Wilson NXT Duo II Hybrid 16 String Customer feedback

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Comments: I have this setup in my 2014 Pro Staff 90 with NXT in the mains at 57 pounds, Luxilon crosses at 57 pounds. This is my favorite hybrid I've tried thus far. The feel is excellent both on serve, at net, and with regular groundstrokes. Though the excellent feel is likely a combination of strings and racquet, this set always has perfect feel and I can tell exactly what the ball will do when solid contact is made. I don't use a dampener as I haven't felt the need for it. These strings provide such excellent feedback in the setup I have them in, so I don't want to diminish the feel by adding anything that will dampen it or change the balance point too much. I've added a bit of lead tape to my frame and with it's decently-flexible profile, it's great to have an excellent-playing hybrid like this one to round it out. I tend to string my racquets higher than most, so I can't attest to how it plays at different tensions. I also tend to change strings often, about twice a month, as I play most weeknights and Sundays, so tension loss is something I notice almost immediately. These hold up well, but even five or six pounds of loss after two to three weeks will have my shots landing out when fresh strings would have them a foot or two inside the baseline. I recommend anyone try this string at their preferred tension, as it just provides incredible feel and playability. Highly recommended.
From: Zachary, 11/16

Comments: I strung these up at 51 lbs in a Pure Drive GT with NXT in the mains. Great ball pocketing, plenty of power but the ball does not fly. Granted, I do not have a pure "modern game." My PD is weighted up to 12.7 ounces and I hit fairly flat groundies. I do use a dampner and have zero vibration issues. So far, I've got about 5-6 hours of play on them and the tension is holding up well enough. It'll be interesting to find out whether the NXT frays and breaks first or the LUX loses playability. We'll see, but for now I'm happy with the setup.
From: Walter, 5/15

Comments: Good strings with interesting sensation. I use them at 54 lbs and 52 lbs. Next time I'll them at 50 lbs and 46 lbs.
From: Benot, 1/14

Comments: I disagree with some comments saying the strings are firm. NXT Duo II at a low tension had perfect feel. So much I didn't use a dampener. This string gives a lot of spin, so I would recommend getting used to it in warm ups. Also it will give the ball a curve when hitting, so make sure you aim center of the court. I would recommend this string for strong hitters who want a soft topspin of the ball.
From: Samuel. 7/11

Comments: I put this hybrid in my Bab PSGT at 52. Very harsh and stiff. Granted, there is not a lot of heft in the Pure Storm, but Adrenaline is just too stiff as a main string for any light frame. Even when blended with NXT, it's just a hard and unforgiving poly. You'd need to have caveman arms to play with a full Adrenaline setup. The only way this particular hybrid might possibly work is Adren on crosses and NXT on mains. And keep the tension down.
From: Anon, 03/11

Comments: Thanks TW for the info. I will look towards a new string to purchase. I loved k-gut because of the feel and touch. I will look towards the nxt duo 2. Appears this is one of the best hybrids out there now. I have never tried Luxilon but I will try it with this blend with Wilson nxt, which I have tried and used in my rackets. I have gotten quite a few good reviews with this hybrid. So I am going to give it a try in the next few weeks.
From: Brian, Houston, TX, USA, 03/11

Comments: Had this strung up in a YT Speed MP 16-19 w/the nxt in the crosses at 58m/60x lbs. Firstly, I must say that I was getting so much pace and kick on my serve, it was disgusting, probably a combo of the racket and the strings. Also, felt rather stiff, and I was hurting my shoulder on the serves, so not a very comfortable string. As for groundstrokes, it had decent pocketing and spin with very good pop, but I couldn't find any feel/touch. I only played a few hours with it so cant comment on durability. 3.5 self-rated at the time of playtest.
From: TT U/N: in_ten_city, 03/11

Comments: Is Wilson k-gut string still being sold or is it out of production? Also what is the replacement string for k-gut?
From: Brian, Houston, TX, USA, 03/11
(Brian, K Gut has been discontinued and Wilson has not released a direct replacement. If you have any future inquiries please post them in the TW Questions/Comments section on our message boards and we'll be happy to respond.--TW Staff)

Comments: Playing this string in a Dunlop 4D 500 Tour. Very nice feel and spin. Moved a bit until the string settled in, now doesn't move at all. Very good combo.
From: Dan W., Roswell, GA, USA, 11/10

Comments: I have been using this string in a Babolat Pure Drive strung at 58lbs with the Adrenaline in the mains. Nice hybrid string. It plays firm as you would expect from a Luxilon poly but with cushion effect of the NXT does not seem hard on the arm. I would say spin production is about average, but string does allow me to hit out with confidence. I have played 18 sets with the string and the NXT crosses are fraying, but I consider that normal for NXT with the amount of time played.
From: Michael, Riverside, CA, USA, 07/10

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