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Comments: Outstanding comfort, control, power and touch. Does it all, and very well. I sometimes try other strings but end up cutting them out and returning to NXT 16.
From: Dan, 11/16

Comments: Wilson NXT is one of the best multifilaments I have ever used. I am an ex-collegiate tennis player and now coach. I do still play competitively also. A lot of people will talk about durability with this string. Here is what I have observed through using it myself and stringing client's equipment. For 2.0-4.0 men/women's drills/leagues, this string is perfect. It doesn't move, offers nice access to spin, durable, and very comfortable to the body. When you start to get above 4.0 into players that hit more spin and power, the durability of this string will drastically go down. I assume that most advanced players stringing their own rackets or stringers know that full beds of NXT are not sustainable. This leads to my experience with it. I strung it in a Wilson Blade 18x20 with Luxilon Alu Power Rough in the mains 52 lbs and Wilson NXT Comfort in the crosses at 54 lbs pre stretched. This setup was absolutely amazing. The 18x20 Blade naturally lacks spin sometimes but with this setup I did not have trouble. NXT Comfort is the perfect cross string to soften the string bed a little bit and also liven it up. If you are someone who has tried this string and didn't like the durability, I would highly recommend hyrbiding with a string like Luxilon Alu Power. You will be in for a treat.
From: Andrew, 3/16

Comments: In the past 15 months, 6 of my students used Wilson NXT but almost in every case (about 8-9 racquets), the strings lasted 2-5 days with severe fraying and wear. A couple students (men's open or college players) hit very big and their strings broke within 2 days. So I restrung them with Technifibre NRG or Babolat Excel which were superior in performance and durability. I don't recommend NXT unless Wilson manages quality control better.
From: Doug, 1/16

Comments: I started stringing my Prince Tour ESP 100 with this string at 60 lbs mains and 57 lbs crosses. I found it very consistent with hardly any separation after hitting. It seems to hold tension very well. I had negative feelings about 2 years ago with this string but glad I decided to try it again.
From: Mike, 12/14

Comments: I used this string in a Pro Staff 90 demo, and it played great! Of course, the racquet itself had to account for a lot, if not most of the great performance; however, I used this demo for a solid amount of time with consistent spin (or what I consider to be consistent spin) and although it started to fray a little. It played close to perfect for me from the beginning to the end. It could use just a small bit of spin, but otherwise it is absolutely great.
From: Erik, 6/14

Comments: Well, since real, consistent spin comes from racquet head speed, and not really a gimick like tetragon shape, these strings are amazing for anything you want to do. Durability is the only problem, but if they were more durable then they wouldn't have the same playability and basically wouldn't be the same string. So I guess that's just the way the cookie crumbles on this one. They are $18.95 unless Wilson does that tease with the on again off again four pack special just to get rid of the old packaging style or whatever. And while the play like natural gut, they really don't because there isn't nearly as much string to deal with as natural gut, so it's more of your power than the power of natural gut thrown in. But yes, playability is amazing like gut, just not as much power that you have to figure out a way to harness like nat gut. Spin chews these things up, but it is a perfect string until it's all frayed and has lost its power.
From: Adam, 6/14

Comments: I am a 4.5 player that hits with a lot of topspin. These strings are very soft and arm friendly but their durabiltiy is horrible. They start to show wear in 30 minutes and most often break within 2 hours of play.
From: Stan, 5/14

Comments: Awesome string that I have stuck to for the last year and a half. Downside -- it lasts me me about 3-4 sets. Upside -- I restring my own racquets. If you restring racquets or have a fat wallet this is great. If not, I would look for an alternative.
From: Haz, 2/14

Comments: Great string -- lots of pop and control. It has power on overheads and good control on net volleys. If play a lot frays and loses power after 3 months, most strings do. .
From: Steve, 2/14

Comments: I used this string for my cross strings in a self-made hybrid. The mains were Luxilon Big Banger Rough. I put string-a-lings in the string bed. And still the Wilson NXT was showing visible signs of wear and fraying, after just eight games. If that amount of wear continues, I don't think these strings will last three matches.
From: Christian, 11/13

Comments: I play at the 3.5/4.0 level with stiff racquets with a head size of 105", with semi long swings, a style similar to Edberg, and I ususally string around 62 lbs. It takes about 5 hours for it to settle at maybe 57 lbs, from then on these strings play with a very nice feel and still with power, similar to my old gut on older smaller racquets. As one reviewer stated, they fray well in advance of breaking, and lastly they stay good for maybe 6 months of playing some 6 hours a week. But, for my daughters who play with extreme acceleration and topspin the life of this string is shorter, maybe by half!
From: Sven, 6/13

