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Comments: This string is not worth the money. I literally played for 2 hours and decided to grab my cutters and cut away. I headed over to my neighbor's stringer and ended up stringing my racquet with his Gamma Synthetic Gut 16. The NXT Max had such a dead feel to it. When I hit right at the sweet spot it provided no feedback or response.
From: Ray, 8/13

Comments: I highly recommend the Wilson NXT Max (at 58 lbs) for the crosses with Luxilon Big Banger Original (54 lbs) in the mains. I play with a Head MicroGEL Radical OS and this string combination provides the best feel, ball control, spin, slice, ball pocketing and playability. I've tried many combinations with Luxilon which I really like because of the playability and this string gives you all the stated extras.
From: Tucker, 4/13

Comments: I did not like these strings when I tried them. I tried it after frequent using NXT Control for a while. The Max has no feel and just feels dead. I'm switching back to Control.
From: Anon, 7/12

Comments: I found this string to be playable and more durable than Wilson NXT. Also, I found it had better feel and control than poly.
From: Franki, 11/11

Comments: Tried this out with the NXT tour and NXT. Found this string to be by far the worst. Lost control moving to this string and the ball seemed to fly much more. Did not have the soft feel of the others, particularly the NXT tour. If you are older and take a softer swing it probably would not matter for you but for the younger players that rip into the ball I'd stay away from this one.
From: Thomas, Atlanta, GA, USA, 03/11
Babolat Aeropro Drive, 4.5 NTRP

Comments: So far So good! I had been hybrid stringing with Big Banger Alu in mains and Babolat VS Touch in crosses on my Babolat Aero-pro drive. I recently picked up a mini-real of Big Banger Original. When my gut string broke I was going to use KLIP Legend Uncoated Natural Gut 16 in crosses but they broke while my stringer was stringing the racket. The guys at the shop said Klip Gut sucks so I decided to give my pocketbook a break and at their suggestion I went with the NXT Max in the crosses. Given this was my first time using Big Banger Orig. after the first 5 minutes of hitting I felt I had discovered an awesome combination that for the first time gave me a degree of control on the AeroPro Drive that I didn't know was possible.
I had experimented with many types of strings in the crosses including Tecnifibre NRG2 but always with Big Banger Alu.
For some reason everything seemed too powerful and even with natural gut in crosses, there was a certain stiffness and too much power with lack of control. But with this combo I was amazed at the combination of feel, ball pocketing, spin and control I was getting. The power was reduced by at least 10-15% but for me that must be a good thing. I like to take a big swing and generate my own power. With this combo I felt I needed to work slightly harder to pound the ball, but I felt very confident doing so. Most of my balls were going exactly where I wanted them to and the sweet spot felt the best I've ever felt it on my racket. It was equally impressive on all strokes including serve. I didn't spend that much time volleying yet but judging from how well I was knifing the slice with these babies, I'm not worried at all. Also, with the Alu & Gut combo, off center shots would sometimes hurt my arm but not so at all with BB Orig & NXT Max! Was amazingly comfortable to hit with.
From: Anon, 11/08

Comments: Wow! Great feeling strings, so tacky I wonder if it helps for the spin. They move a lot but so far hold pretty well. I still use poly (Head Sonic Pro) for the mains to help control and durability, but those string really help my comfort, feel and fun! Mid tension (about 58 pds) on a Radical Flexpoint mid+.
From: Mathieu, Montreal, Qc, Canada. 7/08

Comments: I was playing junior international standard with this as I ran out of ALU power. Without a doubt one of the WORST strings I've ever used. It broke after a set and a half. Not what one would expect from Wilson. Terrible.
From: Anon. 6/08

Comments: NXT Max provides a great feel, spin and control. You can be sure you won't hurt your arm with it. But too bad, I broke it in 5 hours. Well done, Wilson!
From: Josiah Lo, Hong Kong, China. 11/07

Comments: I tried this string after one of my teammates recommended it and I'm glad he did. It has the best feel of any of the string I have ever tried. I am a hard hitting baseliner and I have had the strings on for about a month now and they are just now showing signs of breaking. Great feel and durability. I just wish it came in different colors. GREAT STRING WILSON!
From: Andy, Macon, GA, USA. 5/07

Comments: I am a 4.0 baseliner, volleyer and hard serve. I have tried to use these strings but they only last 3-4 sets before breaking and the strings don't have any feel(56#) (feels like a board). I normally use Babolat Tonic 16 crosses at 51# and Tecnifibre Biphase 17 mains at 54#. The Tecnifibre strings break after 2-3 sets but the combination has a great feel. I am currently trying the Wilson K Gut Pro 16 at 56# and my preliminary perception is the strings have a great feel. I am waiting to evaluate endurance. For those looking for a pocketing feel the Wilson K Gut Pro is worth a try but again I have not had the playing time to evaluate endurance for the K gut strings
From: Pearman, Birmingham, AL, USA. 5/07

Comments:I played with Tecnifibre NRG2 and Biphase. And I got this string when my stringer suggested this string is great. So I strung it. I find this very similar to NRG2 but Biphase is a little more powerful and has more spin than NXT, if you want control I would get this string, if you want power, spin, and great control but not the best, I would go with Biphase. The extra bucks on Biphase is worth the every penny. This is a very good string. Try it!
From: Andy, Princeton, NJ, USA, 01/07

