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Comments: If you like using a multifilament string but hate having to straighten your strings constantly this is the string for you. It's also very arm friendly and pockets well. I'm a teaching pro and have found that based on the large amount of hitting I do I have to cut it out at the end of a week. It's actually quite durable but I prefer it when its crisp and for that reason I wish it wasn't so pricey.
From: Scott, 10/15

Comments: Strung my ProStaff 97 with NXT Control 16 at 56 lbs. Lasted two calendar weeks, perhaps 4 or 5 playing sessions, before breaking a main. I bought NXT Control because Luxilon ALU Power in the PS 97 made my arm sore. No arm problems with NXT Control, but I had just started figuring out how to control the multifilament-style power when it broke. I play 4.5 leagues, but am certainly not the biggest hitter out there. Maybe a hybrid next.
From: Phil, 3/15

Comments: A very nice string. Some others mentioned a noticeable different between NXT Control and the regular NXT, and the difference to me is negligible. They're both very comfortable, but the Control version is slightly less powerful and perhaps provides slightly less feel. In return, it offers better control (which makes sense) and better overall durability. Also, it offers better spin potential than a lot of other multifiliaments I've used in the past. Great stuff.
From: Brian, 2/15

Comments: I have been playing with this string for several months now (See my previous review below) and like it quite a bit. At 63 lbs in a POG, it feels really firm. Since I am not a spin player, these strings last me months (playing 2-3 times a week) without loss of playability, but I am always tinkering. So, I thought, how could I make it play even better and reduce the fraying altogether. I put the NXT in the mains and put natural gut in the crosses. Expensive yes, but this is my fourth month with the same strings. I'm actually saving money. I can report a bit more power (good). I can report much less fraying (good). Ball pocketing is better and spin is about the same. Best of all, the strings did not loosen and the playability is exactly like it was three days after the installation of the hybrid. It's great having a racquet play the same exact way for months. I'm sold on this hybrid setup.
From: Mark, 12/14

Comments: Finally tried NXT Control in my BLX Blade at 57 lbs. Very nice indeed. Arm-friendly, with more control than Babolat Xcel and Addiction by far, as well as good old regular NXT (no surprise there). Comfort is better than NGR2 and Bi- Phase IMO. The TW review is spot-on.
From: Frank, 10/14

Comments: Comfort is not bad, but still I can tell a big diferece between NXT and NXT Control. I had to cut it out, not enough comfort for me. Still prefer Tecnifibre NRG2 over both NXTs mentioned above.
From: Ed, 7/14

Comments: I am playing with this string in a POG at 63lbs. It definitely tames the power beast that some multi filaments bring. I am not, nor ever have been a poly user, but I don't see a lot of extra spin potential. It's there, but not like some other multi's can give you. It's crisp, not muted or particularly soft but it doesn't bother my arm either. For me, it's the best of a lot of worlds. I can take full flat cuts at the ball and rarely blast long. It seems to be holding up well as far as durability (I don't hit a lot of topspin on every shot). Its somewhat comfortable but not like BiPhase or gut. It's a bit pricey but I needed a tame multifilament in a fairly powerful racquet. Personally, I think this is a perfect string for flat hitters who might need to tame a powerful frame. It might also be a good string for a poly user who is developing tennis elbow. All in all a good string for that in- between player.
From: Mark, 5/14

Comments: Best string I have ever hit with. I have bad golfers elbow so I always had to play with a multi. Most were too powerful until I hit with Wilson Control -- good power, but no trampoline shots. Best is the comfort -- it feels like a very soft string but plays close to a poly. I think it is the best unknown multi on the market.
From: Gsuede, 8/13

Comments: This is my go to multi. It has great control, decent spin potential, longevity and comfort. It's really a great string. It truly does provide you with a lot of the advantages of both poly and multi strings. I just wish it was a bit cheaper or sold in reels. I string it at 57lbs in an IG Prestige Pro.
From: Anon, 1/13