Comments: I definitely have to agree with the people who find the durability to be a problem. I like to hybrid, so I wanted to experiment with a new combo. Some of my friends use NXT 16 so I put it in the mains with Luxilon Adrenalines in the crosses and it frayed and broke after 3 days (I play 2hours a day). I really liked the playability but it's not worth the $17.
From: Lincoln, 4/13

Comments: I have to agree with Martin. I don't usually write reviews but in this case I do want to share my experience with these strings. I strung my racket with NXT 16 @ 56lbs. After 1 hour and 20 min the string snapped! What a waste of $17 a box plus the time it took me to string my racquet.
From: Stephan, 2/13
NTRP Rating: 4.5

Comments: I have to say, I love the way this string plays, but like so many others it's very disappointing is the durability. The string frays immediately and after a couple of months of playing 2 times a week, I have to have them replaced. I wish I could find another string that plays as well for me, but more durable.
From: Juan, 11/12

Comments: I usually don't write reviews, but I want to share my experience with NXT 16. I strung it as my crosses with Luxilon in the mains. I'm about 5.0 player and wanted to try something new. 1 hour and 10 minutes on clay and the string snapped. This was the 2nd time I tried this and the last time. Just wanted to share my experience.
From: Martin, 9/12

Comments: I'm very disappointed in this string. It has a very short life span. It started to fray after only a few hours of play. I suppose if you could restring every week or two it would be fine. However, I'm not in that position. I will be looking for another string.
From: Kelly, 9/12

Comments: This string is really bad, as it lost tension after 4 days. What a waste
From: Nico, 7/12

Comments: I used this string as a main with a Luxilon poly in the crosses. It played well but only lasted three sets of doubles before breaking.
From: Brian, 4/12

Comments: This is so far the worst string I have ever used. I used it as cross in a hybrid combination with Luxilon Big Banger ALU Power Rough 16L. I admit it was very soft and had a dampened feel but that were all the goodies. Broke only after couple of hours (4-5) and completely made useless the mains. Very bad value for the money. You'd better go for the Technifibre NRG2 or even the cheaper Wilson Sensation. Never (did I say) NEVER will I use this string again.
From: Enyu, 1/12

Comments: Yes this string was awesome, yes...WAS! I don't know what in the world is going on over at Wilson but the quality of this string has taken a nosedive. I never had a problem with it till recently when it snapped while stringing, blew apart in three places on a serve, and started fraying after about a week and a half (I usually got 3-4 good weeks out of a set).
From: Adam 5.0, St Augustine, Fl. 3/11

Comments: This is got to be the best multifilament out there! Soft, powerful, good feeling, and good durability based on how I hit. I have this one strung on a Wilson (k) Kobra Tour @57 lbs, and a Wilson BLX Pro.Open @ 58 lbs. Just amazing! Now, if you are used to hitting with polys, you might not like the NXT. Some people have said that this string does not produce much topspin. Believe it or not folks, but how much topspin you hit actually depends on the type of racquet you're using too. The racquet's static weight, swingweight, balance, and total mass are all key factors. My (k)Kobra Tour is customized to weight 11.8oz and 8pts HL, and I hit "crazy good" spins. My opponents think I'm using Luxilon, and are shock when I tell them "no, I'm not". If you use multifilaments, then you'll love the NXT!
From: Wil, Dallas, TX, USA, 02/11
NTRP Rating: 4.0

Comments: Not very spin friendly 4.0 all-around player and I have been hitting with NTX 16 @ 58lbs and REALLY like the way they feel BUT I cannot keep a set for more than a month. I have a strong serve and apply some pretty aggressive slice/spin to at times (being a lefty) and it took me all of about 5 days to snap my first set, the second set lasted 3 weeks, the last 2 about a month... looking for something with better wear, the feel. I have no problem with applying my own pace to shots so don't need a trampoline like string...
From: Rob, Redmond, WA, USA, 12/10

Comments: I used Wilson NXT for 2 years. I really wish I switched away from it earlier. I didn't know any better. Too scared to change. NXT is very soft. True. However, it loses tension and consistency very quickly. I don't get much satisfaction playing with it after 2-3 hours of play. It feels dead. From my strings, I want a few things in the following order: (1) does not hurt my hand (2) control & feel (3) consistency (4) power (5) longevity. For the past year, I tried different strings and tensions about once every 6 weeks. I find Luxilon strings best. For more feel, I would use Ace 18 on main and Fluoro 17 on cross. For more power, I would use Fluoro 17 on main and ALU Power 16L. I use mid-3, -4, or -5 tensions. Tension precision is not important --- we, humans, can make adjustments. Federer plays with different string tensions and racquet weight in a single match. But with the lower tensions, there is less/no pain and more feel, even with Luxilon strings. You can hold the ball much longer in the racquet (more bite & feel). I use Federer's racquet (the one before BLX) with 3 layers of 4" strip weight (12 strips total). Fast, full swing. Note: for people with fast swing, lowering tension actually lowers power. Experiment and see.
From: PH, HOUSTON, TX, USA, 09/10

