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Wilson NXT Power 16 1/2 Set Customer feedback

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Comments: I agree with anonymous from 11/14. Has anyone found anything to match the old NXT Tour?
From: Anon, 2/14

Comments: Regardless of what Wilson says, this is not the same string as the NXT Tour under NY circumstances. I am not just a club player. I played on the ATP Tour in the 80s.
From: Anon, 11/14

Comments: I have this as a cross with Solinco Tour Bite at 52 lbs in a BB DC London. The sweetspot is huge and there is a solid thump when contact is made. The NXT Tour softens up the stringbed in this hybrid. I would like to try this a few lbs higher, as there is more string movement than I'd like on a freshly strung racquet. This set up gives me nice control, bite/spin, comfort and feel. I will use it again!
From: Anon, 12/12

Comments: I think Andy had a bad string job or perhaps hasn't played enough with a good quality string. I play with a Wilson n61 95.....I use Luxilon Alu power mains...and Wilson NXT Tour for my crosses. I have tried Tech NRG2 and 515..Head FXP....and various others....none have compared to the NXT tour. String has surprising durability, excellent ball pocketing, soft touch, excellent control. I use this combination for rec. play...but before tournaments...I will usually string 2 of my 4 sticks with strait NXT to have even better feel, control than with ALU...just less durability, but durability is not what I am looking for in a tournament. I plan to continue to check various strings out...but 3 of my racquets will always have NXT until I find something I like more.
From: Stephen, Willow Springs, MO, USA. 4/07

Comments: Good string for the money. I string my own rackets so the price of $15.95 isn't bad. The pro shop charges $30. I get about 20 hours of play before they break. If you hit with lots of spin and power and get more than 10 hours, you're strings are holding up well. There are probably better strings out there but who has the time and money to try them out. Get this string if you want a solid string that plays well and is durable.
From: Bing Hu 9/29
Tucson, AZ.

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