Comments: This string came with the Prince O3 Blue I am demoing. I have a 16-gauge string on my Prince Bandit TT (Prince Topspin w/Duraflex, excellent pop, good performance, and durable - but moves around to much). The first few times I hit the ball I thought the string was broken (Kept hearing a rubber band "Boing" noise from the strings) and the ball acted like it was on a trampoline with no pop. I hit with a ton of topspin and pretty hard but this string is not for me or not my type of player in my opinion.
From: Terry, Leominster, MA, USA 08/06

Comments: This string plays like gut. Tension is good and stable. This plays like all the good ones it just last about 5 times longer.
From: Anon 07/06

Comments: I need to come to the defense of this poor string. I generally use Tecnifibre NRG2 but I used this string on my Prince 03 Tour for a week while I demoed the racquet (now I own two). It played a bit firmer than the NRG2 (which I have in there now) and I still had nice touch/feel and power. I plan to buy a bunch when my NRG2 supply runs out.
From: Paul, Burbank CA USA 04/06

Comments: I use NXT Max string for about a year. My elbow is not hurting me anymore. The NXT Max comes in a package. I hope that there is a choice where you can buy it by reel.
From: Tony, Hillsboro, Oregon, USA. 04/05

Comments: This is a very nice string. At first, it was almost a dream to play with. Too bad it only lasted me about 48 hours until the strings started losing tension. I use a semi-western grip and hit fairly hard.
From: Kelvin, FV, California, USA. 11/04

Comments: This is probably the worst string I've ever used. Multifilament is supposed to give you "pop" and control, right? Well not NXT Max. It manages to feel dead without giving you any control. I have one racquet strung with regular Sensation and that's the one I play with. If you want polyurethane, play with Tecnifibre 515 or NRG2; it's the same thing without the "abrasion shields." If you want the best multifilament made, play with Gamma Live Wire. Strung in a Dunlop 200G XL @ 67lbs.
From: Dean, Appleton, WI, USA. 3/04

Comments: I have strung Wilson NXT Max 16g. into my older model Prince Approach 90 rackets. The club I play at is Wilson all the way and in a bind I needed some string. Enter the Max 16. I did have a run in with NXT 17g. and thought it was junk - like a trampoline with no feel whatsoever. Incredibly, the NXT Max is a godsend for my shoulder and it reduces vibration in very stiff heavy rackets. Volleys have punch and sting. I am used to a stiff string and used to play with Prince Pro Blend because of constant string breakage. The NXT is a soft string and takes getting used to if you are used to a stiff string. I suggest stringing them tighter than you are used to because this string is very elastic.
From: Andrew, Portland, Maine, USA. 3/03

Comments: I have been experimenting with the Luxilon range of strings for a while now and thought that I would return to the NXT range to really contrast what a stiff (lux) string and a soft (NXT) string feel like. Wow! What a difference. Coming from Big Banger to NXT Max was so smooth, gentle and welcome. NXT feels great at the baseline against hard hitters, has very good control and it doesn't seem to move around too much. Good spin too.

It is a very playable string. You can really put some effort into each shot and the string will provide the control. I hope the durability is as good as BB.
From: Rod, Canberra, Australia 12/02

Comments: I'm a stringer/ player with small shop and loyal customers. One of my regulars has arm trouble, hits with lots of spin, wants NXT 16, but they usually only last a few hours. In August, I test strung NXT MAX 16 on his favorite racquet and he loved the strings. They lasted nearly two months. I'm sold on their playability and durability. Since then I've strung his other racquets with NXT MAX 16.
From: Susan, Union ,ME. USA 11/02

Comments: Wilson NXT Max 16 is a good string very similar to the original NXT. Both strings feel about the same with maybe the NXT Max feeling a little harder. In my case the NXT Max lasted about 30% longer than the original NXT (which by the way has also a very good durability).
From: Andrei, Starkville, MS. USA 7/02

Comments: I just had the Wilson NXT Max 16 string and it feels awesome. In the past 2 years I've tried 6 or 7 strings and I think this is the one. If I get a chance I would still like to try the NXT Max in 17 or 18 even though I don't expect it to last. I play almost every day and I would be happy to get a month of tennis before breaking this string.
From: Garrett, Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada 6/02

Comments:The Wilson NXT Max 16 gauge string is VERY playable. There is nice response on my racquet, even better than with the Sensation strings. The abrasion shields start to fray soon (I've been playing 1-1/2 weeks and there is already little 1/8" pieces of abrasion shield sticking out among the string bed). We'll see if this abrasion shield fraying will cause the strings to break soon. Also, because of the abrasion shields, the string is semi-textured, giving you a little more spin than normal. But don't buy the strings for the spin, it is minimal and is mostly dependent on your string pattern and how you play! But again, these strings are very playable and great in keeping the tension. If you spend good money on a new racquet, there's no reason why you should skimp on the strings and buy anything other than this string. If price is an issue, get a lesser racquet, these strings are that good. (Strung on a Wilson HyperHammer 5.6 OS w/ Rollers).
From: David, Hammonton, NJ. USA 4/02

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