Comments: Although Wilson nxt string costs a bit more, it's a great choice for club player's, that are looking for a softer, arm friendly string, I have it strung in a head microgel radical at 58lbs and it play's very nicely, high quality string, definitely worth a try.
From: Ricardo, Rio de janeiro, Brazil, 07/10

Comments: These strings are very stable with good control. Although on the expensive side, the strings are totally worth it. The feel is amazing. As I am Serving and Slapping the ball around the court I really get the feel of the ball and know where it is going to go which I can control.
From: Richard, Piedmont, CA, United States 03/10

Comments: The NXT 16 string is a very stable string. I had my instructor install the string in my 6.3 Hyper Hammer at 63 pounds. I have to say I was impressed with the string. Hits are firm and with my string pattern being dense(18 by 19) my strokes have a comfortable feel when coming off the racquet. I can hit with spin more since the string pattern does not allow as much abrasions. I can also hit flat with no problem whatsoever. My serve is even more solid because the strings propels the ball off the racquet due to the string pattern and the strength of the strings. The durability is very impressive. Only mishap is the strings move around a bit because I do hit with pretty excessive spin. However you can't expect to brush up the back of the ball and not expect to have the strings move pretty frequently when hitting with topspin. Overall though a very solid and stable string. I mainly hit with NXT 17 string which is my favorite string.
From: Brian, Houston, TX 12/09

Comments: If you're not worried about price or durability then this is an excellent string. I use it in my K-Blade 98 @ 59lb and it offers fantastic control. For players with plenty of topspin this might be too soft unless you don't mind it getting strung every other week, like me...
From: Matt, NZ. 11/09

Comments: I have every reason to believe that this is the most overrated string in history. I really don't understand why they call it "soft", it hurt my wrist like crazy right after I played with it freshly strung, same tension as all my other strings. They felt stiff and gave me no power and little control. While I am not a string breaker I broke these within 5 days. The durability is horrible and so is the comfort. Like all other Wilson products, overrated and cheap, except with an expensive price. The Tecnifibre NRG 2 is way better.
From: Daniel, East Meadow, NY, USA, 09/09

Comments: "REALLY AMAZING." This string is the best string I have played. I like this string at 55 pounds on my Babolat Pure Drive GT, I think that the racquet, also greatly, contributes to the power of the string and the string pattern determines the control. Unfortunately there is no reel version of this string. This is one of the best, the only string that I decided to use.
From: Jaime, Lima, Peru. 7/09

Comments: This string is one of the beast for control. But, do not keep it in hot weather or in your hot garage it will change the string to rocket launch power. I am so amazed by this string that I have found part of my favorite string combo. It has nice feel, beautiful approach shots, and average serves and spin (that is why you hybrid it with a Luxilon string or something). Bravo Wilson!
From: Adam, Ohio, United States. 7/09

Comments: I used this string for my pro-kennex 5g @52 lbs. It's very comfortable, lots of bite, good for topspin, does not move around like the Wilson Sensation. It lasted almost a year. I will definitely buy again. Currently I am using HEAD Protector strings (I have tennis elbow). Both are equal in terms of comfort, but the Wilson NXT plays better.
From: charles, burnaby, bc, canada. 3/09

Comments: Great strings actually, good blend of power, and control. Only bad thing is the durability; it lasted me 5 weeks and I play like 2 days each week and around 3-4 hours on those days. Anyways good strings but would be great if it also had durability.
From: Anon. 2/09

Comments: Omg I decided to use this string because of all the good comments here, but it was a waste of money. It has so much pop so it's hard to control and I like to create my own power so the strings made my shots go long and have no control, the only good thing about this string is that it holds tension well. I would recommend strings like Wilson Stamina and Gamma Marathon strings they are durable and have best feel and control. I'm going to try the Wilson Ultimate Duo because I want the durable string feel and control and a multifilament's spin. Strung on Wilson kfactor six-one tour 90 at 57lbs.
From: Anon. 1/09

Comments: This is one of the best, the only string that I decided to use I am a 4.0 player and I use them in a K six 0ne 90 at 55 lb, the control are amazing, power are great. I try also blending with AlU but the string work much better with no Hybrid setup
From: Simon, 12/08