Comments: It's my string of choice but it depends on how you play with it. I'd say it suits serve and volley players the most. All string choices have trade offs, but this one has good enough feel and comfort and enough spin/control and power. So, it's a fairly all-around string. If you want to be a baseline grinder and rip the ball with lots of spin, then it is OK, but there are better biting ones out there for that type of game.
From: Michael, 12/12

Comments: Wow, can you say fraying! These are my favorite strings but you've got to be kidding me. Too bad is all I got to say.
From: Bill, 7/12

Comments: I have been playing with this string for the past month and half and have been enjoying it immensely. I strung it at 59 lbs on my Dunlop 200 Tour. Overall, I have been able to hit with good power, control, and spin from both wings. Although I noticed that the crosses were fraying early on, this did not affect playability nor durability, as I have now more than 20 hours of hitting with it (although mostly doubles indoors). Interestingly, even though the string has frayed on the crosses quite a bit and the mains are now notched, I find it playing better than ever. I also found serving ok in that I could get good placement and spin, but not a lot of pop. Comfort and feel are also very good. I play at a 4.5 level and generate my own power. I just wish this string was not quite so pricey.
From: John, 4/12

Comments: I tried this string at 68 lbs on my BLX Wilson racket, and the strings started to fray after only 2 hrs of playing. I hit flat, and a bit of top spin. Obviously, durability is a problem and I will switch back to Sensation 16.
From: Bob, 1/12

Comments: Hit this string yesterday in a BB London at 55 lbs. I hit with the string yesterday for about 2 hours and was able to generate good spin off both wings and the serve. Control was very good as I could take full cuts at the ball with good controlled depth, much like a poly. Touch was also good and comfort was excellent as are all NXT strings from my experience. One thing that did surprise me was lack of movement in the string bed, which is unlike most other multis I have played with. As for durability, its too soon to tell, but I think it should be pretty good if the amount of string movement stays as is. When compared to my current string (Dunlop Hexyfiber 16), I thought the feel and comfort was a bit better, but with a little less spin and pop than the Dunlop. It is also more than twice the price of the Dunlop. All in all, it is a good string but I am not sure it justifies the price difference with the Dunlop.
From: Dan, USA, 1/12
NTRP Rating: 4.0

Comments: I played with it for the first time today in a competitive match which I ended up winning. This string definitely helped me to do that; I could take big swipes at the ball and was satisfied with the topspin, slice and control of my shots. The sacrifice for this is a very very very dead feel to the stringbed, but it works. I'd rather it be that way round than a good feeling string that didn't allow me to play to my ability.
From: Joe. 5/11

Comments: Got this with the BLX Blade for free a while back and it hit good with a manageable spin and plenty of power. I'm one of those guys who only restrings when the strings break and it didn't for a month while hitting for a solid 2 hours every day (3 on Sat/Sun). The string is solid, but I had to cut it out because the string unraveled (like instead of staying circular and start to fray, it flattened out) but still didn't break. So yeah, try it out, its really durable. I just hope that Wilson decides to make a 17 or 18 gauge version.
From: Jonathan, New Jersey, USA. 4/11

Comments: Great string for multifilament users that are looking for more bite, but don't want the harshness of poly. Obviously not as much bite or spin potential as poly, but it's also much more comfortable and playable than poly. You will gain bite/spin, but you won't give up feel/touch. If you are a dedicated nylon/multifilament user, you should try this string. Great ball-pocketing feel, unlike any multifilament out there.
From: Anon, 3/11

Comments: You would never know there is any polyester in this string. It has the softness of a multi but you can hit the extreme topspin shots like a poly. Plays better than Tecnifibre DuraMix in my opinion, which is also a good poly/multi blended string. NXT Control has great touch and volleys feel solid.
From: Mark, USA, 03/11

Comments: If most multi's are too powerful for you, give this a try. Nice soft multi-like feel, but with good control. Really does play like a hybrid of multi/poly all in one. Great string!
From: Jack, Atlanta, GA, 02/11

Comments: I got a set of this from Wilson 3 or 4 months ago. I finally strung it up a few weeks ago to give it a go. It is very forgiving just like a multi but it had the spin potential of a poly. If you typically use a multi I think you will really like it because of the extra spin and control that this sting offers.
From: Eric, USA, 01/11

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