthetic or polyester string and that's what some durability and longevity you have to be sacrificed for playability. The great experience is the feeling, it's just even more right for a 17 size. You actually feel when the ball are bitten and especially left the racquet. If you are more concerned about costs, try racquet with 18x20 pattern and you would be more surprised . . . I don't believe any NXT series lasts for less than 20 of playings or with hard hittings. . . Cons: You might have little uneasy of touching or control in front of the net . . . Else, a great choice and friendly elbow for hard hitting or genuine baseliner.
From: Khanh, Vietnam, 05/09

Comments: Good string. I would not recommend using in a low-power racquet like the Yonex RQIS 1 Tour. It has too much touch in that racquet.
From: Steven, Oklahoma City, Ok, USA. 2/09

Comments: I'm no string expert, but this string is incredible. It has great feel and pop. It has also lasted about 25 hours, and only now is showing signs of fraying. This string rocks!
From: C, Denver, CO, USA, 01/07

Comments: Looks like everything I have to say has been written. Great String! I am a serve and volley player for the most part with a heavy or hard first serve, kick second you can easily do either one; the touch and feel volley's are great also, but where this string surprised me was the excellent pop and control for baseline play and the endurance. It plays similar to the Tech TRC but with better endurance. I string my ncode 6one at 58lbs. I use the NXT as a stand-alone or Wilson Enduro mains with NXT crosses. There are cheaper strings out there that play almost as good, but I haven't found one that plays as good and lasts anywhere near as long. For me it is worth the extra money to not have to string as often and have trust in the string.
From: Stephen, Willow Springs, MO, USA, 01/07

Comments: This string is really the closest thing to natural gut there is, hands down. I mix it with in the crosses with ALU big banger rough, and I feel I have the perfect feel. Only downside is that with the 17 gauge, it lasts me only 5-6 hours. Itís well worth it though.
From: Anon 09/06

Comments: I really love this string coming from the Big Banger due to arm problems. I have it strung at 62lbs and they move around a lot, but I really love the control. Control at out level rules not power. The pros have power and control. Its plays very nice and has amazing feel and touch and did I mention that my arm and wrist are 200% happier then with the other strings I have used in the past. So when it comes to durability vs. playability, well, I choose playability. I have it in my new Babolat Roddick Pure Drive Plus signature racket. I also use the nCode nSix-One Tour 90, but stop playing with it because of arm problems. I might go back to playing with the Wilson rackets now that my Master Stringer Harry Miller suggested this string because due to my arm problems. You donāt pay the price for miss-hitting a shot so I feel like I can really go the lines. My serves are usually in the 120s and thatās with other types of strings, but again my arm paid the price. I can't wait to see how my serve goes with this type string.
From: Happy, Bowie MD USA 06/06

Comments: Wow. This string has a lot of pop. I'm a decent (4.0) baseliner currently playing a Wilson Triad T5 strung with the NXT Tour 17 at 61. While the Triad T5 is probably too powerful for my game, I found that the racquet/string combination was hard to control. Less than perfectly hit balls (i.e. too flat) tended to sail long, although mishits were more forgiving and played better than I would have expected. The string seems to be very lively and to provide very good access to spin, but was so much more powerful than the Head FiberGEL 17 that I have in my other Triad T5 that I'm switching back to the Head string, which is less lively but more control oriented. I have played the NXT Tour 17 for about 1 month (15-20 hours) and it has held up very well with some wear now showing on the crosses. I'd like to try this string again in a more control oriented racquet - I suspect that it would be a nice string in the right racquet for my game and would recommend it to those looking for a more powerful and lively string with decent bite.
From: Peter, MA, USA 4/06

Comments: i use a wilson ncode nsix 90 n i string it with a 58 pound tension and this string have so much control it goes to the corner shot when i want it to go there and let me tell you when im in volley zone it always fly to the pin point shot there is no other string 4 me right now so i will stay with nxt 17.
From: Unanymous