Comments: I used to use the head protector string at 62 lbs on my Pro Kennex KI-20 PSE racket for it is an awesome elbow string, but recently tried the NXT 16g on my mains and the head protector on the crosses and what a combination it is! I have never hit crisper shots and accurate than any string combined... If you suffer elbow problems, try this combo and it is like finding GOLD!! Don't go over 62 lbs and I think you will enjoy this combination of the two strings.
From: Patty, Denver, CO, USA, 10/08

Comments: Wow, this string has great control but only stringing it at 60lbs. of string tension. I used this on mains with Luxilon alu power rough 16l and the control is great and even if you want power it gives you power. But the spin is fair but not the great spin that I thought I was going to get. If you want control and some power with not so much spin and some or great durability I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT!!
From: Daniel Ch., Eagle Pass, Texas, Usa. 9/08

Comments: It is a very good string for many players. I string it for others and sometimes I use it myself. Players who hit with heavy topspin will wear it out too quickly, but if you hit relatively flat it should last a long time. It's easy on the arm, and it has good feel and good power. It is no wonder that it is very popular.
From: Kendra, San Francisco, CA. 9/08

Comments: Wow, this string is amazing! I think that the racquet also greatly contributes to the power of the string, and the string pattern determines the control. I get great pop and can really whip my forehand harder than ever. Great job, Wilson!
From: Robert. 8/08
NTRP Rating-5-5.5
Tension:60 lbs.

Comments: I demoed a racquet (Aero Pro Drive Cortex) and it had this string on it. It is fairly standard string, not very spin friendly but power is good. String frays easily it seems.
From: Yuan, USA, 06/08

Comments: This is the worst string I have played. I had absolutely no control, it felt like a trampoline. It frayed and became unplayable just after 5 sets. I play a hybrid now and it lasts me way longer. The price is a joke. Hybrid costs a fraction more and is simply incomparable to this string. I can't understand reviewers that compare it to natural gut - they are worlds apart.
From: Peter, Chicago, IL. 6/08

Comments: I'm a 5.0 aggressive baseline player and strung this at 54 lbs with my Wilson K-Factor Tour. It's not nearly as good as natural gut or a hybrid string with natural gut, but it is still a very good string. I have nothing negative to say about the string because it does everything well. It is very comfortable, great spin, decent power and pretty durable. I think I would rather pay the extra 5 bucks to get a hybrid gut string, though.
From: Bryen, Austin, TX, USA. 3/08

Comments: It's very comfortable. Easy on your wrist, arm and shoulder. The string is responsive. The best string I've used.
From: Frank, South Carolina. 2/08

Comments: This string was awful. I am a 5.5 player who 'usually' has good control. I had been using Gamma Infinity and I decided to try this based on the reviews. I have never played tennis as bad as I did when I used these strings. I had no control. The ball refused to dip in the court and when I tried to add spin, it would produce no pace or bite. Very poor....
From: Jimmy, Wallingford, PA, USA, 01/08

Comments: I have played with NXT 17 gauge for about one year. First of all, I disagree with Gus's post saying that string plays great for five sets then goes dead. The sting plays very well from the first ball to the moment it snaps. Even after it frays, it continues to hold tension and play well. Second, NXT makes the sweetspot feel larger. Even balls hit near the frame still have some power, not unlike gut. Spin is good, and control and power are great. If you can't afford gut, this is the closest thing, and the only string that plays anything like gut. Main draw back is price. I use Gosen Sheep Micro 16 when on a budget.
From: Nate, Dallas, TX. 10/07

Comments: I play at a solid 5.0 level. I use an old school players racquet, the head pro tour 280 midplus. It is very similar to the new Pro Kennex Redondo midplus. I like this string at 55 pounds with a little lead tape at 2 and 10 o'clock. I tried the Tecnifibre NRG 16 and the Wilson NXT 17 and I prefer the softer feel of the Wilson NXT 16 gauge. I block a lot of returns and it's easier on my arm and more effective for blocking returns. I feel I generate more power than I do with the other two. It's just more effective for me.
From: Selles, Chicago, IL, USA, 01/07

Comments: Excellent, feels like hitting with a Natural Gut. I usually have one racquet strung with synthetic strings and whatever gives natural gut-like feeling is a must. I used to use Yonex Speed 850, which is amazingly good. But when I tried the NXT, it was another world. Even more spin without spoiling control and feel is second to none. This goes best with my Wilson Pro Staff Tour 90.
From: Yasuhiro, Okayama, Japan, 01/07

Comments: Relatively good string. I had my new Pure Drive Cortex strung with it at 60 lbs, and it played alright. The best part of this string was definitely the comfort. This could have been part due to my racquet, but the stringbed was soft as a pillow. I had some trouble trying to get a decent amount of topspin, and I found a lot of my shots (especially approach shots) going long. As a result, I had to lower the power I was putting on my shots to keep it in. The power on these strings was maybe a little below average, but not a problem. Overall, a good string. Would I buy it again? No. I'm going to try Luxilion Big Banger ALU Power Rough, which is supposed to have great spin and high durability.
From: Jud, Chicago, IL, USA. 12/06

Comments: I play high school tennis and I am a power and control player, after I hit many forehands and slice shots, this string frays and snaps. I love the original feel of the string though.
From: Marco, Greenfield, Wisconsin USA 07/06

Comments: This string is the best string I have played with yet. I am a 4.5-5.0 player and suffer from tennis elbow. Every aspect of my game got better and softer with this string, however after playing for the third time the string felt dead as a wall.
From: Gil, Philadelphia, PA 04/06

Comments: I play 17 hours per week and this string does really well for my tennis elbow. But it only lasts me 2-3 days and it is really expensive here in Catalonia.
From: Xavi, Igualada, Barcelona, Catalonia 01/06

Comments: With regards to playability and arm friendliness, Wilson NXT is a very impressive multi. It plays just like advertised, soft but not mushy, great feel on balls, especially on drop shots, and the sweetspot feels larger with this string. However, durability is a major problem especially for those hard-hitters with topspins. The string will fray very fast at the sweetspot area, then it loses playability. Highly recommended to beginners and intermediate players or the weekend warriors.
From: Roger, Houston, TX, USA. 11/05

Comments:For the first 5 or so sets, this string is awesome. But after that they start to go dead and pretty soon become hard, stiff and useless. I hit hard but I'm not a string breaker. I hate cutting out strings which I often have to do with these. I've used NXT 16s for 1 year and a half but I'm abandoning them for natural gut because they play better and play better longer. I may even save money in the long run. If you break strings fast, I recommend these.
From: Gus, Toronto, Canada 10/21/05

Comments: I have used this string for about one and a half years and have had to re-string about once every two weeks. I am impressed with the durability and the way it hits. I am super champ qualified and play every day. I am now changing to Luxilon big banger alu power rough for its spin and durability. I highly recommend this string for beginners and intermediate players.
From:Barrett, Country: Dallas, TX, USA.

Comments: This string is good for spin. I hit very good slice with this string and I can hit nasty drop shots. I'm not sure how long the strings last because I've only had them a week.
From: Jeff, New York USA 7/05

Comments: Very nice string. Very soft and provides great comfort and playability. I would though recommend to string it with a higher tension then any other string since this one is very soft. Highly recommended.
From: Leon, CT, USA. 2/05

Comments: Wilson NXT 16 is a great string. I love the increase feel and better bite on top spin shots over other strings I have tried. I like my racquet strung pretty tight (70lbs), but the string hold up quite well. I usually play 2-3 times a week and get about 3 weeks of play before fraying is too bad. At that point the tension has decreased too much, so the timing is great for me. Excellent string!
From: Renaldo, New Orleans, LA, USA. 12/03

Comments: I love the Wilson NXT string. It boosted my power of my tennis game. My first NXT 16 string only lasted 3 weeks. That made me feel I'm the strongest Chinese woman new tennis player in the whole Walnut Ranch Park.
From: Bunri, Walnut, CA, USA. 5/03

Comments: Wilson NXT 16 is a very nice string, aside from quickly fraying from my topspin and backspin, it is a very playable synthetic, and ranks in my top 5 strings to use.
From: Colin, Victoria, TX. USA 7/02

Comments: The Wilson NXT 16 is a very soft string, providing great touch and feel. However, I don't hit with a lot of power and play 2 to 3 times a week and the string lasted about 3 weeks. The 17 gauge string lasted about 10 days. I am looking for a string that provides good feel with better durability and I am currently trying Prince Wrapsure.
From: David, Atlanta, GA. USA 4/02

Comments: NXT 16 is a SOFTER string, yet very responsive. I found that it holds up well, but starts to fray when hitting big topspin shots for hours. On the same count, at least with my experience, most monos break way before NXT starts fraying.
From: Bora, Message Board post, USA, 11/01

Comments:I find NXT comparable to Tecnifibre NRG2. Anyway, one of my customers has an elbow problem and he swears by it.
From: Gaines, Message Board post, USA, 11/01

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