Comments: This string is really close to natural gut in feel and playability. You feel other strings (such as Wilson Sensation) are DEAD compared to this string. However, I use a lot of topspin in most strokes and these strings do not last 10 hours of play before fraying badly, and another 5 hours before disintegrating.
From: Arvindh, Cary NC USA. 11/05

Comments: Letís be clear about a simple point, you cannot have both maximum playability and maximum durability in the same string, itís just not possible. However, what really matters is whatís most important to you as a player. Personally, I'm more than willing to sacrifice some durability for ultimate control, touch, power and feel especially when it comes down to winning matches. Granted, three sets is the average playing time before breaking this string, but to me its worth every penny because of the supreme confidence the string provides when the game is on the line. There is no finer synthetic on the market today for sheer control and feel.
From: Michael, Ann Arbor, MI, USA. 11/05

Comments: Comments: This string is very good. It has some bite to the ball and the ball stays on the string bed a bit longer thus give more control on groundstrokes. I use this with the Wilson Hyper Prostaff 5.0. I have yet to make comment about durability. It has only been 2 days.
From: Joe, Forest Hills, NY, USA. 8/05

Comments: Excellent string! It gives you power, control, and a good feel when you hit the ball. Would definitely recommend this string to others.
From: Gianfranco, Boca Raton, FL, USA 07/05

Comments: Good string with power and playability, lasted for about 30 hours of play.
From: Mahesh, Potomac Falls, VA, USA. 5/04

Comments: This is a good string, has a lot of power and moderate control. One minor problem, it only lasts about 2 weeks, or 20 hours of playing.
From: Hung, CO, USA. 3/04

Comments: It has everything you can dream of that a string could have, except for one thing. It only lasted for a week with a total of 10 hours playing time.
From: Bobby, Vancouver, BC, Canada. 2/04

Comments: Very nice, nice, nice! It has everything you can dream of that a string has, except for one tiny bit of a problem, it only lasted for a week with a total of 10 hours playing time.
From: Bobby, Vancouver, BC, Canada. 2/04

Comments: I canít really recommend this string. Typically,multi filament strings have good feel and resiliency, but the NXT tour seems to play without much feel as it is very soft to an extreme. Loss of tension is dramatic. I didnít feel as if I had much control over my shots and I play at a decent level.
From: Jeff, Orlando, Florida, USA. 12/03

Comments: I highly recommend this string. It excels on all performance dimensions. Spin is easy to generate and feel/touch on volleys and chip/slice shots is excellent. In addition, comfort is superb. This racquet is well suited to those with tennis elbow or wrist problems as the string exhibits very little vibration (the difference is noticeable when I dribble a ball on top of my racquet strung with this string vs. one I have strung with Tecnifibre NRG2 17). The greatest positive surprise was the level of durability. I did not expect a string with the NXT Tour 17's playability to be very durable, but I have been pleasantly surprised with its extended life (other strings I have used tended to only last a few sets, the NXT Tour 17 lasts much longer).
From: Mike, San Francisco, CA, USA. 12/03

Comments: It's simply an astonishing string when you're making the switch from a regular 17 syn gut (Prince and others.) I've hit Tecnifibre and liked it OK, but didn't care for the durability guessing game as it quickly frayed. We'll see on durability with NXT Tour 17, but so far the playability is difficult to match. This is not only a players' string, it's a "stringers' string" - ask people who string sticks for a living and many point to this stuff as the best combo of playability, durability and value. Nope, it's not cheap, but the thing is I'm able to swing as hard as possible on groundstrokes and still move the ball around and keep the thing in the court. First match out with NXT tour 17 I hit a dozen shots for winners or near-winners that either wouldn't have cleared the tape or wouldn't have stayed on the planet with regular syn gut. Oodles of spin, and plenty of power for a longer stroke. I'm playing a Head i.Prestige XL, which is toward the player's end of the stick spectrum but packs a fair amount of punch on its own. Butter feel at the net. Not quite the pop on flat serves as you'd get from a firmer string, but kick serves are lots of fun. Not many times you buy a string that you just can't wait to get out there and bang.
From: E. Torbenson, Dallas, TX, USA. 7/03

Comments:I think this is one of the best strings on the market. Excellent power and control. Tension loss is a problem after a few weeks of play but if there were a perfect string, everyone would use that one string. I am not sure if it is worth the cost compared to Sensation Supreme but it is my favorite string.
From: Shane, Hoschton, GA, USA. 6/03

Comments: If you are looking for a string that gives you the feeling that you have control of all your shots this is the string for you. I have been using this string for only a short time, but let me say I am very satisfied with the performance. This is a tennis playerís string, it won't do the work for you. If I need power, I will get as much power as I put in to that groundstroke. Shot placement with this string is great. I have felt a big difference with volleys. I really have that feeling of control on volleys now, with other strings it always felt like the ball came of my racquet to bouncy. I recommend not stringing at too high of a tension, it is like I said you have to generate your own power. If you have tennis abilities and are looking for that control, I highly recommend NXT Tour 17.
From: Smais, Jersey, NJ, USA. 5/03

Comments: I recently got my Head i.Radical strung with this string, and this string is the one of the worst strings I have ever used. It has a bit of feel, but has no power at all. I have used many strings before and this is by far one of the worst, Head Intellitour is a lot better in all areas. The only upside to the NXT is that it is very durable. I will stay with the Head Intellitour or Babolat Ballistic,
From: Jamie, NSW, Australia. 5/03

Comments: This string is one of the best on the market. I currently use it in my Yonex MP Tour-1. This is a must try!
From: Paul, Shalimar, Florida, USA. 4/03

Comments: I tried this string after much success with the Sensation 16 gauge. I never used a 17 gauge and my immediate reaction was WOW! It plays like the Sensation, but the ball feels like it stays on the racquet string bed longer. I've got much better spin control than ever before! These strings are a joy from the baseline and at the net. I use a Prince Triple Threat Rebel, and I always felt that it was tough on the elbow and a bit unforgiving, yet I love the control this racquet offers. With the 17 gauge NXT Tour Wilson strings, the racquet plays like a dream!
From: Billy P. Boston, MA. USA 1/03

Comments: Truly a great string...a nice step up from the Wilson NXT. No elbow problems with this string and excellent feel. Compared to other string I have used, this is the one for me! I am not a power player but this string generates more power than I have had with other comparable strings.
From: Barry, Pleasanton, CA. USA 12/02

Comments: I tried the NXT Tour 17 string after I read the comments on this site. I agree with the positive comments that I've seen posted about the string but I cannot yet comment on durability. This string has solved lots of problems/concerns I've had regarding my racquet choice (ProStaff 6.1 classic 95 strung at 62lb.) and my consistency. I have used Prince Original synthetic gut 16 (the wrong string for my racquet/my game) for some time and now I appreciate how much difference a string can make.

The NXT Tour 17 gives me the shot selection and control I expect with unbelievable comfort and feel for the ball. I can go into long rallies knowing that I can consistently hit good shots from either side. Serving is much more comfortable too. Truly a God send.
From: Okella, Virginia Beach, VA. USA 10/02

Comments: It's OK, not too bad. I happened to use this string just after I broke Gamma LiveWire XP 17. Comparing it with Gamma LiveWire XP, this string falls far short. It was like I couldn't feel anything from the racquet at first time. Probably because I already had got used to Gamma's feel. I would go back to Gamma LiveWire XP 17.
From: Tony Kim, Cleveland, OH. USA 10/02

Comments: Super supple string with an excellent combination of zip, control and grip. Virtually indistinguishable from natural gut. No reason to look further if you're looking for a player's string.
From: DJC, Wyckoff, NJ. USA 9/02

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